Amla for Rapid Hair Growth: 10 Ways Amla Oil Can Help Grow Hair Back Faster

What is Amla?

Amla is a midget-sized tree found in the subcontinent of India. The tree produces yellow fruits with the size of a plum.

These fruits have amazing nutrients that human can benefit from.

We can say that Amla Tree is a medicine tree and that’s because of the fruits it bears. This tree has a botanical name “Amilica Embillicus”.



This medicinal tree is seldom to find on other countries that’s why people from India are so proud that they have the amazing Amla tree in their country.

People outside India do not know the Amla Tree but what they know is the Amla Powder. This powder is only known for the Vitamin C that it contains; that all the Vitamin Cs in the world can be found in this medicine tree from India.

But according to the studies, there are more benefits and exotic nutrients in the Amla Tree.

The scientists and researchers are still studying about the other parts of the Amla; from its roots up to the leaves. So we should better get ready for some mind-blowing facts about this wonder tree.

Why Use Amla Every Day

Everybody should use Amla every single day or every other day because:

1. It strengthens the roots of your Hair.

The oil from the Amla fruits can be used as a hair strengthening treatment.

The oil will go down to the roots of the hair under the scalp and make it stiffer and stronger.

2. It improves Eyesight.

When you drink Amla juice every single day, you will notice that your eyes are becoming clearer than before.

The Amla fruits have Vitamin A (beta-carotene) that helps our eyes to see a lot better.

3. It improves Calcium absorption.

Drinking a lot of Vitamin C like Amla juice can help our body absorb more Calcium. And that’s a good thing for our health; Calcium strengthens our bones that will make us stronger each day.

4. It prevents Diabetes.

The Vitamin C that the Amla contains will reduce the stock sugar in our body and turn it into a multifunctional energy that we can use for our everyday activities. Together with exercise and balanced diet, drinking this juice will help us prevent any diseases.

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How does Amla Oil Help in Growing Back Lost Hair?

amla-for-baldness-cure1. It replenishes Hair Strands.

The number one reason why Hair strands break apart is that it lacks Vitamin C to hold it in place. Also, Vitamin C will replenish your scalp and hair strands to make it look moisturized.

2. It prevents greying of Hair.

Together with Vitamin C, Amla Oil has antioxidants that will make you hair young.

Gray hair strands is a sign that you hair will fall or you will get bald after the process so putting antioxidants in it will make it as natural as ever.

3. It Rejuvenates Hair Strands.

Amla Oil Contains extra rejuvenating properties that will turn your hair into a shinier and younger one together with the antioxidants.

All around the world, this oil is well-known for its capability to treat or cure pitta dosha disorders.

But of course, it’s another property of Amla Oil aside from its hair benefits.

4. It has Antimicrobial and Antiviral Properties.

Making your hair shinier is not only what you want for you hair and scalp.

You also obviously want a germ-free scalp right? Thanks to the natural antimicrobial properties of Amla Oil, this will disinfect your scalp for a truly clean hair strands.

10 Ways to Use Amla Oil for Hair Growth

1.Amla Oil used as a Hair Oil Treatment

amla-oil-for-hair-growthThe Oil extracted from the Amla fruits can be applied directly to your hair.

Lather all the oil from your hands and massage it onto your hair and make sure that everything is covered.

Leave it on your hair overnight and wash it off the next day using an herbal shampoo and clean water.

Make sure that when cleaning your hair very well so there will not be excess oil.

2. Amla Oil used as a Shampoo Add-on

Drop 2ml-5ml of Amla oil on your favorite mild shampoo and mix it with a clean stick (if it’s in a bottle).

After the mixing process, just use this mixture like a normal shampoo.

Make it bubble for some minutes to cover all your hair with Amla Oil shampoo.

After massaging it on your hair, wash it with clean water to remove any shampoo residue.

3.Amla Oil used as a Hair Conditioner

After taking a shower and putting an Amla Oil shampoo, just massage you hair with Amla Oil and let it sit on your hair for 10-15 minutes.

Let the Oil penetrate your scalp and hair strands to make sure that the conditioner will work effectively.

Leaving it onto your hair will boost your hair’s thickening ability and you will have a softer and longer hair.

4. Amla Oil used as a Hair Breakage Cure Serum

Mix the Amla Oil with a little bit of lemon juice. Vitamin C will help prevent hair breakage in your hair strands.

Lather the serum completely onto your hair to make sure that all of the strands are well-protected by the mixture you made.

After 10-15 minutes of leaving the serum in your head, rinse it off with clean water and blow dry or air dry to prevent breakage.

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5. Amla Oil used as a Dandruff Remover

Not just only to protect hair with Vitamin C and antioxidants, Amla Oil can be also used as a Dandruff Remover.

Just mix Amla Oil, Amla powder and some Basil leaves to create a paste.

Apply it onto your hair and just massage it all over for maximum effectiveness; you can also use a thin-spaced comb to help remove dandruffs.

Don’t forget to massage it on your scalp because that is the place where dandruff stays.

6. Used as a Hair Mask

amla-used-as-hair-maskMix the Amla Oil and powder with a little bit of water to create a paste. Mix the paste very well so the powder will dissolve quickly.

Apply the Hair Mask onto your hair and lather it well. After applying the Hair Mask, cover your hair with a warm towel or a shower cap and sleep; leave it overnight so the mask will penetrate deeply into your strands.

7. Used as a Hair Moisturizer

Our hair needs moisturizers for it to be always smooth and wavy. You can create a moisturizer using Amla Oil.

Just mix it with your favorite hair oil (Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, Carrier Oil), and because the Amla Oil stinks, you add some drops of lavender or other fragrant oils to mask the smell.

Lather and massage the oil mixture onto your hair and let it sit throughout the day.

8. Used as a Styling Oil

Just like the other Hair-growing oils we’ve discussed, Amla Oil can be also used as a Styling Gel.

Just add a few drops of lavender oil in a small bowl together with Amla Oil, you can now have styling oil which you can use to wave your hair to the path you want.

9.  Used as a Hair Tonic

A shiny hair means a lot and you can use Amla Oil to create a Hair Tonic.

A hair tonic is the product we use to gloss our hair to make it healthier-looking. Just mix some essence oil with Amla Oil in a small container.

Mix it and then you can now use it and enjoy glossing your hair for a healthy-looking crown of glory.

10. Used as a Hair Thickener

Amla Oil contains active hair thickening agents that will grow your hair passively when applied daily.

Always remember that Amla Oil stinks so always add some essence oil (lavender oil etc.) when you want to use outside.

But of course you will use it when you’re at home and chilling at your couch.

Just apply the Amla Oil onto your hair and cover it with a shower cap; it will penetrate the hair strands effectively.

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Where to Buy?

There are plenty of products online which you can choose the best one.

Amazon is the most recommended website to purchase such kind of herbal products.

You can choose from various Amla Hair growing products on their site but make sure that you choose the product with lots of people who have reviewed it.

The Bottom Line

Upon using Amla Oil to get your lost hair back, you should be cautious on how much you are using or how few it is.

Amla Oil is a good source of Vitaminc C that has no side effects when applied to hair correctly.

There are plenty of Amla Oil hair-growing products which you can choose from to use on your hair.

Be picky when it comes to buying things and stuff that you will use on your body.

Just remember that even though Amla Oil doesn’t have any side-effects, you should use it moderately and wisely to grow your lost hair back and not lost more away.

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