7 Best Pharmaceutical Hair Loss Cures for Women

What Causes Hair Loss in Women?

Many Women suffer Hair Loss (Androgenic Alopecia) in silence, as they are forced to alter their complete hairstyle to hide thinning of hair. In fact Women consist about 40 percent of Hair Loss sufferers in the US alone, according to the American Hair Loss Association.

7-most-effective-hair-loss-cure-in-womenThere are many causes for Androgenic Alopecia in Women and these include: Physical and Emotional Stress, Medication,s and Certain Medical Conditions. Female Pattern Baldness to some degree can eventually develop in some Women.

The older a Woman becomes, the higher is the risk of loosing hair especially for someone with a history of Hair Loss in the Family. It can show signs at an early age anytime after puberty but most would notice it after Menopause around the age of 50 or 60.

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Telogen Effluvium

Telogen Effluvium is a case that usually manifests following an Extreme Stress, Major Surgery, Pregnancy and Sudden Weight Loss in which you lose a large number of hair every time you Shampoo or Brush your Hair. Certain drugs like anti-depressants, anti-inflammatory drugs, beta-blockers may cause Telogen Effluvium as well.

If you have noticed a significant amount of Hair Fall 5 weeks to 3 months after a Stressful Stage in your life, you are most likely suffering from Telogen Effluvium.

If you have identified that it is a Medication that is the Cause of your Hair Loss, lower the dosage or switch to another medicine, and better yet talk to a Doctor about your situation.

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Hereditary Hair Loss

The most common cause of Hair Loss is Hereditary.  If both of your Parents have suffered Hair Loss, it is more likely that you will experience the same thing at some point in your life as well. This is known as Androgenic Alopecia.

The condition may start to show and develop slowly in your twenties, which could start at the hairline behind the bangs and slowly spreads across the entire scalp.

What are the best Pharmaceutical Hair Loss Cures for Women?

Since it is more acceptable for Men to experience loosing hair than Women, many cases just go unheard of.  Unlike Hair Loss in Men, Women Hair Loss does not often have an easy to understand cause therefore treatment is a more complicated process as well. Before any treatment should start, you must ask a Medical Professional first to identify if what you are suffering is Telogen Effluvium or Androgenic Alopecia.

Hair Loss has been a serious problem for women of all ages and let us discover some of the proven hair loss treatment strategies used in women.

1. Treatment with Minoxidil ( Rogaine):

Minoxidil was once used to treat elevated blood pressure and was found that these patients had excessive hair growth as a side effect. Researches were developed to analyze the efficiency of direct injection of Minoxidil on the scalp of women to cure hair loss. It was found to be efficient as Minoxidil was absorbed in the blood stream and treat Androgenic Alopecia in women.

minoxidil-womens-hair-loss-cureMinoxidil is the only medicine approved by the FDA(US Food and Drug Administration) to treat Female Pattern Baldness. It is effective by extending your Hair Follicles Growth Phase. But it only works best when you use it as soon as you discover that you are losing hair.Up to 25 Percent of Women who take Minoxidil can successfully encourage new Hair Growth.

It is also an over-the-counter drug so you can easily buy it without the need for a Doctor’s Prescription. But still, a need to consult a Physician is highly advised before you plan to go for a Minoxidil Treatment due to the reason that your Hair Loss may be caused by a more serious condition that needs more examining and proper diagnosis.

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2. Finasteride

Finasteride-Propecia-ProscarThis works similar to Minoxidil and was once used to treat Male Pattern Baldness. Recent researches have proven this to be effective in the treatment of hair loss and thinning hair in women as well.

The effectiveness though of Finasteride in treating Female Pattern Baldness is still controversial with reports of failures and some success at the same time. But many women who have used this can attest to the effectiveness of this Medicine. Although the main caution is that Finasteride can be harmful with Pregnant Women so the use of birth control methods is highly advised when planning to use this.

3. Treatment with Spironolactone

bottle-of-spironolactone-androgenic-alopeciaSpironolactone has been marketed under the brand name Aldactone and is a potassium sparing diuretics used in the treatment of Hypertension. Researches later found the relevancy of the drug with hair growth in Women and also in Men.

This medicine although proven to be effective by a lot of women may come with its side effects like Abdominal Cramps, Diarrhea, Fever and Drowsiness to name a few. So the best bet is to seek for a Doctor’s Advice first before undergoing such treatment.

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4. Tagamet

Tagamet is a Histamine blocker that was once used in the treatment of intestinal ulcers,  Antacid, anti Heartburn and readily available in Drugstores and Groceries without Doctor’s prescription.

It has been used in the treatment of Androgenic Alopecia  in women. But there could be serious side effects of the drug as high doses are needed to cure baldness. Know side effects include Anti-Androgenic libido loss and Gynocomnestia.


 5. Estrogen and Progesterone Hormones

Progesterone and Estrogen creams or pills could be effective in the treatment of Alopecia, especially for those who undergo baldness during their menopausal period. The main purpose of this treatment is to  regulate Hormones during Menopause as these Hormones might fluctuate dramatically during this stage.

Without these Hormones,  women may experience several issues like Vaginal Dryness, sleeplessness, Osteoporosis and Hair Loss. Be sure to make double check with a Doctor that your problem of Loosing Hair is caused by low Estrogen and Progesterone level. It it is the case, it is acceptable to lose Hair for 6 to twelve months. No treatment is required since this condition is not permanent.

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6. Contraceptives

contraceptive-pills-female-pattern-baldnessYes you read it right, these pills decrease the level of androgens in the blood and treat female pattern alopecia in women but the right dosage of the drug should be calculated to treat baldness in women without side effects. Oral contraceptives or Birth Control Pills, contain a certain amount of Hormones helpful in reducing Alopecia in Women.

Contraceptives though should be used in aid with other medications and in some case may not be effective by itself. Some of the possible side-effects though may include dizziness, skin problems, sore breasts, increased blood clot and heart attack so utmost precaution should be taken before undergoing such treatment.

7. Treatment with Ketoconazole

Shampoos containing Ketoconazole could be used to treat scalp conditions such as dandruff and in ketoconazole-shampoo-women-pattern-baldnesscombination with other treatments to cure Androgenic Alopecia in women.

It reduces Microflora in your Scalp slowing down Follicular Inflammation, a major cause of Alopecia,with its anti- fungal property.Familiar shampoo brands like Nizoral, Head & Shoulders,  and Selson Blue and many other brands have their own versions of Ketoconazole Shampoos.

Ketoconazole is also a main ingredient of Hair Growth Conditioners that can be used together with Shampoos meant to reverse the effects of Baldness among Men and Women

Research showed that, Ketoconazole combined with other Anti-androgens treatment will result in a more potent Androgen Blocker in the scalp thereby a more effective cure for Alopecia in Women. You can find Ketoconazole based shampoos and products on Amazon.

Each of the above mentioned Pharmaceutical methods are proven treatment methodologies for Hair Loss and Baldness in Women.Treatment with hair cloning, stem cell therapy, hair implantation techniques on the other could be permanent solutions for Androgenic Alopecia but are costly and quite painful as well.

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Take a great amount of precaution before deciding yourself which treatment or medication  you should undergo with.

The safest thing to do is to see a Medical Professional to consult which one should be right for your condition to avoid the risks and the possible side effects these treatments may have in the end.

Ample amount of research is also necessary on your part. There are so many forums online that you can visit to determine the effectiveness of a certain product. Forums have the advantage of having like-minded people looking for the same solution to Hair Loss.

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