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The Need for an Effective Hair Loss Cure

True indeed, your Hair does wonders to your face and overall physical attractiveness. The Hair, when styled in different ways, can help you achieve a certain appeal.

However, when hair vanishes, it can also cause great impact on the person’s overall appearance if not approached with the right kind of thinking.

Thus, Hair Loss should be understood well first for you to deal with it the right way.


What is Hair Loss?

You lose hair everyday. Even if you are just stroking you hair, you may feel that a few strands are falling off.

When you comb your hair, massage it during a shower, or wipe it dry with a towel, strands fall off and give way to new strands.

If you lose about 100 hair strands a day, that is still normal. It would be difficult though to keep track of the hairs that you lose but you can make a rough estimate of just how much you have already shed.

If it goes beyond that number, there may be a reason to worry and you might need to find some Hair Loss Cure.

Hair Loss is more common among Men and it is the reason for 95 percent of Men’s thinning hair. Called Androgenic Alopecia, hair loss is characterized by receding hair from the lateral sides of the forehead or on the crown.

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What causes Hair Loss?

Hair Loss can be caused by Medicines or Chemicals that are applied on the Hair. However, one thing that is true about it is that it often runs in the blood.

Men end up with bald spots on their head while Women see their hair thinning on the top part of their head.

Here are what cause Hair Loss:

1. Heredity

This is the most common reason for one’s Hair Loss.

The Gene that holds this trait may be passed on from your parents to you and there is a 4 in 7 chance that you will inherit this gene. As to the onset of the inherited baldness, it may start as early as after puberty period ends.

Though initial thought traces the baldness gene to come from the maternal grandfather, both parents contribute much to the child acquiring this gene.

2. Poor Diet

If you do not inherit the baldness gene, you cannot be too sure that you will not get hair loss.

If your diet lacks protein and iron, you might lose your hair. That’s why, it is very important to make sure you have the Best Vitamins and Supplements to keep your hair nourished thereby encouraging Hair Growth.

3. Stress

As they say, stress is the no. 1 killer today. And yes, it also can kill your hair.

If you are subjected to intense stress, you might notice that much of your hair is falling off. A simple Hair Loss Cure for this cause is to stay away from stress.


4. Chemotherapy

People who suffer from any form of cancer and undergo chemotherapy will really lose hair. Because radiation is too strong for your hair follicles to handle, the hairs eventually fall off. However, when the series of chemotherapy sessions is done, hair can grow back on the head.

5. Thyroid Diseases

People with hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism often experience hair loss too.

6. Ringworm in the Scalp

This is a case that is more common among children, especially those who do not practice good hygiene. The spot affected by the ringworm will lose hair which means that as the ringworm grows, the more hair is lost.

7. Age

Naturally, you will lose hair as you grow older.

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Why do we lose Hair is a question we all want answers for?

Hair, just like any other part of your body, lives a certain life cycle.

There are three stages of its life—the Anagen PhaseCatagen Phase, and the Telogen Phase.

1. Anagen Phase

This is the stage of your hair wherein it grows up to half an inch every month which lasts from 2 to 8 years.

2. Catagen Phase.

This phase is also called the transition phase wherein the base of the root detaches itself from blood supply in the scalp. The hair shaft is being pushed up and this stage may last for two to four weeks.

3. Telogen Stage

This stage can last up to five months wherein hair growth temporarily stops. At end of the five months, the hair is shed.

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How do you know that you are losing hair?

Hair Loss can be noticed even at its earliest stage. When you brush or comb your hair after wiping it dry with a towel following bath time, it is natural to see a few strands stuck between the teeth of your comb. However, if there are more hairs than normal that are stuck there or if you keep seeing fallen hairs every time your brush, then that could be an early warning for hair loss.

Methods of Hair Loss Cure are available everywhere. However, you need to be extra careful. Otherwise, you might end up creating more problems instead of solving them.

 Before You Start Finding the Right Hair Loss Cure

Hair Loss Problem is growing more common these days. The culprits may no longer be just limited to  Illnesses and Genes but may also already include your Diet, Medications, Lifestyle, and other related causes. As such, People are always searching for the best and most effective Hair Loss Cure.

