10 Reasons Why Sunflower Seed Oil is Effective Against Hair Loss

What is Sunflower Seed Oil?

sunflower-seed-oil-for-hair-lossYou may be encountering problems with your hair like Hair Loss, Balding, and Itchiness. You are constantly searching for hair loss-fighting formulas without knowing  that natural oil helps our hair to stay strong and healthy.

Most people know about the lively beautiful Sunflower that can be found all over the world. You might not immediately think of it as sources of healthy Oil that can replace your common cooking oil at home. Sunflower oil is a non-volatile oil extracted from the seeds of the sunflower.

Traditionally, in some countries, it’s used for cooking food, and sometimes for cosmetics. It is the beneficial composition that makes it one of healthiest oil that we could actually use for our everyday living.

Sunflower is rich in vitamins like A, C and E, and minerals like iron and potassium. And it has a huge number of benefits. Though it includes fatty content, it is now well-known to be beneficial in our health such us Cardiovascular benefits, prevents arthritis, prevention of cancer, lowers cholesterol, and repairs our body tissues.

Medical Reference on How Sunflower Seed Oil Helps Fight Hair Loss

sunflower-seed-oil-for-baldnessNatural Oils are known to be helpful in treating and preventing serious diseases like heart attack, and cancer. Sunflower had been used as food, medicine, and for other purposes. Sunflower Seeds are rich in vitamins and nutrients that are hard to seek.

This oil made it to the top 10 list of healthiest food rich in B vitamins (like thiamine, selenium, and phosphorus), Vitamin E and copper.

Some studies suggested that Sunflower Seed Oil has anti-inflammatory properties. It is also a good source of essential fatty acids; in form of linoleic acid that is used naturally for treating essential fatty acid deficiency that immediately reverses the effect of the disease and it is greatly absorbed by our body.

This also helps maintain the skin barrier and decreases the water loss in our skin.

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The Study:

Organic-Sunflower-Seed-OilThere is rather awesome and somewhat fascinating line of proof for the skin barrier enhancing the content of the sunflower seed oil. A study is conducted where 497 pre-term infants considered with the high risk of septic infection had given three times application of sunflower seed oil daily, versus common care and versus petroleum-based moisturizer to see if improving the skin barrier would prevent the systemic disease.

The sunflower seed oil undeniably reduces sepsis by 41%, it is notably a better treatment and the same effect as a petroleum-based moisturizer, but with lesser cost. It is also tested to 19 adults who apply olive oil on one arm and sunflower seed oil on the other for a month. The result shows that olive oil worsened the function of the barrier and they became prone to erythema, on the other hand, sunflower seed oil did not cause erythema and maintain the skin barrier and improves the hydration.

These series of research and experiments provide a line of evidence that sunflower seed oil is indeed safe and useful. And with the sunflower seed oil’s natural properties, it helps us to improve and stimulates hair growth, and prevents causes of baldness and hair loss that is surely safe at a fraction of a cost.

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10 Reasons Why Sunflower Seed Oil is Effective for Balding and Hair Loss

 1. It Is Safe

After several studies and experiments, sunflower seed oil was used by a lot of people for treating and preventing diseases, no records have been shown that there is a negative side effect.

2. Low Cost

Knowing that it is a natural remedy that we can use to treat and prevent serious diseases, it is easy to find and don’t cost much because we just have it around the kitchen and buy it in groceries.

3. Easy To Use

Unlike the other kind of oils, without fixing any kind of ingredients you can just simply apply sunflower seed oil on your hair and massage.

4. It Can Moisturize Our Skin

Its natural properties that contain essential nutrients help us to maintain healthy and hydrated skin.

5. It Enhances Blood Circulation

Through applying sunflower seed oil on our hair, it improves your blood circulation as well as enhances the nourishment of your hair follicles that gives the great result on your hair.

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6. It Provides Antioxidants

Sunflower seed oil provides antioxidants that fight components that damage our skin and hair, where it fight and interrupt the process of hair loss and improves skin conditions.

