10 Best Hair Wigs and Hair Pieces for Women with Hair Loss

What are Hair Pieces or Wigs?

When Women experience Hair Loss, and they start having bald spots on their head, or their Hair becomes extremely thin, they can use a Hair Piece or Wig to cover the area where the hair is sparse or use a hair piece to give extra volume to their Hair.

Some Women may not like to wear a Wig when their hair starts balding, as wigs are oftentimes very noticeable.

Instead, they can use a Hair Piece that they can attach to their hair to cover up those bald areas, or use hair extensions to give volume back to their hair. It is a ball of hair attached at a base that you can clip on to your head.

On the other hand, Wigs are whole-hair covering made from human hair, animal hair or synthetic fiber.

It is often sewed together and is worn on top of the real hair. It comes in different styles and colors.

best-human-hair-wigsWigs nowadays are not only used by balding people but are also used for fashion purposes.

Wigs are popularly used nowadays as head accessories, used for Cosplay or for temporarily changing the hair color.

Hair Pieces and Wigs are very cheap alternatives to medical treatments for hair restoration.

As medical treatments oftentimes cost fortune while hair pieces and wigs will only cost you a few dollar for high-quality ones. And you can also use these hair pieces or wigs a couple of times while medical treatments often ask for many sessions towards the road of full recovery.

However, the uses of hair pieces and wigs are just temporary solutions to Baldness, Hair Thinning or Alopecia.

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When do you need Hair Pieces or Wigs?

When bald spots become very noticeable even from a far, you may consider wearing a hair piece to cover the area.

Or when your Hair becomes noticeably thin and people are commenting about how thin your hair had become, it is probably time for you to use extensions to give back the loss volume.

best-synthetic-wigsIt really depends on your choice whether or not you would like to start wearing hair pieces or extensions.

When you become insecure and have been hearing rumors from your workmates, then it is probably time to wear one. “Have you seen her hair? It’s very thin! I heard she has cancer is undergoing chemotherapy.” Isn’t it a nasty rumor to be heard? Not to mention it affects your self-confidence and you start losing your self-trust when rumors suddenly appear.

When your hair extremely becomes thin and many bald spots are appearing all over your head, it is probably time for you to use a wig. If there are too many spots where the hair is sparse and hair extensions can’t cover it up anymore, it is probably time for you to use a wig.

However, know when to seek medical attention. When you suspect that it is not just simple hair loss that most women experience and when it comes with other symptoms such as skin changes (red skin, rashes, and hyper pigmentation), fatigue and unusual bleeding or discharge, it is probably a more serious condition that needs to be treated as soon as possible.

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What Materials make up the Best Wig?

You’ve decided that it is probably the perfect time for you to wear a wig. You’ve visited a wig shop or an online shop, browsing all the available wigs they offer. They come in many styles and vibrant colors. But you are not quite sure what to buy?

Here are some tips you can abide by when buying your wig:

1. Texture

Check the texture of the wig. Does it feel like real hair? Does it look like real hair? Or does it feel fake?

You probably want the wig that feels like real hair. You also would probably want wig that has a smooth and silky texture.

Don’t choose the frizzy ones with split ends.

2. Color

Does it match the real color of your hair? As much as possible choose a wig that matches your natural hair shade so that it is not easily noticeable and can blend well with your real hair.

If you suddenly show up at work, wearing a wig in a different color, people will ask, “Did you get your hair dyed?” And it is such a bother to answer this question (if it does).

To avoid such bothersome situations, you can just pick a wig that matches your hair color.

3. Volume

You would probably want a voluminous wig to cover up your thinning hair. Look for a wig that has volume and can bounce. Oftentimes, wigs like these are made from real human hair and are susceptible to heat so they are perfect for hair styling.

4. Lacing

For a natural-looking hairline, choose a wig that has the lacing that fits your natural hair. If you tie back your hair, you would want the lacing of the wig to be in front for a natural hairline.

And if you’re hairline is much farther than usual, or if you have a widow’s peak, try to choose a wig with a similar hairline.

5. Cut it

Wigs always have too much hair in them. After you’ve bought your wig, cut it even if you do like the style it comes with.

This will probably be hard if you are online shopping and can’t inspect the product in your own hands.

As a solution, try to read the product description and even read reviews by other people to know what the wig really is like.

This will help you to choose your wig that looks good on you.

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How to use Hair Pieces?

There are different types of Hair Pieces. There are strip ones that looks like hair intentions, or ones that come in a base and have volume.

Nevertheless, most hair pieces come with a clip that you use to attach it to your scalp. Attach the hair piece to your scalp using the clip.

Make sure that it is secure at it will not move. For better security, use bobby pins to keep the hair piece in place.

After making sure that it is attached securely and is going nowhere, go ahead and style it with your real hair.

Blend it in seamlessly and make sure that the clip is hidden by your real hair.

