10 Best Biotin Products for Hair Growth You Must Try

Does Biotin Help to Regrow Lost Hair?

 Among the many B-Vitamins that make up the complex group, none is probably lesser known of than Biotin.

It actually does not come as a surprise as its very discovery itself has been lengthy in the process (of about 40 years) even before it got established as a Vitamin.

Known also for names such as Vitamin B7, Coenzyme R, or Vitamin H, Biotin is actually essential in the body for its ability to promote Cell Growth, aid in producing Fatty Acids, and helps in the metabolism of Amino Acids and fats in the body.

Recent tests have proven that Biotin is essential in fighting Hair Loss or Baldness among Men and Women.

Can Biotin Deficiency Cause Hair Loss?

While an average person who is not yet experiencing any signs of Baldness or Hair Loss nor is diagnosed with Biotin Deficiency may not find any need to supplement on this Vitamin, those who do experience such symptoms may find that this essential vitamin is not something to take granted for.

Specifically to those who are suffering from Hair Loss, Biotin was known to be beneficial in helping Hair Grow back because of the Vitamin’s role in the body specific to Hair and Skin, including the Nails, starting from the cells that make up the Hair under our skin, similar to how nails are made essentially.

Why Most Biotin Products Do Not Work?

Biotin has been proven in research to help in hair growth. However, there are instances that the hair growth products do not work and here are the most common reasons.

  1. There is not enough amount of biotin found in each capsule. Ideally, the right amount of this vitamin should be between 5,000 to 10,000 mcg. Anything less than that may compromise efficacy and anything more than that may jeopardize achieving the desired result.
  2. Allergies to other ingredients. Hair growth products do not have just biotin in them. Of course, there are other ingredients required in order for biotin to work more effectively on your hair. However, these ingredients like yeast, gluten, soy and fish may cause allergies to certain individuals and that can compromise the efficacy of the product.
  3. Product is too cheap and sacrifices quality. As already mentioned above, when the product is sold as a very low price, its quality may have been sacrificed.

What should a Biotin Hair Growth Product Contain?

It is said that Biotin hair growth products should contain just the right amount of biotin to ensure effectiveness and that is at most 10,000 mcg per capsule. In more common terms, that means 10 mg per capsule to your daily nutrition to be assured of faster hair growth.

More importantly, biotin products should be combined with natural ingredients like vegetables. Apart from that, other ingredients like Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamins A and C to E, and collagen should also be added as these help biotin in promoting hair growth.

The good thing about biotin is that it can be used in hair growth products without adding unnecessary sweeteners like the product Omegaboost Biotin so it is safe for people with diabetes who are restricted from taking in more sugars.

Please watch this Video that Explains further how Biotin helps reverse Hair Loss:

As far as Biotin supplements go, the following are the Top 10 Best Biotin Supplements currently available in the market:

1. Incite Nutrition Biotin Hair and Nail Food Supplement

Rating: 5 out of 5

Incite-Nutrition-Biotin-10,000mcg-Hair-and-Nail-Food-SupplementIf you want a good source of Biotin in a Capsule, then Incite Nutrition Biotin may be the right choice for you.

Similar to most Biotin Products but Superior in almost every way, every bottle of this supplement contains 200 vegetarian soft gel capsules at a dosage of 10,000 mcg (10 mg) per soft gel capsule.

It is 80 soft gel capsules more than its similar products for only a few more bucks in price. Just imagine covering your one year plus several more months of Biotin Supplement for two bottles of this product.

With over 639 unique reviewers, it maintains its Perfect Rating as a trusted brand and product.


2. Natrol Biotin Maximun Strength

Rating: 4.6 out of 5

Natrol-Biotin-10,000-mcg-Maximum-Strength-Tablets,-100-CountCurrently priced at $6.99 per bottle of 100 pieces of 10,000 mcg (10 mg) tablets, the Natrol Biotin is a budget-friendly vitamin B7 supplement to those who need it most – people who wanted to Regrow their Hair due to Hair Loss or Alopecia and people who wanted a stronger nail; even an improved energy level.

With over 5490 Customer Reviews and with a rating of 4.5 stars out of 5, this vitamin supplement is a brand that consumers truly trust as a quality product.

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3. Sports Research High Potency Biotin

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Biotin-(High-Potency)-5000mcg-Per-Veggie-Softgel;-Enhanced-with-Coconut-Oil-for-better-absorption;-Supports-Hair-Growth,-Glowing-Skin-and-Strong-NailsComing from a brand that has been in operation for three decades now and was founded by a family of athletes and fitness advocates, the Sports Research High Potency Biotin supplement is a carefully developed Biotin Vitamin supplement for people who wanted an improved Hair Growth and Stronger Nails.

