10 Ways to Prevent Alopecia Areata and Hair Loss Due to Stress

Alopecia Areata Can Be Prevented by Fighting Stress

 You have probably heard about how Stress can be taxing to one’s body. While Stress is a concept that is inherently felt and something which happens naturally to each and every person, it is not without its signs and symptoms once occurred or are occurring.

beat-stress-to-fight-baldnessKnowing people to be stressed is rather obvious: they looked older than their age, they appear upset, and even have shorter tempers than people who are otherwise.

Yet, more alarming for many is that stress at high levels, can also pose more symptoms than just the mentioned – over time, a disease may occur, if not about a more apparent condition such as Alopecia Areata (bald patches) or general Hair Loss.

Luckily, as Stress is a condition that is reversible and manageable with proper lifestyle, other conditions arising from its occurrence like the mentioned (Alopecia Areata and Hair Loss), are also reversible, even preventable.

The following are the 10 ways you can do in order to prevent suffering Alopecia Areata and general Baldness or Hair Loss as a result of stress:

1. Get Enough Time of Sleep

get-enought-sleep-to-get-rid-alopecia-areataMany take sleep for granted and pay on its toll as a result. Sleep-deprived individuals are easily and more stressed than people who get enough sleep at night.

One way of preventing oneself from getting too stressed is by having enough time for sleep, especially at night-time.

While how long a person should sleep may vary according to age, an average adult may require at least 7 hours of sleep for the person to feel rested.

2. Have a Healthy Diet

eat-healthy-to-fight-alopeciaA healthy diet does not just make for a healthy hair and scalp, it also helps our bodies deal with stress because of the needed energy it provides which keeps the balance within ourselves. But with poor nutrition, our bodies go through distress which generates a condition whose likely symptom would be Hair Loss.

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3. Be Active

exercise-to-treat-alopecia-areataWhen you Exercise, your body releases chemicals which makes you feel good once released in the bloodstream like Endorphins, known as the “happy hormones.”

Apart from keeping you fit and healthy, exercise is also correlated to a Healthier Mind for its ability to alleviate Emotional Stress. People who live an active lifestyle are not just healthier, they are also happier and less stressed than their sedentary counterparts.

4. Consult Your Doctor

Doctors are not always just for the sick, they are also for the ill. If you do not have anyone in your social circle to open up to, many people choose instead a doctor whom they could talk to of their problems.

Doctors, such as a therapist, are more than just professional individuals to confide with, they also offer advises that may benefit your condition.

However, the main point for consulting your doctor, at this rate, is to release the tension from within you and find logical solutions to the problem you are confiding.

5. Have Needed Rest

When not in resting mode, our bodies exert effort in order to function and is usually the case especially among many wake individuals, especially working individuals who are up most times of the day go home tired and spent.

But even simple activities like watching movies, playing video games, or reading books, puts toil on our bodies and are not considered a means of rest.

A rest is when you put yourself in a state where little to no information is processed in your head and having a sense of genuine relaxation.

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6. Know Your Medications

Not all medications are good for you. Some may even cause you to lose Hair as you consume them without you even being aware. Know your medications and see if any of those you take have such an effect on you.

Your case of Hair Loss aggravates when there is a factor that contributes to its severity like a chemical reaction which occurred from the medication you consume.

7. Think Positive, Be Positive

be-positive-fight-baldnessAn optimist sees the positive things on almost everything and are always hopeful for the better. This is in stark contrast to a pessimist who sees the bad from most things, especially on the bad. In the end, an optimist feels good on himself than a pessimist who worries.

As much as possible, adopt a positive mindset and everything about you would be made positive as well regardless of circumstances.

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8. Rehabilitate

Whether you have gone through child delivery, surgery, or an accident, your body goes through a physiologic change all of which requires rehabilitation, both physically and emotionally.

Take ample of time of rest to rehabilitate and free yourself from the stress of any of those conditions.

 9. Dietary Supplement

Daily-Dietary-Supplements-and-Vitamins-for-hair-lossHaving a balanced diet can be a struggle for many as we do not stick to a single set of menu of foods to eat throughout our lives. For many whose diet is fixated towards the idea of variety instead of being formative about it, our diet oftentimes ends up incomplete in proper nutrients, even unhealthy.

What your diet cannot sustain, you can make up with a supplement.

Taking Dietary Food Supplements in line with your healthy diet makes for a perfect combination for a healthy lifestyle which beats up stress.

10. Reduce Body Inflammation

Alopecia Areata is a condition which thrived from inflammation in the body and whose severity is reduced, if not eliminated, by treating the inflammation as its root.

Although simple in logic, an inflammation from within the body requires a multi-faceted approach which involves diet, detoxification, and healthy lifestyle.


Losing hair resulting from the condition of Alopecia Areata is a serious problem which has affected many people. Yet, as a condition which is inherent in nature and likely as a result of our own faulty lifestyle, Alopecia Areata and general Hair Loss can be managed and is best done at its early onset to prevent severity.

With stress as the pointed culprit, preventing the mentioned medical condition may be easier than we thought it would be knowing only on how to manage our stresses.



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