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Before you decide to take any Hair Loss Cure medication or treatment, you have to know if you are really suffering from hair loss. You can do the following check up by yourself.

  • Determine how your hair loss is occurring. Is it causing thinning or is it falling off?
  • Do you suffer from hair problems like Ringworms and Dandruff? These illnesses can also cause hair loss.
  • How is your Diet? Are you eating the right kind and amount of food? Lacking Protein and Iron in your diet can lead to hair loss.
  • Have you recently given birth? Are you taking medications and anti-depressants? These can also cause hair loss.

If you think you need more than answers to these questions, then it is time you see a doctor. The doctor will ask you several questions and may recommend you to take an exam so that you can find out if your hair loss is serious and what Hair Loss Cure will work best for you.

To Determine the most Effective Hair Loss Cure you will have to undergo some tests that should be done only by Professional Hair Specialists:

1. Hair analysis.

This process will have your doctor take some hair samples, and even scalp sample, to see under the microscope.

2. Blood test.

A blood test may be necessary to check if you also have some thyroid problems and other similar problems.

It is important that you have yourself checked the soonest time possible. Don’t wait for the time when the situation reaches its worst.

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Do Hair Loss Shampoos Really Work?

active-wow-argan-oil-organic-botanicals-anti-hair-loss-shampooThere is no definite yes or no answer to this question; however, we may be able to gauge that based on the ingredients contained by the products.

Among the most popular are Minoxidil and Ketoconazole which are both chemical in nature.

The first one, Minoxidil, has long been in the market and a lot of users really attest to its effectiveness. However, it has been said that once you stop using it, your hair loss problem may recur.

As for Ketoconazole, it is more popularly known as a treatment for dandruff than for hair fall. Despite that, it still continues to gain popularity in the market.

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Now, let’s include one more product which is Biotin. Biotin is considered as the most natural among the ingredients because it is a B-vitamin complex that is easily found in the food we eat and it also comes in supplement form.

And doctors say that if you consume the right amount of biotin regularly, your scalp will be healthier and new hairs will grow. Of course, it is also as important to keep a healthy and balanced diet.

Are Laser Combs and Helmets Effective in Reversing Hair Loss?

laser-hair-loss-for-menThere have already been quite a lot of solutions that claim to address hair loss, both natural and artificial or chemical-based. But the most recent development on this subject is the use of laser combs or helmets. And again, the question remains if these technologies work.

Laser Helmets are worn on the head and the attached headphones use a low-level laser therapy which stimulates hair growth by penetrating deep into the scalp to stimulate hair follicles.

Owners of this type of helmet claim that it actually works as they have seen a significant increase in their hair’s volume. The issue here now is that the helmet comes with a price, considering the materials and technology used for it.

Meanwhile, its more common and cheaper counterpart, the Laser Comb, has recorded some reports regarding its effectiveness. Laser combs are handheld devices that emit low-intensity laser aimed to stimulate the hair follicles to grow new hairs.

It does not pose any threat like burns because the intensity is not powerful enough to raise temperature. But with some doctors who are skeptical about it, you might have to make a sacrifice buying the expensive one to get favorable results.

What About Hair Growth Vitamins and Supplements?

Daily-Dietary-Supplements-and-Vitamins-for-hair-lossDo you think these hair growth vitamins and supplements work? According to a medical journal, many of these ingredients like Vitamin C, Biotin, Vitamin A, and Vitamin B3 are the usual content of these hair growth supplements.

And though there are not much laboratory studies to back up its effectiveness claim, it is believed that these work to address your hair loss problem.

The best part of all is that these are easily found everywhere, especially in the food we eat. Therefore, you don’t really have to buy these from pharmaceutical companies as you can get these if you just have a strict and healthy diet.

Another piece of good news is that these vitamins do not only stop hair loss but they also make your mane shinier and healthier. Vitamin C, for one, creates a collagen protein which helps the blood absorb iron necessary for healthy hair. Then, Vitamin B3 is also helpful in keeping the healthy flow of blood to the scalp eventually resulting in a more lustrous hair.

