10 Best Foods to Eat to Stop Baldness or Hair Loss

All About the Food?

 Our Hair may be external to us, but its roots are embedded within our skin.

Just like plants, the quality of our Hair is dependent upon the nutrients it takes from underneath the skin by which it grows on as nourished from the Foods we consume.

Nutrients coming from foods, therefore, are a necessity to a healthy Scalp and Hair.

But did you know that there are certain nutrients from Foods we eat that do not just make our Hair Grow with moisture, shine, smoothness, and thickness, some could also help stop our scalp from shedding too much hairs from the root, that is, Hair Loss, if not as an issue of Balding.

Believed to be true as proven by medical science, the following Foods are known to provide significant Nutrition to both Hair and Scalp for health:

1. Salmon

salmon-hair-loss-cure-foodThere is a lot to be liked about Fish Meat like Salmon as part of a staple diet.

It is rich in protein which helps build and repair body tissues as well as a source of Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids that are only gotten by our bodies from foods, among other nutrients found in fish foods in general.

Yet, because of the mentioned nutrients, Salmon also makes for an ideal food for people who wanted to maintain a healthy hair as seen on its luster and thickness.

2. Greek Yogurt

greek-yogurt-baldness-treatment-foodHair is composed mainly of Protein which makes as much as 90% of every Hair strand on our Scalp.

While not surprising as the rest of our body are made of proteins as well, but a little scarcity of protein in the diet may cause our scalp to shed more hair than it normally would if properly nourished with protein.

Not just in preventing some unneeded Hair Shedding, Protein is also essential in Developing New Hairs.

Greek Yogurt is rich in protein which makes it a perfect snack for people who are conscious in their Hair’s Health.

Apart from protein, Greek Yogurt is also known for its other significant nutrient, Pantothenic Acid (vitamin B5), which is identified as a vitamin capable of Preventing Hair Thinning and Losses.

3. Spinach

spinach-alopecia-treatmentIn general, Green Leafy Vegetables are packed full of nutrients including Vitamins and Minerals which make for an ideal healthy diet.

Specifically for a green leafy vegetable such as Spinach, it contains Vitamins A, B12, and C, as well as Iron and Beta Carotene, all of which contribute significantly to a better Scalp and Hair.

Where Iron is deficient which causes Hair Loss, Spinach can provide, including the mentioned nutrients which make the hair healthy from the root as well as keep hair’s natural oils circulating thereby keeping the hair moisturized.

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4. Guava

guava-baldness-food-cureBeating even the sourest of Citrus fruits in terms of its Vitamin C contents, thereby making guava a king of fruits with vitamin C contents.

Guava contains a lot of Vitamin C you get more than four times of your needed daily intake of this nutrient just per cup of this fruit in your diet.

Identified as a vitamin responsible in the synthesis of collagen, vitamin C helps develop hair through the root in addition to keeping the blood vessel which supplies nutrients to the hair follicles healthy.

Naturally acidic, taking Vitamin C is best paired with another nutrient essential in maintaining a Healthy Hair, Iron, for its better absorption (iron is best absorbed in an acidic environment).

Not just iron, Vitamin C is also best taken with vitamin E, as both vitamins are said to work synergistically with one another.

5. Iron-Rich Cereal

cereals-hair-loss-foodIn relation to Hair, Iron is best explained as being the mineral responsible to carrying oxygen in the blood as it goes through the rest of the body to sustain its needs in oxygen and needed nutrients.

People, Menstruating Women especially, are in critical need of this mineral which makes them susceptible to its deficiency whose symptom of which include Hair Thinning and eventually Baldness.

Getting your daily dose of Iron from cereals is good if you are having some snack.

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6. Lean Poultry Meat

lean-meat-alopecia-cureWhen your body lacks Protein, your Hair’s Growth remains at rest.

Once it does, your older hairs tend to fall out basically resulting to Hair Loss.

Getting yourself of your body’s needed proteins is probably better taken from foods with less saturated fats like lean chicken meat or turkey as opposed to pork and beef.

7. Sweet Potatoes

sweet-potatoes-baldness-cureSweet Potatoes contain a lot of Beta-Carotene, which is the precursor of Vitamin A.

As the nutrients responsible for healthy tissues and the cells that make up such tissues, both Vitamin A and Beta-Carotene helps in the overall health of the Hair and Scalp.

People who experienced Hair Loss and hair thinning may be likely as a result of the deficiency in Vitamin A.

8. Cinnamon

cinnamon-alopecia-treatmentGood Blood Circulation and a Healthy Hair are known to have a good correlation and is the reason why massaging of the scalp works good to those who maintain a healthy hair, even to those who wanted to regrow on them.

Cinnamon is a good contributor to Blood Circulation and has the same effect as a good massage on the scalp, only happening from the inside.

9. Eggs

eggs-fight-hair-loss-foodAs the cheapest source of protein, Eggs are easily accessible and a good addition to our daily diet.

Containing some of the most important nutrients critical to good Hair Growth such as Iron, Protein, and Biotin, Eggs is a cheap yet effective way of promoting Hair Growth for anybody.

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10. Oysters

oysters-food-for-hair-lossA deficiency of Zinc in the body causes Hair Loss and it makes sense as Zinc has the ability to affect the production of new cells in the body, one specifically are Hair Follicles.

One good source of Zinc are oysters which can easily be found in any market.


As not all causes of Hair Loss or Balding are external, underlying medical conditions, or even genetic in origin, there are certain instances of Hair Loss that are reversible with Proper Diet. The foods listed here are, more likely than not, able to address such condition as far as proper nutrition is concerned.



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