If you are styling your hair, attach the hair pieces first before you begin styling. Then, you can now style the hair piece together with your real hair, as if it’s your real hair.

When using a hair piece that comes in a bunch and has a base, it is better to keep your hair down as it is hard to style with this type of hair piece.

Comb the fake hair and the real hair and make it look like it is part of your own hair and you are not wearing a wig.

Top 10 Hair Pieces or Wigs

To help you decide which Hair Piece or Wig to buy, we have collected 10 of the best-selling among hundreds or thousands of products available in the market today. We have carefully selected these products based on customer reviews, quality and price. Here they are:

1. Remeehi 14” Long Straight Women Hairpiece

remeehi-hair-wigIt is made from 100% human hair. Therefore, it can be styled and won’t burn under heat.

It can also be dyed. Just in case when you feel a little fun and want to change-up your look a little.

From the picture, it doesn’t look smooth or silky, however it does look like real human hair and human hair is not always smooth or silky.

It comes with different colors with full-vertically-cut bangs.

The hairline also looks natural.

It is a long, shoulder-length hairstyle that curls inside in the ends. This is shoulder-length bob cut.

2. MelodySusie Dark Brown Curly Wig

melody-susie_hair wigsThis wig is made of synthetic fiber and therefore lasts longer.

It still can be styled under heat even if it is made of synthetic fiber.

It comes with two adjustment straps that are handy just in case the wig doesn’t fit you so you can adjust it to your size.

The style of this wig is very feminine and has a lot of volume. It is long and wavy, perfect for a soft, feminine appearance.

From the picture, it looks silky as it is made of synthetic fiber, processed to look like silky human hair.

3. eNilecor Straight Short Hair Bob Wig with Flat Bangs

enicolor-straight-short-hair-wigThis wig is made of synthetic fiber and looks very silky and smooth.

Even if it is made of synthetic fiber, it still has the volume and the bounce.

The style of this wig is a short bob cut, the ends curving inwards with flat bangs.

These are perfect for women who work at companies who do not like their hair getting on their face.

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4. Asifen Medium Length Wigs for Women

asifen-medium-length-wigs-for-women-human-hair-wigsIt is made of real human hair and synthetic fiber.

It gives a real-hair appearance and looks silky and smooth.

The style is shaggy and mid-length.

5. B-G Charming Wigs New Fashion Women

b-g-charming-wigs-new-fashion-womenThis wig is made of synthetic fiber and gives a real-hair, silky appearance.

The style gives a 1920s flapper vibe.

It is cut short and wavy and gives a playful look to women.


6. Women’s Girl Fashion Wavy Curly Long Hair

womens-girls-fashion-wavy-curly-long-hair-human-full-wigsIt’s made with synthetic fiber and therefore gives a silky appearance.

It has nice volume and bounce, especially with the curly texture.

The cut is very feminine and lovely.

It mostly fits most customers but it is still adjustable to fit your size.

7. REECHO Full Head Curly Wave Clips

reecho-synthetic-hair-wigThis wig is also made of synthetic fiber and has a silky princess-like appearance.

It has great volume and layering it will add more.

The style is feminine: long with ringlets on the bottom.

8. Outop Women’s Hair Long Big Wavy Heat Resistant

big-wavy-hair-heat-resistant-wigIt is made of high quality synthetic fiber and is heat-resistant.

It is also smooth in texture.

Therefore, it is not impossible to style this.

It also comes with an adjustable net cap to fit your head.

The style is long and wavy that has volume and bounce.

9. YX Short Curly Hair Wig

short-curly-hair-wig-for-black-women-africanThis wig kind of gives an Oprah Winfrey vibe with its short and curly style.

It is voluminous and has a smooth texture.

Made of synthetic fiber but till can withstand high heat so it can be easily styled

10. Dreambeauty Human Hair Wigs

dreambeauty-human-hair-wigs-for-black-womenThis is wig is short and curly, made of 100% pure human hair but still gives a silky appearance.

You are able to dye it or style it anyway you want.

It comes with clips and adjustable straps for better fitting.

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To help you choose the best Wig here is a video by Paula Young on how to choose the perfect wig for you.

The Bottom Line

Hair Pieces are small hair units you can attach to your hair to cover up balding areas. While wigs on the other hand are full-on head coverings that cover the whole hair.

It can be used when there are already a lot of bald spots on the head.

When buying a Wig, keep in mind the texture, color, volume lacing and style of the hair.

Wigs are either made of human hair, (you can easily dye and style human hair wigs), animal hair (same treatment as human hair), or synthetic fiber (some synthetic fiber wigs are not heat-resistant and therefore cannot be styled).

To attach a hair piece to your head, clip it on using the clip it comes with.

Make sure that it is secure by using bobby pins and hiding the clip using your real hair. Blend it together so it does not look like you are wearing a hair piece.

There are many wig styles that can suit your taste. You can shop for them online or in wig shops near your locations.

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