10 Ways You Can Use Neem Oil for Hair Growth to Cure Hair Loss

What is Neem?

Unlike the Aloe Vera plant which is a shrub that we’ve discussed before, Neem is a tree which has plenty of uses from its roots to its leaves.

neem-tree-for-hair-lossNeem Tree usually comes from the country of India which is also a part of a medicinal tradition called Ayurvedic (a popular cultural medicine in India).

The Neem tree’s different parts are used for basic medication, for agriculture and most of all for cosmetics which also includes the hair.

The Neem leaves are the one that we will talk about more in this article because we are focusing on Hair Growth; the leaves produce Neem Oil which is used for different medicinal purposes.

People in India do not worry about the over usage of Neem Oil and leaves for their cultural medicine because the said tree is a super-fast growing tree that grows and grows every single day giving the people more supplies of natural home remedies.

Neem leaves and oil don’t have any side effects that is a good thing for the people who use it every single day.

Why Use Neem Leaves for Hair Loss?

There are many reasons why we should use Neem Oil on our Hair:

1. Healthier Hair Strands

neem-leaves-for-hair-loss-and-hair-growthWhen we put Neem Oil on our Hair once a day, we will expect a massive amount of improvement on our Hair Strands.

The fatty acids and antioxidants that are inside the Oil will nourish and moisturize our Hair and turn it from a dry strand to a shinier strand.

 2. Healthier Scalp

Upon using Neem Oil on our scalp, it will help remove the dirt and excess oil and unclog all the pores which the hair follicles use to produce massive amount of hair strands.

Neem Oil will not just help the hair-producing process faster but it will also stimulate the blood on our skin to make its flow better.

3. Hair Growth

Neem Oil will not just remove dirt and oil to unclog pores in our scalp but it also contains antioxidants that will help protect our scalp from free radicals that causes hair follicle blockage.

The antioxidants that the Neem Oil has will counterattack the Hair Thinning caused the stress and the other Hair Loss factors.

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How Does Neem Fight Hair Loss?

The Neem Oil contains plenty of nutrients that can cure the Hair Thinning and Hair Loss problems of the people who suffer Hair Loss.

1. It unclogs head pores

Like what I’ve discussed above, Neem Oil together with a herbal shampoo (it works best when combined with this) will remove all the dirty factors in our head like dandruff, hair lice and other various dirt in our scalp.

2. It disinfects our scalp

For the hair follicles in our head to function very well, it should be clean and far from free radicals that will destroy the healthy rhythm of the follicles.

Neem Oil will act like an alcohol and kill all the fungi and germs in our scalp for not just a better looking scalp but a fragrant one too.

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3. It moisturizes the hair strands and the scalp itself

A disinfected and cleaned Hair strand and scalp will not work smoothly if it is not moisturized very well.

Neem Oil has some amazing natural moisturizers that soothe the itchiness and flakiness on our scalp. Also, it makes our hair glossier that is a sign of a healthy hair.

10 Ways You can Use Neem Oil for Hair Growth


1.Neem Oil used as a Shampoo

Mix the Neem Oil directly to the shampoo bottle; every 100 ml of shampoo, add 1-5 ml of Neem Oil for an effective approach.

Lather the mixture into your hair and massage it very well to spread out the nutrients all over your head.

After a minute or two, you can wash it off with a clean water and air dry with a blower or an electric fan.

2. Neem Oil used as a Paste

Grind some dry Neem leaves and mix it with a little bit of water to create a paste.

After mixing the paste very well, apply it unto a wet hair.

Massage the paste into the hair to exfoliate the scalp and each strand effectively.

Wash your hair with clean water and a mild shampoo after 30 minutes of leaving the Neem Paste unto your hair.

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3. Neem Oil used as a Hair Conditioner

Wet your hair a little bit before using this Neem Oil Conditioner.

Apply the Neel Oil directly onto your hair and massage it from the scalp up to the tips of the Hair strands.

Make sure that all of your hair strands are covered.

Cover your head with a tolerable hot towel and leave it for 20 minutes and let the Neem Oil penetrate your hair for a glossier-looking hair.

4. Neem Oil used as a Dandruff Remover

Grind the lemon peel into dust and mix it with Neem Oil.

Massage this mixture onto your hair for straight 10-15 minutes and focus on lathering it in your scalp; make sure that the scalp is covered with this combination.

Leave the mixture in your hair for another 30 minutes and wash it off using clean water and mild shampoo (use some affordable herbal shampoo which you can buy online).

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5.Neem Oil used as an Oil Treatment

To make this oil treatment, add 2 ml-5 ml of Neem Oil with jojoba oil or carrier oil, you can also add some lavender oil to mask the smell of Neem Oil.

Massage it onto your hair for 10 minutes and don’t forget to lather it completely.

Cover with a shower cap and leave it overnight for maximum effectiveness.

The next day, wash it off when you take a bath.

6. Used  as a Pre-Shampoo Treatment

Add 1 drop of Neem Oil with Virgin Coconut Oil and mix it thoroughly.

Apply it to your hair; massage from the roots up to the tips. Leave it for an hour or two then you can start you bathing routine.

Wash off the Neem Oil Pre-Shampoo Treatment with mild herbal shampoo.

Using a Pre-Shampoo Treatment will make your hair prepared for the whole bathing routine.

7.  Used as a Hair Mask

Mix 3 tablespoons of Neem Oil, 3 tablespoons of Coconut Oil, 3 tablespoon of amla oil and, 1 tablespoon of honey in a bowl.

Put it onto your hair and massage effectively, cover it with a shower cap or with a towel and wash it off the next day with some shampoo and water.

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8. Used for Glossing Hair Strands

Apply Neem Oil with some favorite Oil onto your hair and carefully massage it well.

Don’t worry if you massage it for too long because it will help make your hair strands shinier than before.

Having a glossy and shiny hair means that you have a healthy scalps so doing this method will help you achieve that goal.

Use this mixture every other day for maximum effectiveness.

9. Neem Oil used as a Gel for Styling Hair

If you don’t want any chemical applied in your hair, you can use some Neem Oil as a Gel for styling it.

Apply the Neem Oil directly onto your hair and comb it to the wave you want.

This is only applicable for the styles that don’t need to be stiff because obviously oil only makes your hair soft right?

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10.Used for Thickening Hair

You can also use Neem Oil as a Hair thickener.

The natural nutrients and antioxidants of the Neem Oil will help your hair thickens a little at a time.

Upon using Neem Oil for everyday use, your hair will grow thicker and longer.

In this Video by InsideBeautyNo1, she will teach you how to make a DIY Neem Oil hair growth and hair loss recipe from simple ingredients. Please watch and learn.

Where to buy?

If you are not a DIY person, you can buy products on Amazon and still use the ways above to cure and prevent Hair Loss.

You can choose from thousands of products but be sure to read the reviews before purchasing something on Amazon.

The Bottom Line

Upon using Neem Oil products, everyone should be cautious.

Infants and toddlers shouldn’t use these products and consult the doctors first for any recommendations.

Neem Oil is a very effective produce of our Mother Nature and we should use this effectively.

These products will really help us defeat Hair Loss in a natural and organic way but we should not just use products with Neem Oil without consulting some specialized doctors.

Even though there are plenty of advantages of using such products, read reviews first for you not to regret at the end.

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