Biotique Botanicals Bhringraj Hair Growth Therapeutic Oil

Biotique Botanicals Bhringraj Hair Growth Therapeutic Oil comes from all natural ingredients such as pure Bhringraj, Nutea Frondosa, Amla, and Centella blended with Coconut Oil and Goat’s Milk to help treat Alopecia and other causes of Hair Loss.

Bhringraj is an Ancient Herb rich in proteins, used for centuries to prevent Hair Loss and graying. It is organically pure & preservative free that helps improve hair growth. It helps conditions the hair and becomes soft, healthy, shiny and more manageable.

It also contains Butea Frondosa, Hibiscus Rosa Sinensis, Acacia Concinna, Mangifera Indica, Bhringraj, Emblica Officinalis, and Vegetable Oil.


How to Use Biotique Botanicals Hair Growth Oil?

Pour light amount of Biotique Botanicals Bhringraj Hair Growth oil on fingertips and rub in to scalp throughout the hair. Should be used like shampoo, massage to scalp and rub in throughout the hair, leave on for 30 minutes prior to washing. You can even leave it overnight.

For quick and best result, daily use of the product helps a lot. At first you will smell heavy synthetic scent due to the presence of Vegetable Oil. The oil smells exotic although it is very light. But after regular use you will experience that the smell is pleasant and very subtle.

The results may vary to everyone depending how damaged the Hair is. And besides, it also takes time to restore a damaged Hair. But with Biotique Botanicals Bhringraj Hair Growth Therapeutic Oil, restoring hair loss is much easier now.

Botanicals Bhringraj Hair Growth Oil is specifically formulated to stop hair fall or shedding. It assures fast re-growing of Hair, giving it a fuller, smoother and healthy shine. This product is essential to those who want to wear healthy long hair without breakage.

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 User Reviews

Those who have tried Biotique Botanicals Oil were satisfied from the quick result they’ve got. No more Hair Fall and improved Hair Growth is what they see in just Two Months of using the product.

Their hair grows faster compared to any other past products they have tried. Slow growing hair turns longer, soft and shiny. This Products really works and can do the expected result users want without long waiting.

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Maintaining the fullness and longer hair is what users like and beautiful hair is healthy and breakage free with this Hair Growth Product.

The all natural ingredients of Biotique Botanicals Bhringraj Hair Growth  Oil, is bottled in 4.2-Fluid Ounce. Aside from the effectivity of how it works on hair loss damaged hair it is much affordable at $11.62 compared with other products and you can have it delivered free at your door step via Amazon.

Below is a Video Product Review of this Product to help you better decide as to whether this Product is what your need to combat your Hair Loss Problems.

Video Credit: Jahniquexo


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