Biotin Hair Growth – Is it an Effective Hair Loss Cure?

Biotin for Hair Growth

If you ever lost any amount of hair for whatever reason, it can be a sure bet that you at one point or another attempted a variety of hair growth solution to at the very least retard that growing baldness.

Perhaps you found a good solution or maybe you have given up because nothing you tried works. Whatever your experience was, you may have finally found a natural and effective solution to the problem of hair loss through Biotin Hair Growth solutions.


What is Biotin?

Biotin, also called vitamin H or co-enzyme R, is a naturally occurring vitamin B (vitamin B7).  The vitamin can be found in various foods including green vegetables, Swiss chard, egg yolks (raw), and even peanuts or liver.

So, a well-balanced diet might provide you with enough Biotin to keep a healthy body.

Biotin Deficiency is not common to the normal individual and should it occur, proper diet and supplements can easily treat it.  However when used to treat hair loss, taking supplements is often required since a much higher dosage is needed to boost biotin in the body to promote hair growth.

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Safety And Effectivity in Hair Growth

Truth of the matter is, biotin’s effectivity in hair growth is still being questioned by many as the treatment works for some and not for others mainly because it is noted that the treatment doesn’t promote

new hair to grow but only strengthen the hair that is already there resulting in a fuller and thicker hair. If you suffering from mild to moderate baldness, then perhaps the Biotin Hair Growth treatment will be enough for you, but severe baldness, more so if the condition has been going on for years. Aside from promoting healthy hair, taking in biotin supplements also promotes a healthier skin and nails.

Biotin if used properly is generally safe, even if given in high doses for most of the general population. So taking a biotin  supplement to try growing your hair is a safe bet. It is also not very costly  and the prospective health remunerations well compensates for the risk.

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How Is It Taken?

In general, the body needs only about 30 mg of biotin daily for the maintenance of healthy hair, nails and skin but for treatment purposes, a dosage from 500 pto 1000 micrograms is given and is still considered.

It is usually taken in pill form (capsule or softgels) and is readily available at your local pharmacy or general nutrition stores. It can be labeled as Biotin or it can carry the Vitamin B& or Vitamin H labels. You can also opt to order online, though you need to make sure that you order from a reputable source.

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In Conclusion

Keep in mind that, biotin is a great supplement to help you in your quest for a healthier, thicker hair, but it will probably be not as effective if you have been bald for years. It would probably show good results if you augment your Biotin Hair Growth treatment with other hair treatments.


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