7. Acts As Emollient

Emollient lubricating and thickening agents, that are used to help manage dry skin conditions and it has a softening effect and also prevents water loss.

8. It Contains Good Fatty Acid

It contains a fatty acid called linoleic acid, that is essential to your hair health, according to the book of Spencer David Kobrin, entitled “The Truth about Women Hair Loss: What Really Works for Treating and Preventing Hair Loss”, from both male and female hair loss pattern as well as alopecia.

9. Rich In Essential Vitamins And Minerals

The Sunflower seed oil contains vitamins and minerals that provide your scalp and hair nutrients that it needs to provide elongated strong hair strands and healthy scalp.

10. It Reverses The Effects Of Radicals That Damage Your Hair

Sunflower seed oil doesn’t just protect your skin and hair it also supplements your hair and can reverse the cellular damage in your hair follicles and even improve its function.

Best Sunflower Seed Oil Products:

 1. Sunflower Seed Cooking Oil

Maybe you just ignore the fact that it contains nutrients that we need having it around the corner in our kitchen is a good thing, ensuring what we eat also contains nutrients that we actually need that help us prevent serious disease in the future. Sunflower seed oil is very common in the market that isn’t hard to find.

2. Sunflower Seed Oil Pills

sunflower-seed-vitamins-01If you are not into cooking and you don’t have time on applying Sunflower seed oil on your skin or hair, then you can have these pills where you can just have a pill a day and you have the nutrients that your body need.

Sunflower seed oil is now extremely common that is why it is now easy to find a capsule that contains sunflower seed oil combined with other natural and beneficial ingredients.

You may go to your favorite local store that can help you to find what you need, whether combined capsule or pure sunflower oil pills.

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3. Tigi S Factor Serious Conditioner With Sunflower Seed Oil 

Since Sunflower seed oil has a great effect on your hair, it is an awesome idea if you will have and use it us your conditioner, this contains a polymer with amino acids that smooths and shines hair, it also conditions, strengthens, and protect your hair colour.

4. Sunflower Seed Oil Supplement

Whole-Earth-&-Sea--Sunflower-Vitamin-EIt is just an easy and effortless to take Sunflower seed oil as your supplement combined with other beneficial ingredients that help you provide nutrients that you need especially for your hair and skin. Just like any other supplement is ways to find you can just go to your local natural store that may help you find and provide what you need.

5. Sunflower Beauty Oil

Having it as one of your beauty products is a good thing for your health especially for your skin. You just have to pour it on your finger and gently massage it into your face; it moisturizes and hydrates your skin as well. It also repairs your skin and lightens your scars, and help improves your wrinkled appearance. Why would you use different products that hurt your skin, if you can just have it in the safest most natural way?

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Sometimes simple things can do huge benefits, like the sunflower seed oil. It has far reached a range of good effect for health, skin, and hair, sunflower seed oil is considered as one the top healthiest natural oils and is widely preferred over other heavier oils including coconut, almond, safflower and olive oils.

However, to obtain its benefits, it is suitable to consume it in small quantities as it has some related side effects.

Over consumed amount of sunflower seed oil can increase blood sugar and raise the possibility of developing atherosclerosis (hardening of arteries) in people suffering from type 2 diabetes. Because of its high content of omega-6 fatty acids, much or above normal consumption may cause breast and prostate cancer in the stage of post-menopausal women. An appropriate dose of this oil should be taken after examining factors such as age, health, and other conditions. It is required to see a physician before using natural products.

Safe, effective, low-cost, and widely available, sunflower oil obtained a reasonable consideration for any patient with damaged skin barrier, and that there is no record of negative side effect of sunflower seed oil like sunflower allergy. While many things still need to resolve, including the linoleic acid versus oleic acid content, the regularity of application, and perhaps the concealed skin issues, sunflower seed oil has been used for perfectly some time and will

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