10 Ways You Can Use Onion and Garlic to Cure Hair Loss and Baldness

How Can Onion Fight Hair Loss?

Plenty of people around the world do not know that the Onion they use to sauté delicious food is also used to fight, cure and, defeat Hair Loss.

onion-to-fight-baldness-or-alopeciaThey didn’t think about Onion as a medium to fight Hair Loss because its smell is not good.

Onions have Sulfur intact with them that can improve blood circulation on our scalp and promote Hair Growth.

When the blood circulation became better and stayed that way, the Hair Follicles underneath our scalp will be pushed and encouraged to produce more Hair Strands.

Onions also have antibacterial content that can remove the dirt and excess oil in our hair strands and with that said, the pores will not be blocked and it will cause Hair Strands to pop-out little by little.

These antifungal properties help prevent the germs to destroy hair strands that will lead to Hair Loss.

Most of the time, people juice the onions first before applying it in their scalp and benefit from all the nutrients it has.

How can Garlic Help promote Hair Growth?

garlic-for-baldness-treatmentPeople know that Garlic helps promote Hair Growth more than onions because it is known for curing many diseases or mild wounds.

Garlic helps promote Hair Growth through its antifungal and blood circulation improver properties.

Just like the Onions, Garlic kills the bacteria and germs in our scalp and hair using its antifungal, antiviral and, antimicrobial properties.

Garlic provides nourishment on our scalp’s hair follicles that stimulates and triggers the said part to produce long and soft hair strands.

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The hair follicles are blocked by the effects of our bad diet so upon using Garlic to promote Hair Growth, we should also exercise daily and have a good diet (plenty of fiber-rich food and a lot of fruits and vegetables).

Applying Garlic onto the part of your head that is currently undergoing the balding process can help top Hair Thinning and improve blood circulation for you hair follicles can start producing hair strands again.

Just ignore the bad smell of the garlic because its Hair growing properties can mask its smell.

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What is in Onion and Garlic that can rapid Hair Growth?

onion-and-garlic-for-hair-loss-and-baldness1. Garlic and Onion have Antifungal and Antimicrobial properties.

As what I have been talking about in the first part of this article: Garlic and Onion contain germ-killing and fungi-destroying properties that kill all fungi and bacteria on our scalp.

These properties kill bacteria lingering in our scalp that sometimes make our scalp itchy causing us to scratch our head really, really hard.

2. Garlic and Onion Have a Compound called Allicin

This compound is proven to help our scalp’s blood circulation become better. Also, the circulation of our hemoglobin is also improved by applying Garlic and Onion in our scalp.

You just need to bear the pungent smell of these ingredients because even though they smell bad, their function on growing your back again is pretty good.

3. Garlic and Onion Have a Compound called Selenium

This compound can kill cancerous cells on our body so it’s also a good thing inside our body. It can also kill the dirt in our scalp like what the compound Allicin can do.

Selenium also improves hemoglobin circulation and blood circulation on our scalp and stimulates the hair follicles to pump it up and produce massive amount of Hair strands.

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10 Ways to use Onion and Garlic to Cure and Prevent Hair Loss

1.Garlic used as a Natural Oil

garlic-iol-for-hair-lossGarlic Oil  not extracted directly from garlic but it is minced first and mixed with other essence oil for more effectiveness and sweet aroma.

To create this Natural Oil, you should use a knife to chop or mince the garlic then put it in a small container together with Lavender Oil and Almond Oil then let it be in that way for 1 week; refrigerate the mixture so it will not rancid.

You can also buy this online if you do not want the hassle of missing and chopping Garlic.

One very popular brand which has positive reviews is Dr. Christopher’s Original Formulas Oil. Check it out on Amazon.

Please make sure to read carefully the reviews as this product may be effective for other but not for you.

2. Garlic Used as Shampoo

  • nutrine-garlic-shampoo-conditioner-combo-set-unscentedMix the Garlic Oil in your shampoo bottle and mix it well. The smell will be bad so you need to add some honey for a sweet smell and for moisturizing effect.
  • Also add some Ginger to soothe and relax your hair and scalp effectively.
  • Just remember that you should use this Garlic Shampoo only twice a month (Choose a day on the second week of the month and last week of the month) because it can irritate your hair if used every day.