So, in a gist, these supplements and vitamins work effectively so long as you consume the right amount regularly and in moderation.

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Lets Talk About Biotin

Natrol-Biotin-10,000-mcg-Maximum-Strength-Tablets,-100-CountIf you are thinking about growing your hair longer and faster while maintaining its nice luster and health, turn to Biotin.

You may have already heard tons of stories about this hair growth supplement; and so far, many people attest to its effectiveness in making their hair grow.

This is based on the fact that biotin deficiency can lead to hair loss. Thus, the more biotin you have, the more your hair grows.

This B-Complex vitamin is found in food and supplement form. And before turning to the latter’s form, it is better to first get it the natural way—through the food you eat.

Common foods such as nuts, like peanuts and almonds, fish, soybeans, and egg yolks are rich in Biotin. You can also get it from whole-wheat bread, avocado, pork, raspberries, cheese, and cauliflower.

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In terms of the right amount of intake, health professionals recommend men and women aged 19 and above to consume 30 mcg each day. But lactating mothers should have a higher dose of 35 mcg daily to get the full benefits of biotin.

However, the good news is that you don’t need to worry about overconsumption of this Vitamin as there have been no known side-effects of Biotin.

The Use of Hair Concealers and Fibers to Instantly Hide Bald Spots

hair-illusion-hair-fibers-videoDon’t let your thinning hair or bald spots get in the way of looking good and feeling good. There are so many solutions in the market today that can address your concern.

However, if you just need a temporary solution that can hide your balding spots and create an illusion of thicker hair, then, Hair Concealers and Fibers provide an effective answer.

Hair Fibers are a type of concealer that come in cans that you shake and spray on balding areas in order to achieve coverage. As you spray, its dust-like content sticks to your scalp and when patted down, does a magical work of creating the illusion of thicker hair.

The application is very simple and the price is relatively affordable. Plus, these are easily accessible in malls and shopping stores and even online.

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Hair fibers are very effective in temporarily covering a large part of your balding scalp and it works for both men and women. However, always remember that you can only wear it for a good number of hours to a day and must keep your hair dry the whole time.

Is Argan Oil for Hair Growth Effective?

trusted-virgin-argan-oil-by-leven-roseAccording to recent studies on addressing Hair Loss, Argan Oil is an effective ingredient in fighting hair loss, as well as improving scalp and hair health. How true is this?

According to laboratory tests and scientific research, Argan Oil is rich in vitamins and nutrients that promote healthy blood circulation in the scalp.

It is known to help moisturize your scalp which is necessary for strengthening your hair follicles, as well as reducing the adverse effects of UV rays. The best part of it is that you can apply it at home.

Now, if you are interested to try it, you can begin by exfoliating your scalp so that the hair follicles are free from blockage and allow the oil to fully penetrate the scalp.

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Then, put a few drops of Argan Oil onto the tips of your fingers and slowly massage this into your scalp, beginning at the front hairline and working through in a vertical manner down to the back of your head.

Keep massaging for 15 minutes and repeat this process three to four times a week for best results.

Are Wigs and Hair Pieces A Solution to Hair Loss?

best-human-hair-wigsEven with the birth of modern methods of curing Hair Loss, it cannot be denied that some people still haven’t let go of the oldest, and probably the most conventional, hair loss solution the world has ever known—wigs and hair pieces.

For so many years, this has been the easiest and cheapest solution to thinning hair. Regardless of your age, you can just go to the department store and buy one that suits your needs.

Whatever color and style you want, there is absolutely something for you. And yes, it has been successful. But, on a closer look, is it really that effective?

If we talk of just a temporary solution, then yes, it definitely works as it hides your bald areas when you wear the wig or hair pieces. The problem, though, is that it does not appear natural.

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Anyone can easily spot a person wearing a wig and it can be embarrassing when someone points that out. Therefore, between the pros and cons of wearing such hair pieces and wigs, I personally think that you should try the more modern and natural solutions to Hair Loss.

