10 Most Promising Hair Loss Cure and BaldnessTreatments for the Year 2020 and Beyond

Year 2020 Best Hair Loss and Baldness Cure

Although there have been significant progress in the search towards a cure for Hair Loss or Balding, the fruits of such research were not necessarily a cure at all levels with the condition.

Especially in the context of the Genetic factor, the issue of Balding is something that, even at the present, is irreversible and thereby has no cure, except with Transplants or Surgeries.

future-hair-loss-cureSure not all of us can easily shell out 55 Thousand Dollars easily just like Celebrities and Sports Stars, to instantly eliminate Baldness. But just around the corner, a method not so expensive yet very effective in getting rid of Hair Loss could just be waiting to be discovered.

Because of the same problem rooted in the issue of Hair Loss in relation to the genes, the pursuit to finding a solution to this problem is still on-going. Luckily, new discoveries abound as a result of this endeavor.

The following are the Top Ten most promising Hair Loss and Baldness Cure discoveries to look forward to in the Year 2020 and Beyond, with advanced Scientific Research that can be considered the future of Hair Loss Cure.

1. “Vampire Cure” Hair Solution

As it is too early to be named, partly as a result of research in its infancy, this promising research is labeled as the “Vampire Cure” which is meant to treat baldness.

vampire-prp-hair-loss-treatment-methodOriginally mentioned in an article with both Prince Harry and William as the subject, the cure is named as so because of the nature by which the procedure works – using a solution derived from one’s own blood.

The method is simple: the person who is afflicted with balding will be taken a blood sample which will be processed and used as an altogether new solution to be injected in the balding area of the head.

The said solution is said to stimulate the stem cells responsible for Hair Growth.

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This Video will show you how the Vampire Cure or Platelet Rich Plasma PRP Hair Regrowth is being done. Credits to Alan Bauman for this Video:

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2. Kerastase Densifique

French by name, Kerastase Densifique is L’Oreal’s latest “breakthrough cure” in a form of a topical cream. Although you may be able to get a salon service with the product, one can also avail solely on it with the price tag of £285 as of 2015

Kerastase-densifique-hair-loss-cureThe method requires a 3-month treatment to become effective. The breakthrough research is as a result of L’Oreal’s own scientists finding out that people who suffer Hair Loss have oxygen deficiency in their scalp’s tissue.

The cream developed basically addresses this issue by providing the scalp an oxygen-rich solution that helps Hair Follicles produce thicker hairs and reawaken those that are still existing.

Kerastase Densifique is available for Purchase online on Amazon, and is rated high by users. Be sure to read user reviews to know what real users are saying before deciding to buy this product.

Here is a Video by Kerataseworldwide which will give you a glimpse of how this product can do wonders for you in terms of Hair Regrowth and Hair Loss Treatment.

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3. Biomimetic Mesotherapy

biomimetic-mesotherapy-baldness-alopeciacureThe logic behind the Biomimetic Mesotheraphy is simple: if insufficiency in Vitamins and Minerals are the cause of Hair Thinning, then directly injecting the needed Vitamins and Minerals may be the best Hair Loss Treatment.

The main idea is to stimulate the natural regeneration process of the Hair on the Scalp. Each session of Biomimetic Mesotheraphy costs $532 per session and requires 7 treatments to be given once every week.

This method is said to be most effective if there are still hairs left on the scalp.

4. Low-Level Laser Therapy (LLLT)

Lasers are fast becoming part of our homes and lives and Hair Loss Treatment is no exception.

Low-Level Laser Therapy (LLLT), is the latest Technology using lasers applied to the scalp which promises a high success rate comparable to Hair Transplant. Laser Baldness Treatments are available as hand-held devices you can use at home or in a clinic setting under the supervision of a Professional

laser-hair-loss-treatmentAlthough the scientific researches that prove the effectivity of Laser Light Treatment such as HairMax Laser Comb is still limited, this method is said to be effective in promoting good blood flow to the scalp and thereby promoting Hair Growth as well.

