5 Ways to Use Curry Leaves for Hair Growth

Having long beautiful locks surely makes every woman a head turner. Good news is, you can easily get this luxurious and shiny hair without spending a lot in hair care products or salon treatments but just with some effective household remedies.

Curry Leaves found in your kitchen can do wonders to your dull lifeless hair. For centuries, curry leaves have been known to people mainly as an ingredient in food dishes but later, it has also evolved into an effective natural solution to fight hair loss and promote healthy hair growth.

curry-leaves-for-hair-growthCurry Leaves help in reducing the environmental damage done to the hair and scalp that is due to pollution, dust, stress, hormonal imbalance and the likes.

So let me rave about how curry leaves help cure hair loss, how it benefits hair, scalp and overall health, and how to use them effectively to get all the best results.

What is in Curry Leaves that Helps Cure Hair Loss?

These tiny looking curry leaves may look just your ordinary kitchen ingredient but it is packed with essential nutrients effective for reducing Hair Fall and Stimulating Hair Growth.

They are rich in antioxidants which fight free radicals, moisturize the scalp and aid in the removal of dead scalp flakes. They also have amino acids that prevent the hair strands from thinning by strengthening hair follicles.

Curry Leaves are also rich in beta-carotene that limits hair loss. They are also high in proteins that prevent hair from thinning. Other essential elements abundantly present in them include iron, calcium, vitamin C, phosphorus, carbohydrates and fiber. Vitamin B, in particular, helps to restore color in the hair by strengthening and nourishing from the roots to tips.

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It also contains high quantities of Vitamin B6 that helps strengthen the hair shaft which is the visible section of hair above the scalp. It has the power to act as a hormone regulator during the process of hair loss.

Benefits of Using Curry Leaves for Hair Growth

curry-leaves-female-hair-growth1. First of all, as this article is all concerned about, curry leaves does stimulate healthy hair growth.

Curry leaves works effectively when used as a yogurt and curry leaves mask to prevent dandruff and stop hair fall.

2. Curry Leaves formulated into a hair oil is found to be extremely effective to prevent premature hair graying.

Developing gray hair at a young age is a big concern among adults, especially Women.

Premature graying can make you look double your age which is embarrassing at times and leads to poor self-confidence.

It may be caused by heredity, stress, poor health or bad lifestyle such as unhealthy diet, lack of sleep, alcohol or smoking.

3. Curry Leaves can also repair damage roots which may have been damaged due to a number of reasons such as thermal styling, chemical treatments, pollution or dandruff.

Apply curry leaves solution directly onto the scalp as a first aid and get stronger hair and speedy hair growth.

4. When you have milk at home which you obviously have, and mix it with some curry leaves you can create a masterpiece of hair treatment.

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The mixture of milk and curry leaves will prevent hair loss in your scalp and will give you a better-looking crown of glory.

5. Curry leaves will not only prevent hair loss in your head but it will also prevent hair fall.

Hair loss is the first step to hair loss so if you prevent hair fall from attacking you, you will also prevent hair loss to come into you. You can have more time combing your hair normally and without worrying a thing about falling hair strands.

6. Curry leaves will also strengthen your hair follicles and making them active for more Hair Growth.

Hair Follicles are the roots or where you hair strands are standing on, so strengthening them will make sure that you will have a stronger and shinier hair in no time.

Stronger hair follicles also mean that your scalp will also be healthier because it can absorb more of the nutrients.

Using Curry Leaves will not just strengthen your hair follicles but also your hair shaft.

It prevents damage from attacking your hair so you can be safe from frizz, dandruff and many more damages.

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5 Ways to Use Curry Leaves for Hair Growth

 curry-leaves-male-hair-growth1. Curry Leaves in Diet

Curry Leaves is one of the most important ingredient in culinary recipes, most popularly in Indian cuisine.

Implementing them to your diet will stimulate the overall health of hair and scalp. It can also eradicate cancer by improving small intestinal function.

Plus, enjoy its striking aroma either by eating it in rice items or as part of salads.

Curry will give the punch in your meals and will surely burn those fats inside your body.

2. Tea

Curry Leaves may not be your ordinary tea leaves but yes, you can serve it as a tea by boiling them in water.

Add a splash of lime and sugar as desired. And voila! Your curry leaves tea is ready!

For a quick result, drink this tea every day for one to two weeks. This will be very delicious and very healthy.

You can also add some honey to add some sweetness and flavor to your curry leaves tea.

3. Hair Tonic

Use Curry Leaves as an all-natural hair tonic by adding 2 to 3 curry leaves in a bowl of warm water and mixing them properly.

The water will turn greenish in color when the leaves become soft. Then wait for the tonic to cool off or use any cooling method. Once it is completely cooled, apply gently all over scalp while massaging the hair for 10 to 15 minutes.

You can repeat this at least twice in a week.

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4. Hair Mask

If your hair mask is composed with organic nutrients especially curry leaves, you can assure that your hair will benefit a lot from it.

Curry Leaves in a hair mask will give turn your hair from old frizzy one to a new silkier and softer version. Your friends and family will like your hair a lot after this home treatment.

The Curry Leaves will also clean and moisturize your scalp to a more and fresher feel.

Stronger roots and shinier strands are also the effects of using curry leaves as a part of a hair mask.

Curry leaves in a hair mask seem hard right? Don’t you worry because it’s easy as one, two, and three. Just prepare handful of curry leaves and a little bit of neem leaves. Mix it together with some yogurt to make a paste.

Massage the paste in your head and leave it on your head for 10-15 minutes. It will feel weird at first but you will be used to it.

Just think of the reward of your DIY Hair Mask right?

Then, after waiting for some time you can wash your hair and remove the paste using a shampoo and conditioner.

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5. Hair Oil

Curry Leaves is also one of the many natural ingredients of hair oils we buy from stores worldwide. The nutrients in the leaves penetrate deep into the roots and scalp so it optimizes improved hair growth.

It is also effective in darkening or fighting against premature hair graying if practiced on a regular basis. Buy curry leaves infused hair oil or make your own by preparing a cup of coconut oil, 4 to 5 curry leaves and a large bowl of water.

You can also dry the curry leaves till they turn brown and then, grind them into fine powder.

Heat up the coconut oil and curry leaves mixture and allow to cool down. Apply onto your hair for a minimum of 45 minutes and wash off with warm water.

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The Bottom Line

Going in a clinic to cure or prevent hair loss is quite expensive even more so with Hair Transplant.

You will send almost all of your money just to make your hair beautiful and stronger again.

But don’t worry; you can possibly get the same results by just using curry leaves together with some ingredients in your hair which you can also find in your awesome kitchen.

You can’t just use it as a hair mask but also as an ingredient of your healthy meal or you can drink it in the form of a tea.

There are plenty of ways to use curry leaves to prevent hair loss, hair fall and also cure them with its active formulas.

Not like other hair masks, curry leaves will not make your hair heavier but so much lighter and extravagant.

You can now jump without worrying of a sudden hair fall that can completely embarrass you in the front of so many people. Curry leaves are so easy to work with that’s why some experts included this ingredient in their products which you can buy at a low price.

Everybody deserves a shiny and healthy crown of glory so we should all go natural and organic to make sure that our hair will be as strong as we are.

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