10 Effective Things You Can Do to Accept Baldness Gracefully

Accepting Hair Loss and Baldness can be Easy

There is one time that you are taking a shower and you felt something was wrong, that something was not behaving in the right way.

Then you noticed that there are several hairs scattered on the shower room’s floor. After that, you have confirmed that you are experiencing Hair Loss.

male-pattern-baldness-There are plenty of reasons why Hair Loss is attacking Men and making them to lose their hair few at a time or sometimes even more than what they really expect.

But how can Men lose their hair and still live the life they want, that they will not notice the hair strands falling down to their coat and accepting Baldness gracefully with all their hearts. Try these out yourself and start accepting your fate.

1. Know the Cause

Before anything else, before you decide if you will undergo that super expensive Hair Transplant, you should know first the cause of it.

how-to-treat-male-pattern-baldness-testosteroneYou can’t solve a problem without knowing the root or cause of it right? Before you freak out and spend all your money buying products to stop Hair Loss, spend your money consulting a doctor to know the cause why your hair is falling out of your head.

There are plenty of reasons why people lose their hair: it can be inherited from a relative or from your parents, it can be caused by the hormones inside you, it can be the male-pattern baldness that is so popular now among Men and Women especially in the U.S., or it can be one of the symptoms of a disease that you are experiencing right now.

To guide you on how to know the real cause of your Baldness please watch this video:

2. Find Some Ways to Cure it (even just a little at a time)

After knowing the cause or the root of the Hair Loss that you are experiencing right now, you should now know the products that you should use to bring them back even just a little at a time.

rogaine-hair-loss-treatment-menYou have consulted your doctor and he/she prescribed drugs or medications like Rogaine(Minoxidil) that you can use to boost the growth of your Hair.

Also, the doctor should not be the only one to work on or the one to figure out what things or products that you can use to cure or prevent the sudden Hair Loss you are experiencing right now.

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This video will guide as to whether Rogaine is effective or not and how to use it properly.

3. Have a Short Haircut

Isn’t it ironic? You are losing your hair yet I am still advising you to go and have a haircut. I am not kidding here, seriously.

I am not telling you to have a haircut that can emphasize the area on your head that loses the most hair. You should have a haircut that can lessen that awful look of your baldness.

short-hair-cut-style-baldness-menLike for example, a not too short but not too long hair cut. You should go to your barber and try some awesome yet short haircuts. Don’t be afraid to ask your barber or your haircut specialist on what kind of haircut can be compatible with your current state.

I am very sure that they will be very happy because they are the ones you asked for help regarding the hair styles that can help you boost your confidence even at a state that you are experiencing right now.

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4. Rock That Wig

This will make your creative minds more creative as possible. Wearing a Wig or a Toupee is not that simple like what you see on your television at home.

Wearing it is not just putting it in your head and going out to have a party or to have fun. You wear-wig-to-hide-baldnessshould also pick the right color (brown, black, red, blue etc.)and the style (curly, straight etc.)so that your fake hair will not look like a fake one when you are wearing it on your daily life.

Wearing a wig while making your way downtown is a big recommendation for those people who still want to go with the trend even though they have this kind of illness happening on their body (specifically in their head).

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5. Embrace Your Baldness

This is the most recommended thing to do out of several tip out there. Just embrace it.

If wearing a Wig and showcasing it to everyone while confidently walking your way downtown is the most confident way to accept Hair Loss gracefully.

Embracing it is the bravest of them all. Without anything on your head, waking downtown, having the confidence and showing people who even though you are losing your hair, you still have the braveness and confidence to make other people see that you are beautiful or handsome inside and out.

Don’t mind if people will judge you by your hair condition, you and I are unique and use that uniqueness to showcase what you really look like inside and out.

6. Don’t Compare Yourself to Others

Always comparing yourself to others cannot just lead you to more consciousness regarding your Hair Loss but it will also guide you to depression.

Stop comparing yourself because like what I have discussed in number 5, each and every one of us is unique. Don’t pity yourself because you don’t have a rich black straight hair like your best friend, don’t be depressed because you don’t have a steady and waxed brown hair like your office mate.

You are what you are. You are created for a reason, you are created with different looks and hair style than the others because you are unique.

So can you just stop going in the corner and leaving the world behind and start socializing with other people especially with the people who have the same case like yours.

And you should always remember that you are not the only one who have flaws in them, every one of us have.

7. Do Not Try to Hide It

If you are always wearing a baseball cap or any other cap in your head, it will look like your head is filled with something gooey and very, very dirty thing.

The more you hide your Bald Head, the more people will try to unveil it and it will be more horrible than you ever think.

You are a Man! And men do not run from their problems (not just men but also women) but face them and fight them.

There are plenty of hot men out there that are bald and have undergone Hair Loss.

So next time, instead of hiding it under a garment show it and after some time you and your office mates will not notice your baldness anymore.

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8. Grow Some Facial Hair

grow-facial-hair-baldness-accept-menStudy shows that growing facial hair can distract the naked eyes of men from looking at the baldness happening at the top of your head.

If you add a goatee, mustache or beard in your face, it will definitely help balance the hairs in your face.

There are plenty of people out there that grow their beard like a bush because they know that it can give them a manlier look and it will mask the real happenings at the top of your head.

This is a very Inspirational Video by Mrs. & Mr. Mperfect of how one guy learned to Embrace Baldness and be proud of it instead. It also shows how growing facial hair can help. Watch and be Inspired.

9. Try Hair Transplant

If you really are that desperate of masking the Hair Loss, you can try a very expensive treatment; Hair Transplant.

hair-transplant-male-hair-lossThis treatment encompasses the extraction of healthy Hair Follicles from the other part of your head and planting it to the part where the thinning process occurs.

This maybe painful and pricey but it will be worth it.

Please watch this Hair Transplant video from start to end for you to have an idea how it is done:

10. Purchase a Fashionable Hat

Yes you should not hide your receding hair-line from others but I didn’t say that you can’t put a cap or a Fedora to make you look cool.

If you are a fashionable man and your Hair Loss is destroying the “image” that you’ve been maintaining for a long time, you can buy a fedora or some hats that are compatible with your fashion style.

wear-fedora-hide-baldnessLike Frank Sinatra, according to legend he always wears His fedora not just for a fashion statement but because of his receding hairline.

He is a very smart person not just to make the fedora on him cool; the angles that he is making on his fedora make him smarter. Accessibility was being conveyed by a pushed back, tipped forward is giving a sense of mystery, and slightly tilted up means no-nonsense.

To sum it all up, Hair Loss is a reality. It can happen to me on you.

But even though Hair Loss hits us hard, we should learn to stand up and face it. There are plenty of ways on how you can embrace Baldness gracefully take a step one at a time and for sure you will live your life like before or better than before.

In our life, we should accept the things that come in our way let us embrace the changes because what we don’t know, these changes can lead us to more success and to a better future.

Don’t conceal but feel and let them know that you are unique, that you are handsome inside and out, that you are a winner.

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