You can also buy this online. Nutrine Garlic Shampoo is one of the more Popular Garlic Shampoos with decent reviews:

3.Garlic used as a White Hair Preventing Oil

  • Mince and finely chop the garlic first together with black pepper granules in a small bottle.
  • When you’re done mixing the two perfectly, start adding some coconut oil with it so turn it into a White Hair Preventing Oil. To apply this mixture, just put some oil onto the bald spot on your scalp and massage it lightly and fast. Do this procedure once or twice a week so your scalp will not have any wounds as an effect or irritation.

4. Garlic used as Raw Garlic for Hair Growth

  • If you don’t want any procedure to happen, just crush the garlic and put its juice in a small bottle or container.
  • After collecting some juices from the garlic, just apply it onto the balding spot in your head; make sure that you cover all the affected spots so the hair growth will be even.
  • After a few minutes, wash it of your scalp with clean water.

5. Garlic Used as Hair Promoting Pills

pure-and-potent-garlic-allium-sativum-supplemenThis is not a Do-It-Yourself Pill which you can do at home.

You can buy this Garlic Pills at the nearest local drugstore in your town.

These pills are orally taken so this will be more effective than just any other liniment.

Garlic Hair Promoting Pills should be taken only once a day for a better result and only drink this for only one month; after 30 days of drinking these pills you should stop start using liniments which you can also buy online like Amazon.

6. Onion and Rum Hair Concoction

If you like the smell of rum, you can definitely do this mixture.

  • Finely chop some onions and soak it in 1 bottle of rum. Just leave the rum overnight with the onions for better mixture.
  • The next day, using a strainer, strain the onions out of the rum and start applying the concoction to your scalp.
  • Just wait for some minutes then you can start washing off the concoction out of your hair.

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7. Onion used as a Hair Rinse

  • Finely chopped 4-5 onions using a knife then soak it in a 1 liter of water.
  • Boil the mixture in a high heat stove for 10-12 minutes for maximum effectiveness.
  • Cool down the mixture for an hour or two so your scalp will not get burnt.
  • You can use this hair rinse after you took a shower; rinse your head and scalp with the mixture and if you don’t mind the smell, you can wash the hair rinse at night.

8. Onion and Honey Hair Growing Serum

  • Adding honey to the mixture will mask the smell of the onion, thanks to the sweet aroma of the honey.
  • Juice the onions using a juicer or you can manually do it by crushing it into your palm then put it in a small container.
  • Add honey depending on how sweet the mixture you want it to be, and mix it well.
  • Apply this everyday onto your scalp for 10 minutes then wash it off using clean water. Just see the difference after each day of doing this procedure.

9. Onion used a Shampoo Add-on

  • Just like garlic, you can also add onions on your favorite Herbal Shampoo.
  • Just juice the onions into ¼ cup then add it into the shampoo bottle; mix it well and you now have a Hair-growing shampoo.
  • Just use it like a regular shampoo; lather and massage it from your scalp, the roots of your hair strands up to its tips for a glorious effect.

10. Onion and Garlic in your Recipes

We should not just focus on the outside cures but also we should cure Hair Loss inside our body.

Add plenty of Garlic and Onions into your dishes everyday so the Hair Promoting powers of the two will go inside your body and help improve the circulation all of blood and hemoglobin from your scalp into your toes.

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Please Watch this Videos showing you how to use garlic and Onion to fight Hair Loss.

Video Credit: Endhairloss.Eu

Video Credit: Babilon Kay

The Bottom Line

Garlic and Onions have huge effect when used into your scalp and hair to promote Hair Growth but like every Hair-growing product, they have pros and cons:

PROS: These two can help improve the circulation of the Hemoglobin on our body and that will stimulate our Hair Follicles to produce more hair strands.

Also, they kill germs and bacteria on our scalp through their antifungal, antiviral, and antimicrobial properties.

CONS: Although they kill germs and stuff on our scalp, overusing garlic and onion on our scalp can lead to irritation, rancidness, and if pressed hard on the scalp – Traction Alopecia.

So upon using these two to fight Hair Loss, we should be wary of their advantages and disadvantages.

So use it with your own risk and just follow the instructions I gave you for a better hair-growing routine.

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