Are Natural and Organic Hair Loss Treatment Products Effective?

LT-organics-premium-hair-oil-for-baldnessI believe that there is really no demarcation line that separates the effectiveness of natural and chemical cures for hair loss.

Instead, it is important to know more about the actual cause of the problem. For example, menopause, vitamin deficiency and thyroid problems can cause you to lose hair.

And if any of these is the cause, then you simply cannot rely on any natural or homemade treatments and should instead seek medical help or attention.

Meanwhile, many natural cures for hair loss work effectively if the cause is just simple like unhealthy diet or the use of strong hair products.

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But to answer our general question regarding the effectiveness of organic and natural hair loss treatments, the answer would not only be a yes but also that these products are safer and less harsh on your scalp.

Just be sure that the processes involved in making these products are FDA-approved and laboratory tested to ensure safety and effectiveness.

 Female Hair Loss Cure

hair-loss-cure-woman-looking-at-mirrorThe most common cases of Hair Loss happen among Men.

That is why they too are the most concerned about finding the best Hair Loss Cure.

However, Woman as you are, you also are at risk losing hair.

Losing a few strands is okay especially when you shower, brush your hair, or put it up in a ponytail.

That is why you should take notice of how much hair you lose during the entire day everyday.

If you lose more than a hundred, then that may already signal something more serious.

 Causes of Hair Loss on Women.

The Gene.

hair-loss-cure-human-genes-dnaYou already probably know that a gene dictates how your hair grows. And yes, a Gene also controls or influences the chances of you losing your hair thus demands a unique Hair Loss Cure method.

If, for example, either of your parents suffers from hair loss and that gene is passed on to you, there is an increased likelihood that you will also suffer from the same thing.

And if both parents have it, all the more possibility that you will suffer from said hair loss.

Tip: Genes cannot be reversed. However, a good Hair Loss Cure is go to a dermatologist to check if you are suffering from a genetic hair loss.

If so, you may apply Minoxidil onto your scalp twice a day. Just make sure that you lessen the dosage a bit to avoid having side effects.

Also, you may want to use a wide-toothed comb especially after taking a shower when you hair is all tangled and difficult to smoothen.

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Telogen Effluvium.

The word Telogen refers to the phase wherein your hair sheds.

Telogen Effluvium, therefore, happens when your hair goes through its life phases faster than it should and reach the telogen stage prematurely. This phenomenon usually affects women after their pregnancy or after they undergo a major surgery, get exposed to extreme stress, or experience drastic weight loss. It could also be caused by taking strong medications and anti-depressants.

Tip: First thing to do is determine if it is really Telogen Effluvium that you are suffering from.

You can do that by checking the strand of hair that just fell off and seeing if there is a bulb-like thing at the roots. If so, that signals that the hair has already lived its full life.

There is not much Hair Loss Cure for this especially if you just gave birth. If you are taking medications, you can ask your doctor to reduce the dosage. And most importantly, befriend the wide-toothed comb.


Alopecia Areata: What You Need To Know

We buy a variety of products and undergo various hair treatments and therapy to ensure that our hair will always stay perfect. What happens then if we start losing our hair for unknown reasons? What do we do about it?

Falling hair is not an uncommon condition, in fact, there are a lot of products that address the issue, but there are cases where hair loss is severe, that hair is completely lost in some parts of the skin.  This condition is referred to as Alopecia Areata and this can be quite devastating especially to female patients. The good news is that these days, there are various Alopecia Areata Treatments that are readily available in the market.

Alopecia Areata: The Basics

Alopecia Areata is not choosy with its victims, you can get it regardless of age and ethnicity and it occurs usually at a young age and progresses as the patient grows older. Although there are more females patients that male.

There is a great impact on individuals who suffer from this condition, as it stains their appearance, causing them embarassment and allows them to lose confidence in themselves.  The good news is that  a variety of treatments are now readily available these days for Alopecia patients but treatment takes a long time and results are only evident after prolonged continuous treatment. The hairless patches received treatment and hair grows back naturally. Treatments are generally safe and most people trust them.  Alopecia Areata treatment can either be through traditional medicine or through natural remedies.  If you are afflicted with the condition, you need not worry, treatment is readily available for you.