Each bottle of this product contains 120 pieces of Vegetarian soft gels at a good dosage of only 5000 mcg (5 mg) each. Every soft gel of this Vitamin supplement is said to be all-natural, that is, preservatives-free, non-GMO, Gluten-Free, and without soy or stearates.

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4. TOBIAS Optimum Phytoceramides Plus Biotin, Collagen, Hyaluronic Acid & Silica

Rating 4.4 out of 5

Dr.-Tobias-Phytoceramides-Plus-Biotin,-Collagen,-Hyaluronic-Acid-&-SilicaThe somewhat lengthy name of this supplement is not meant to just mal-advertise but is nonetheless true.

Setting itself apart from dedicated Biotin Supplements, Dr. TOBIAS Optimum Phytoceramides is more than just a Biotin supplement, it also contains other essential chemicals such as Vitamins A, C, D, E, as well as Collagen, Hyaluronic Acid, and Silica, all of which helpful in the body.

With a current price tag, each bottle of this supplement contains 60 capsules which is good for consumption at one capsule daily for 2 months.

To date, this brand maintains its good rating of 4.4 stars out of 5 based on 356 unique reviews by Verified Customers on Amazon.

5. Island’s Miracle Pure Biotin Ultra Vitamins for Hair Growth

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Pure-Biotin-10,000mcg-120-Capsules-Best-Vitamins-For-Hair-Growth-Strong-Healthy-NailsIf you have been taking Vitamin Supplements other than Biotin, chances are you have already seen the brand Island’s Miracle, especially if you are an avid buyer at Amazon.

As a brand known for making known food supplements, it is not surprising that it would also venture with Biotin Supplement. Known to have produced a quality product based on 230 different reviews to date at its current Amazon page, Island’s Miracle Biotin Ultra is a product worthy of reckoning.

Each bottle of Island’s Miracle Biotin Ultra contains 120 capsules of its Biotin-Packed Supplements at a dosage of 10,000 mcg (or 10 mg), which is said to be the optimum dosage of Biotin as part of the daily nutrition that guarantees faster hair growth.

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 6. NOW Foods Biotin

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

NOW-Foods-Biotin-5000mcg,-120-VcapsWith every bottle containing 120 pieces of Vegetarian Soft Gel capsules, this makes NOW Foods Biotin to be the cheapest Biotin Supplement to make the list but not at the expense of its quality.

Developed to be taken as something that is natural than synthetic, each veggie capsule of the product is made from the most natural of ingredients thereby making the product itself as natural, if not natural-based.

Testament to the quality of this product are 448 reviews which garners a rating of 4.5 stars out of 5.

 7. Spring Valley Biotin

Rating 4.5 out of 5

Avid consumers of Multi-Vitamins or any Vitamin or Minerals in general will find the brand Spring Valley to be familiar.

Spring-Valley---Biotin-5000-mcg,-Super-Potency,-120-SoftgelsAs a brand known to produce quality products as the mentioned, Spring Valley’s entry in Biotin supplements is not something to surprise, but be expected.

Not disappointing its consumers, Spring Valley Biotin is loved as far as the 282 unique reviewers of the product is concerned.

Every bottle of this product will give you 120 soft gel capsules at a dosage of 5000 mpg each. 

8. Amazing Nutrition Biotin

Rating: 5 out of 5

Garnering a 5 out of 5 stars rating based from 106 unique reviews, this Biotin Amazing-Nutrition-Biotin-Supplement is definitely well-liked, if that is not an understatement.

For a product whose bottle contains 200 capsules at a price of only $13.99, this does not come as a surprise. In fact, Amazing Nutrition Biotin is the second of its kind to get a perfect score rating in this list and is something worthy of mentioning.

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9. Omegaboost Biotin

Rating 4.5 out of 5

If you are a person who has Diabetes and is in complete restriction with unnecessary sugar intakes, Omegaboost Biotin makes a good option as a Vitamin B7 Supplement for its lack of use of added sweeteners and even preservatives, which makes this product as natural as possible.

Omegaboost-Biotin-for-Stronger-Hair-and-Nails-Other who show allergies with either fish, soy, gluten, or yeast will also find this product suitable as it is free of any of these ingredients.

Despite a higher price per every bottle of 120 5,000 msg capsules compared to other Biotin Supplements, this is a product that is very much liked by over 202 people who reviewed it with a total rating of 4.5 stars out of 5.

