10 Reason Why Red Wine is Effective Against Baldness or Hair Loss

Why Red Wine?

One of the most irritating and frustrating issues of men and women is hair loss or balding. It’s extremely stressing to check your hair scattered everywhere in your floor, and you are so sick of seeing your hair strands on your pillow.

You would possibly request medical recommendations; it would leave you guesswork for it’s a no straightforward task to search out the proper remedy to reduce your main problem which is your hair loss. Luckily, there are plenty of home remedies which we can use to prevent and stop balding – Red Wine.

Red Wine
has its long history that you will trace from thousand years past; it plays a very important role in celebrating special occasions since then. Now, Red Wine is one of the top-selling products within the wine market, we tend to have it throughout necessary events, or if you made the choice to own one reception and took few sip of it on your favourite wine glass. It’s made up of soured grapes, and it gets higher with age.

There are completely different forms of wine that vary in colour and style. The most common varieties embrace metropolis, Merlot, red wine, common grape vine noir and Zinfandel.

For heavy drinkers, it’s a foul charge, which can cause some health issues. Though it gives some negative side effects in our body, it also has its positive side effect as well which often cited for it is associated with health benefits that we need. Research have shown that right intake of red wine can improve organ function and lower the risk of several diseases, including cancer and heart disease.

Medical Reference How Red Wine Helps Fight Hair Loss

You might be wondering how an alcoholic beverage like Red Wine can become helpful to fight Hair Loss. Resveratrol is a natural compound that can be found in red grapes, which is the main ingredient of red wine.

It is an antioxidant that neutralizes free radicals, which are believed to cause aging. Research for the last years has found that resveratrol can extend lifespan in worms, flies, and fishes.

A study held at Harvard University in 2006, has tested 2 old male mice, both are overweight; they gave resveratrol to one of them and have proved that resveratrol has a good effect on health and survival.

red-wine-for-hair-lossSince then, more research has been conducted on resveratrol, particularly by the Harvard group. The component has received a huge amount of publicity in the mass media and can be purchased as a supplement.

Research had proved that resveratrol is a treatment for diseases including cancer and heart attack, and it is also studied for its effectiveness in reducing the effects of aging.

Issues of Baldness and Hair Loss have something to do with age, use of Resveratrol has the potential to increase the age yet slow the progress of hair loss. A research in Archives of Biochemistry & Biophysics discovered that Resveratrol has many therapeutic effects on diseases and disorders, including those of the skin.

It has a good effect on our skin and hair, it shows good promise that we need. Your hair follicles are within your dermis, a layer of your skin organ.

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Poor health over our skin and hair has a tendency for your hair follicle not to function normally that can lead to conditions like hair loss and baldness.

The Resveratrol and its component has good role that helps promote our skin and hair, and helps our body to function well and have the ability to grow hair.

If you’re not convinced yet, here are 10 reasons why Red Wine is effective in fighting Baldness or Hair Loss

 1. Better UV Protection

Sunlight contains ultraviolet radiation; going out in the sun without any protection can make your hair dry and frizzy.

Use Red Wine to treat your hair by rinsing it thoroughly to your hair, do this on a regular basis, because it offers protection against the radiation of the ultraviolet light from the sun.

2. Fights Dandruff

Dandruff is the most common hair issue that always bothers you. It irritates and makes your scalp itchy. Drinking a glass of wine in a daily basis provides better flow of blood which strengthens your blood vessels and prevents dandruff from coming back.

3. Rejuvenates Damaged Hair

Red Wine contains essential nutrients that make it an ideal choice of repairing and rejuvenating damaged hair. If you have a hard time dealing with your damaged hair, applying red wine into your hair is a great solution for you.

4. Excellent Conditioner

There are many remedies in conditioning your hair, instead of mixing different sticky ingredient. Rinse your hair with red wine and it will leave you bouncy, healthy and beautiful hair in no time.

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5. Promotes Health of Hair Follicles

Hair Follicles play an important role in our scalp; you have to make it healthy and strong for this has a huge effect on your hair. If you have unhealthy hair follicles, drinking wine will help you consume nutrients that make your follicles healthy.

6. Prevents Aging Of Your Hair

Red Wine is rich in bioflavonoid that helps the growth of keratin and improves protein in your hair. Nutrients present in red wine help your hair fights aging.

7. Prevents Dull Hair

Use it just like any other hair solution; rinse it with Red Wine and it will make your hair healthy like newly treated hair.

8. Strengthens Your Hair

Because of the essential nutrients that can be found in red wine, drinking it on a regular basis and applying it to your hair will give you a stronger and healthier hair strands.

9. Fights Free Radicals

Red Wine’s main ingredient contains resveratrol that improves our body functions and it interrupts the free radicals and reverses its effect on our body that helps us prevent serious diseases.

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10. Provides Antioxidants

Red Wine also provides anti-oxidants, these components gave great effects into our system, that also makes our immunity stronger and help us to maintain healthy living.

5 Best Red Wine Products for Hair Loss

We have learned the benefits that red wine can offer, on how it helps our body and how it makes our health better. What do you think if you’ll have products made up of red wine? This will absolutely be an awesome idea, knowing it will surely be safe and really effective for it has a lot of health benefits to offer.

Here some of the products that contain red wine and help you fight hair loss:

1. Pure Shine Red Wine Essence Hair Mask

It is a good product that you can have and use to treat your hair especially if you are experiencing hair loss. You can just apply it to your hair and leave it for 15 to 20 minutes, then rinse thoroughly; you can immediately feel and see changes in your hair.


2. Global Wine Conditioner

Just like any other conditioner, you can apply it to your hair after shampooing it and leave it for few minutes and rinse well. Red wine contains nutrients that help improve your hair.

3. Vine de la vie Leave-in styling Elixir

Vine-De-La-Vie-Vin-D'or-Leave-in-Elixir-It is proven to be 20 times more powerful than vitamin C and 50 times more powerful than vitamin E in its ability to repair each hair strand from base to ends.

Vine de la vie can transform your hair that is damaged by chemicals, styling tools, and heat of the sun, into a ravishing lively hair, it provides protection from free radicals and sodium, sulphate.

It is also cruel-free.

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 4. Vine de la vie Red Wine Shampoo

This product is made up of a red wine that is rich in polyphenol that offers numerous benefits, and it is also can heal damages, boost strength, detoxify and neutralize oxidation in your hair.

This gives you the softest, strongest and least brassy hair ever.

 5. Montoya Cabernet Sauvignon

It is one of the best red wines in the wine market. The texture of this Cabernet red wine is a bit tough and tart. It is said to a vintage wine that is naturally impressive and intense. It would be pleasing to have a sip from one of the finest red wine that also provides a positive effect on your body that will greatly help you while enjoying every sip.

Please watch this Video by BeautyKLove explaining how Red Wine can help you reduce the effects of Baldness or Hair Loss


We might think that Red Wines are just for drinking during special occasions and to jazz up with your dinner. You might be surprised about those things that you discovered about the red wine, its properties, and content and how helpful it is to fight against baldness and hair fall.

There are many types of red wine to choose from. Drinking wine moderately on a daily basis improves our health and helps us prevents serious diseases in the future, and most especially it helps us prevent hair loss and baldness as we get older.

Hard working people should have a glass of wine at night because this helps fight stress. Scientific studies had proven that it also elongates lifespan to a certain extent and also improves not only physical but as well as mental health.

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