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What Treatments Are Available? 

The market is now filled with various Treatment Products that are meant to assist the patient regain their Lost Hair.  These products come in various forms including Shampoos, Gels and even Creams or Lotions.

Below, we have put together the most Popular and Highest Reviewed Hair Growth Products available on the Market today.

Amazon is always the best and most accessible Store you can have access and buy these Products. Their Verified Customer Reviews are worth reading if you are trying to Decide the best products to buy.

Contrary to popular belief, loss of Hair doesn’t only occur in the head but it can actually occur in any part of the body including the eyebrows and depending on where Hair Loss occurred, a specific product will be prescribed by the physician.

Patients suffering from Alopecia is required to take the prescribed medication regularly to ensure that the product does its job and hair growth is achieved.
This becomes a challenge to many patients since, as was said before, treatment can take a long time before any evident result will be visible.  But if you religiously follow all instructions, you will see results after a number of months and continues treatment shows a healthier, fuller hair on the skin and alopecia is treated completely.

There’s a growing number of centers and physicians that provide Alopecia Areata Treament for anyone who requires it. If you need Treatment, then pick the one that provides you with the best possible result at a reasonable price. Weigh your options and pick the best one for you.

 What is the most ideal Male Hair Loss Cure?

Well currently there are definitely many Male Hair Loss Cure that can possibly be administered. The reason for this is straightforward– Male Hair Loss is not triggered by a singular condition alone.

Hair loss might be triggered by inherited Genes, Anxiety, Aging, and others, thus the procedure will likely be distinct for each  individual.

In this case, there are a few Hair Loss Cure Products or Procedures that you might actually want to take note of, if you are talking about hair loss related to genetics .

 Hair Loss Cure for Androgenic Alopecia

bald-male-hair-loss-curePattern Hair Loss or Male Pattern Baldness known in its medical term as Androgenic Alopecia, is simply the effects of bodily hormones named Androgens which is brought about by Xenogenetic Tendency.

To keep it simply, the main reason you are losing your hair is on the grounds that you are genetically predisposed to.

The conventional guideline is that hair may still be grown thick any where that it’s still thriving and a Hair Loss Cure program is one of the most reliable strategies people have at hand.

An area that is by now slick and hairless will more than likely be possible to repair, and hair implant or a hair system is your best Hair Loss Cure option for this.

Given that countless blends of thinning and slick are commonly found in men, a treatment regimen is frequently the best or in certain cases the only option available.

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Hair Transplant and Hair Systems or periwigs ought to primarily be taken into account if you have previously undergone a treatment regiment for two solid years without achieving any satisfying end results.

Despite the kind or circumstance you are remedying, a medically supported hair loss cure program regimen is required. The only issue is the reality that there are several out there that you will have the chance to pick.

Hence you will need to research the items that are available in the market adequately in order to secure one that will likely best meet your requirements, if you seriously wish to put an end to hair loss.

The Internet will be of great help for this certain undertaking as it will enable you to find out what exactly each product will truly be able to deliver without needing to actually try them individually.

You may do this by inspecting the available services and finding how they are graded or reviewed by other individuals/users.

Looking at testimonials will be beneficial and will serve as your guideline to superior, more useful products or techniques.

What is the very best Hair Loss Cure? The answer is going to actually rely on precisely what you find out for yourself.

New Hair Loss Cure Methods Discovered:

Recent studies conducted by the University of Bradford suggests that a certain treatment already used for the Treatment of Glaucoma may be future of Hair Loss Cure.

This drug has a side effect which results in the occurrence of Eye Lashes when used in eye treatment and therefore can produce scalp hair when used on the scalp.

It can stimulate hair growth to help cure Male Pattern baldness and Female Pattern baldness.

Please watch this video explaining the breakthrough in the quest for the most effective  Hair Loss Treatment Method.

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