15 Myths About Baldness or Hair Loss You Should Stop Believing

15 Baldness and Hair Loss Myths Busted

Growing up with ourselves where every day is a new experience, nothing can be more mysterious probably as having experienced the onset of Baldness or Losing Hair at any point in a person’s time.

15-baldness-myths-you-should-stop-believingAs a relatively new experience which we might not know about fully, we get to ask ourselves about the experience and oftentimes generate our own theories about it, if common beliefs are not present; and with its presence, is the easy belief in it without validating facts first.

It is for this very same reason that Myths occur and ones that lasts for many generations until they were proven false or were otherwise corrected.

Applying the same dilemma about the issue of Baldness or Hair Loss, the following are some of the most common Myths about Losing Hair in Men and Women we were led to believe were true but are not:

1. Too Much Exposure to Sun Promotes Hair Loss

too-much-sun-exposure-causes-baldness-mythSure, overexposure to the Sun’s ultra-violet rays can be harmful to the Skin which causes accelerated aging and even the development of Skin Cancer, but there is not much truth about it causing Baldness or Hair Loss to people, according to a Hair Expert in Bauman Medical Group, Dr. Alan Bauman.

What UV rays do due to overexposure to it, in reality, is that it makes the Hair more brittle by weakening the Hair’s Fibers. That, however, is a different issue from Hair Loss.

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2. Overuse of Shampoo Cause Hair Loss

shampoo-causes-hair-loss-mythThe belief arose due to the idea that people notice their Hair Falling out after going through a bath shampooing or after a Hair Combing routine which produces strands of Hairs on the comb itself.

The reality: “Hair follicles cycle on and cycle off and repeat that process over the course of their life span.” This is according to the same Hair Expert, Dr. Alan Bauman.

In fact, even when not combing or making use of too much shampoos, our scalp sheds as much as 200 Hair Strands every single day.

 3. Plucking a Gray Hair May Make Two Others Grow Out

Not true. The reality: People’s Hairs grey out as a result of aging, not as a result of plucking a few Gray Hairs.

4. Standing in an Upside-Down Position Promotes Hair Growth

standing-upside-down-can-cause-baldness-mythThere may be truth in the idea as it may promote blood flow on the scalp which is also a known factor in making Hairs grow.

However, Hair Expert such as Dr. Bauman does not agree with the practice as it does not help people at all, at least if not at the proper duration for it to be of any effect.

In reality: the practice is just futile.

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 5. Higher Testosterone Levels Cause Hair Loss

It is not Testosterone per se that is causing Baldness among Men and Women, it’s Dihydrotestosterone that does which is as a result of the synthesis of Testosterone at the chemical level in the body.

6. Hair Loss is a Hereditary Trait Gotten from the Mother’s Genes

Every person is a make-up of both parents’ genes. One cannot possibly just pinpoint to the Mother’s genetic makeup the issue of Hair Loss to every person suffering from it.

 7. Wearing of Caps or Hats Cause Hair Loss

There is not yet any scientific evidence to suggest just that. The idea is simply not taken as something to be true at the present.

8. Dead Follicles Can Be Regrown

Untrue. Present technologies can only help thicken existing Hair Follicles but none can make Dead Hair Follicles grow again.

The only option to make Hair grow on the scalp at that point is via Hair Transplants, a surgical treatment which does not work on the principle of revitalizing Dead Hair Follicles.

9. Hair Thinning Only Happens Later in Life

There are individuals who experience the Thinning of their Hair early on in life, which can be as early as a teen or at around their 20’s.

Hair Thinning is not only for the old, even younger generations are affected too if genetics predisposes anyone to.

10. If Your Grandfather Experienced Baldness in Life, You Would Too

bald-father-genetic-baldnessYour risk of ever going through the same experience at any point in life may be higher if any from the family tree has an issue with Baldness.

However, like most traits, the issue of Baldness for an individual is Poly-Genetic. You do not necessarily have to experience Hair Loss just because your grandpa did. While there is a possibility to it, it is not that simple.

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11. Minoxidil is the Only Working Treatment for Hair Loss in Women

Although Minoxidil is a brand known by most people who are going through Hair Loss and are trying to do something about it, Minoxidil is not the only effective Hair Loss treatment available out there in the market for Women – there are others as well.

12. Using Topical Treatments Against Hair Loss Only Works on the Scalp

If you think that Topical Solutions do not work past skin-deep, then you may be perceiving your treatment wrong.

Sure, you only apply the solution to the scalp, which is basically a skin with pores, but such pores enable the absorption of the solution you applied on it which eventually goes through the bloodstream.

What you get is a Hair Growth solution that travels all over the body thereby making Hair Growths elsewhere apart from the scalp.

13. Birth Control Pills Do Not Cause Hair Loss

This varies depending on the chemical makeup of the pill itself. If you are a Woman sensitive to Androgen which genetically predisposed experience Hair Loss with, then taking in progesterone-rich birth control pills might cause you Hair Loss as progesterone is easily converted to androgen.

14. Women Get Bald the Same Way as Men Do

The way a Woman lose her Hair is diffused, not concentrated; a Man, on the other hand, is. This is why you see Males who are experiencing Baldness to be able to retain a good portion of their Hair along the side and the back yet find the top to be thinning, if not missing Hairs.

15. All Hair Loss Are Not Reversible

reverse-male-pattern-baldnessNot all, but some are. Again, this may have something to do with the health of the Hair Follicle underneath the scalp. Those which may still have some life in them can be Revitalized for Regrowth. There are already thousands of documented cases of Hair Regeneration using the same principle of giving life to existing or remaining Hair on the scalp


There may be others more Myths which you may have been believing bout regarding Baldness or Hair Loss. These fifteen as listed, however, are some of the most common. Now that you know that they are indeed just Myths and not real, its time to put these ideas down the drain.




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