10. Zenwise Labs Hairgrowth Biotin Vitamins + DHT Blocker

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

This is a dietary supplement intended for people who are Losing their Hair, this should not surprise to contain the needed Biotin in it.

Hair-Growth-Vitamins-Supplement---5000mcg-of-Biotin-&-DHT-Blocker-for-Hair-Loss-and-BaldnessZenwise Labs Hairgrowth Vitamins + DHT Blocker is a dietary product intended at making Hair Grow (again) and keeping on the dormant ones that are still in the scalp.

Given how vital “Biotin” is as a nutrient in the development of Hair Follicles, this dietary supplement contains 5000 mcg (5 mg) of Biotin in it which is enough to make our bodies develop the needed hair follicles our scalps need in making new strands of Hair.

As more than just another Biotin supplement for its consumers, every bottle of Zenwise Labs Hairgrowth Vitamins + DHT Blocker contains 60 capsules in it which is enough to cover for a month’s usage.

With a current number of unique reviews of 1,388 and managing to retain its status of a 4.5 stars out of 5 in overall review, Zenwise Labs Hairgrowth Vitamins + DHT Blocker is product loved by many despite the price.

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How to Choose the Best Biotin Hair Growth Product?

Having problems with your hair can be disturbing. It can make you feel self-conscious and may even affect your self-confidence. That is why if you decide to use hair growth products, you need to be sure about the product, what it contains, what the ingredients can do and if these are natural, and how long till you can actually see real results. But this is just a piece of advice. Whatever hair growth product you decide buy, do make sure it contains biotin.

Biotin has only been recently published as a vitamin after a very long period of research. What we do not know is that Biotin comes in different names like Coenzyme R, Vitamin B7, and Vitamin H. But regardless of how it is called, Biotin is important to the body as it helps in cell growth and helps produce fatty acids. Moreover, it also helps in metabolizing amino acids and fats in your body.

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Apparently from the research, the lack of biotin in the body can cause hair loss. So if you are starting to experience hair fall and hair loss, you may (emphasis on MAY) be suffering from biotin deficiency. However, even if you have not been diagnosed of that but are still suffering from hair loss, then you need to use a hair growth product that contains biotin. But how do you choose the best biotin hair growth product?

Here are the ways.

1. The product should contain more biotin for the same price.

Getting your money’s worth when buying products is very important. Therefore, go for the product that offers you more biotin for the same price as other products. For example, Incite Nutrition product comes in gel capsules wherein each capsule contains 10,000 mcg. And each bottle contains 200 capsules which means you are getting 80 capsules more than its competition.

2. Higher ratings and good reviews.

The internet is a very powerful tool nowadays as it can give you information on almost anything. And when you need to know which products work best, then you can check websites that give ratings and reviews. If there are thousands of positive reviews and 4 or 5-star ratings, then the possibility of it being an effective product is very high.

3. Made along with natural ingredients.

The hair growth product that contains biotin and combined with natural ingredients is what you should choose. If it is gluten-free, preservative-free, and non-GMO, among others, then you are truly getting your money’s worth.

4. Affordable without compromising quality.

It is easy to be lured into buying a really affordable product that does not work. And this should not be the case. If it is very cheap, then it must have been made from artificial ingredients that may damage your hair and scalp and even worsen hair loss. Never sacrifice quality for affordability.

Always remember that hair loss is not a simple condition and must be given full attention even at the onset. Doing so may save you money and your self-confidence.

What if Biotin Hair Loss Cure Products Do not Work?

Basically, when you decide to use hair growth products or hair loss cure products, you should first read the label and research what the content are. But if after a month of using a product you still do not see any improvement, then you should stop using it. Reread the label and see the ingredients again and make sure you are not allergic to any of it.

Next is for you to check websites like Amazon that offer ratings and allows consumers to post comments on different products. This way, you will be able to compare products and their prices; as well as see which ones work wonders on more people.

If you do not fully trust the internet, then you can take note of the recommendations and see a hair specialist who can give you sound advice on a professional level. Talk to the doctor or specialist about your family history, lifestyle, diet, habits and other issues that concern your hair loss. This way, he may be able to actually prescribe a product that suits your individual condition.


With Biotin as the common denominator of all these products, it is only common sense that one product’s benefits—most specific to the Hair—may be the same as the others whose only differences are that of the dosage, the amount of the supplements, and how well-liked is each product in terms of reviews.

Despite these differences, however, one thing is certain about them – all are so good as far as quality goes, that the list makes 10 of the best products of their kind.




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