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Experts in the Medical fields agree that the use of LLT based on records from clinics across America, can be effective in the treatment of Male and Female Pattern Baldness when used alone or together with other Hair Loss Cure therapies/treatments.

Like other Baldness or Androgenic Alopecia treatments, Low-Level Laser Therapy may require regular use over a period of weeks or Months to start seeing significant results.

One very popular product you can find on Amazon is HairMax Laser Comb. Be sure to read over 85 verified customer reviews before purchasing this product.

This video by Peakvitality shows a Review of HairMax Laser Comb on the popular show the Doctors. Watch it and decide for yourself if it is the right product for you.

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5. Food Supplements

food-suppplements-for-hair-lossWhile most food supplements are not assured to be any therapeutic benefits to their consumers, there is a growing trend with regards to their intake as part of a “Healthy” lifestyle.

In matters of Hair Thinning and Hair Loss, food supplements such Phillip Kingsley’s PK4 Hair Soya Protein Capsules have the potential of becoming a Hair Loss Cure primarily because of its amino acid contents, a building block of protein which partly makes up the hair.

Food Supplements are just taken as part of you diet therefore it can be used for a long period to observe results.

Most products are protein packed Holistic Vegetarian Supplement that encourages Hair Regrowth. It promises to provide results after four months of regular use.

6. Hair Lotion

Believe it or not, there now exists a topical solution that addresses the issue of Male Pattern Baldness, a genetic factor of balding.

Under the brand name Rogaine, but also known simply as Minoxidil, this lotion displayed promising results when tested to be effective in preventing the worsening of male pattern baldness in four out of five men based on clinical trials.

7. Prescription Medication

The issue with balding is more often than not, an issue from the inside of the body. A good way of addressing it starts from the inside as well.

Oftentimes, it takes a solution in a form of medications. One such good medication developed to address the issue of Male Pattern Baldness is Finasteride, also known by brand names, Propecia and Proscar.

Developed to be a treatment to mild up to moderate cases of male pattern baldness, clinical studies have shown the effectivity of the said medications to almost 100% of test subjects after taking the medication once a day for two years.

There is not a word whether this same medication applies to women who suffers from Female Pattern Baldness.

8. Anti-Stress Hormones

mice-hair-loss-hormonesThe discovery of the idea of an “Anti-Stress Hormone” know as Astressin-B was not necessarily intentional to begin with and is only a result of another research as was conducted on mice – a study of new treatment to gastrointestinal disease.

According to the research, the treatment developed out of this accident caused bald mice to regrow their hair while young specimens of the same species prevents premature Hair Loss.

Although it’s too early to tell if Astressin-B will have the same effects on Humans, but fundings from giant medical companies have poured in to further develop this idea.

9. Caffeine Shampoo

caffeine-hair-loss-and-growth-shampooWho would have known that caffeine, a substance responsible to the wakefulness everyone experiences when taking coffee or tea, can be used with Hair Growth?

In fact according to a study, caffeine has the potency to stimulate Weakened Hair Roots whose tests were conducted on hair roots coming from genetically predisposed subjects.

Apart from such discovery, it was also found out that the caffeine found in the shampoo used with the test is said to form a protection against the harmful of testosterone to hair.

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10. Scalp Oil

There is a scalp oil product that has been making a buzz in Europe, at least on paper. A product by name of Emu Oil, which is basically an extract from Emu fats, is said to be a natural solution to hair growth.

According to a six-month research, balding volunteers from Europe who underwent the research study had found that at least half of their lost hairs have regrown simply by using the product.

Try finding Emu Oil Products on Amazon and read verified user reviews.

The above are promising discoveries indeed as far as the issue of Balding is concerned. But let it be known, however, that some of what were listed here are not yet 100% proven and some are not yet 100% approved as a practice. This topic was only written to give readers ideas with the trends regarding the search for the ultimate cure to Baldness. Please do your own research or consult a Medical Professional before choosing a treatment you would want to undergo.

Have you tried using any of these Treatments? Please let us know your experience on the comments section below.

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