10 Reasons Why Ginger Can Help Fight Hair Loss in Men and Women

What is in Ginger?

We have heard from word of mouth, read articles, and seen videos about how Ginger has been known ever since the old times as both a spice and a herbal medicine.

ginger-benefits-for-baldness-and-hair-lossGinger is a flowering plant which belongs to the species family called Zingiberaceae. Also in this family are turmeric, cardamom, melegueta pepper, among others. This species once grows in wild areas only but presently, it can already be grown anywhere especially in the tropical areas.

Dubbed as herbal medicine, ginger is famous as a natural healer for respiratory and blood circulation complications, indigestion, bacterial infection, and nausea. Another common remedy associated to ginger is on hair treatment; ginger is known to have many benefits for hair care and cure, particularly for hair loss.

When talking about natural remedies for hair loss, ginger would always be one of the top recommendations. Why is that so? Let us get to know all the reasons why ginger is actually an effective hair loss fighter.

Top 10 Reasons Why Ginger is Effective:

1. Blood flow agent

Ginger has a compound called gingerol that can function as agents for proper blood flow stimulation. This stimulation helps in the blood circulation on the scalp thus allows the growth or rebirth of new hair follicles.

2. Vitamins and Minerals for hair strength

Ginger naturally has magnesium, potassium, phosphorous, and vitamins in its nutrition make-up.  These vitamins and minerals aid in strengthening the hair follicles.

This strength allows the hair to have stronger structure and stronger grip to the scalp hence lessens the possibility of hair loss.

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3. Antimicrobial properties against dandruff

ginger-to-cure-dandruffUndoubtedly, dandruff is a huge factor in Hair Loss. Dandruffs are shedded dry dead skin cells from the scalp. While shedding off skin, dandruff could also eventually shed off hair.

Dandruffs are caused by bacteria and/or fungi. Ginger, on the other hand, has antiseptic antimicrobial properties which can kill these dandruff-causing elements; when dandruff is prevented, consequently, hair loss is controlled.

4. Prevents split ends development

Split ends are also factors in hair weakening and later on, falling. They are a manifestation of an unhealthy, dirty hair follicle structure. Thanks again to ginger which can either prevent split ends from developing or heal the presence of any existing split ends.

5. Fatty acids for hair nourishment

Ginger also contains chains of fatty acids which act as agents for keeping the solidness and firmness of the hair structure. They are also responsible for preventing the hair from thinning. This consequently helps in fighting against hair loss because solid, firm, thick hair is not prone to loss.

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6. Health Care and Nutrition for the Scalp

Ginger has both prevention and cure properties for the skin, including the skin on the hair or the scalp. These properties include antioxidants that maintain the health of the scalp as well as treating any scars or damages on it.

Both of these functions contribute to the fight against hair loss. A healthy scalp produces healthy hair, and healthy hair refuses to fall down.

7. Anti-aging for Skin and Hair


Ginger, whether taken inside the body or applying externally to the body, has anti-aging benefits. Its natural antioxidants properties also prevent free radical damage and protect against aging.

This helps in keeping both the skin and the hair youthful and even-toned. Youthful, well-toned scalp and hair are huge factors in the prevention of both hair breakage and hair loss.

8. Conditioner for Dry Hair

Sooner or later dry hair would end up being weak and therefore leads to breakage or falling out. Ginger also has properties that act as hair conditioner.

These properties make hair softer. Aside from being soft, fragrance and shine are also part of ginger’s end product as hair conditioner.

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9. Assimilates Essential Nutrients

Ginger is well-known as an effective instrument for proper digestion. It has the ability to activate digestive juices which are responsible not just for proper and clear digestion but also for assimilating nutrients from the food and drinks being taken inside the body.

Proper food transportation and nutrient absorption are both essential to health. When our body is able to absorb nutrients well, out hair can also get the right nutrients it needs for healthy growth and development.

10. Hair and Scalp illness warrior

ginger-hair-loss-cureThe Hair and Scalp are prone to various kinds of diseases, infections, or complications that trigger hair loss.  To counter this, ginger has various properties which help the immune system in its function as protector against these diseases.

The manganese and calcium chemicals found in ginger support the immune system by resisting many kinds of diseases and/or maintaining the system’s good condition.

Ginger’s natural warming properties help the body in facilitating toxin accumulation as well as lymphatic system cleansing. These particular activities are helpful not just for the hair and scalp but also for the entire immune system in general.

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The Bottom Line:

This 10 list of proof for Ginger as a natural Hair caretaker for both Men and women goes to show that this plant has a lot to offer to the physical well-being of humans. Its thousands of years of existence as herbal medicine also proves its undying reputation in the world of medical, health, and nutrition.

The list could go on and on for ginger’s health and nutrition benefits. The list above is just for hair; how much more for the other parts of the human body? Well maybe it is now time to include some fresh ginger on your next grocery shopping list!

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