10 Surefire Ways to Prevent Hair Loss After Pregnancy

Preventing Hair Loss After Pregnancy

 Hair Loss is a major problem in almost every people around the world.

There are many causes, reasons and factors that affect how people lose their Hair.

And unluckily, even though Women don’t have a huge percentage for them to lose their Hair like Men, they still have a risk to start balding especially after giving birth to their infants. This is also know as Postpartum Alopecia.

preventing-hair-loss-after-pregnancyThere are unwanted effects after Pregnancy like darkening of underarms etc. but one of the feared one is Hair Loss but don’t be scared or whatsoever, there are ways you can do to prevent Hair Loss after you gave birth to your little angels:

1. Choose The Best Product for Your Hair

Women are the crowning glory of their respected families. They are the forever queen of their husbands and children, so as a queen they always take care of their Hair like there’s no tomorrow.

They wash their Hair with shampoos and conditioners; put some hair oils for it to be shiny and not dry.

But this I tell you, you can’t just wash your hair with cheap and not so trusted brands or put some hair care products of brands you don’t really know.

You are the queen; you should be the one who have the eyes for the quality of a certain product. You are the one who meticulously look and choose the best product for your family so you should also do that on the products you use on your hair especially after pregnancy.

2. Change Your Hairstyle

Didn’t you know that changing your hairstyle can also prevent hair loss especially after giving birth?

Studies say that changing your hair style or let’s just say shortening your hair by taking a professional haircut can help to prevent hair loss because it can refresh your hair to grow more.

Also, it’s not bad to change your hair style? It will not just help you to stop prevent hair loss but also it can make you more blooming as a queen. Who doesn’t like that right?

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3. Eat Healthy

how-to-prevent-hair-loss-after-pregnancyEating Healthy Food in your everyday life-like green leafy vegetables, fruits and natural juices can always make you healthy, not just to prevent Hair Loss but also to improve your overall body health.

Don’t just focus on the outside things or products that you should do to prevent hair loss but also focus inside.

Focus on what you eat and drink because it is a major factor on how your hair and your whole body will react.

Let’s say that you just got a new haircut and have chosen the best product for your hair, if you don’t eat healthy those things mentioned above will be a waste.

The change starts from the inside, you should focus more on staying fit and healthy than using products that can make or break your hair causing you hair loss forever.

4. Use a Widely Spaced Comb

For some people, using a narrow spaced teeth comb is a must for their everyday lives but if you want to prevent Hair Loss especially after pregnancy, you should use the widely spaced one.

It can comb your hair smoothly and gently because of its widely spaced teeth. Also, if you’re doing the 100 strokes comb on your hair routine every night, do it with a widely spaced comb so that hairs will not be pulled off your scalp.

Just a quick tip: After taking a bath, blow dry your hair first before combing it because combing your hair while it’s wet can lead to hair loss because your hair is more fragile when it’s wet so you don’t want to mess with something when it’s fragile right?

Before going any further with the other ways to Prevent Hair Loss after Pregnancy, here is a video by Carolyn Evans that you must watch:

5. Be Careful With The Heat

When you have a hair curler, straightener or any other Hair Care machines that will expose your Hair on high heat, just do it once or twice a month because too much exposure with heat can cause your Hair to be thinner and then break.

Do you want to straighten your Hair because there’s a special party that you want to attend to?

Then you can use a straightener or curler to make your crowning glory wonderful.

But if you’re just going on a park or a mall, keep your hair as natural as possible because exposing it often to heat can lead you to major hair loss especially after pregnancy.

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6. Don’t Stress Out

After giving birth, there are plenty of stresses to conquer especially your new-born angel. You need to buy this and buy that then buy another of this and that.

There is a free and effective way to prevent freaking out because of stress: breathe.

Just inhale those good vibes then exhale those stresses.

It will not just stop you to think of those things but it is also good for your overall body health.

Stress can lead a lot of Hair Loss, it’s just a temporary one (telogen effluvium) but if it’s not prevented or cured, it can lead to a life long hair loss.

 7. Vitamins Intake

Instead of relying on the Vitamins given by the fruits and vegetables that you eat, support it by a daily intake of Vitamins C, D etc. It will not just prevent you to lose some hair but also it will enhance your immune system to prevent any other diseases.

8. Color Your Hair

This maybe not be backed up instantly by science but it can add up on your overall feature as a woman.

There are other doctors who recommend coloring Women’s Hair for them not to lose more hair.

You can do it too, go to a salon for a more professional and good-looking new hair color.

9. Avoid Braiding Too Tight

This is a major reminder for those Women who don’t want their Hair covering their faces or something. When you’re braiding your Hair, it should be in a tight but not too tight situation. Don’t over pull your hair when you’re about to ponytail it.

Comb it so that it can be more organized and not messy.

Other women especially the neat-type, always tie their hair tight so no hair will fall distract them from what they’re doing.

An example of this is the sporty women who always braid their hairs so they can play freely without knowing that this habit can lead them to lose their hair especially after giving birth.

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10. Avoid Harsh Treatments

Hot Oil Treatment? Permanent curling? Be cautious when doing these kinds of treatments to your hair.

Don’t you know that too much heat exposure can lead you to hair loss? What more if you’re always doing harsh treatment on your hair? Then it will be as double as you think.

After giving birth and taking a new haircut, you’ve decided to have a treatment on your trusted salon then after the treatment you saw your hair falling out.

What am I telling you here? Be careful on the things that you do to your Hair. It can make it or break it especially after pregnancy.



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