Could This Be The Real Cure for Baldness in Men?

Hope for Millions as New Drug is Found to Reverse Hair Loss

It is perfectly normal to lose hair every day. In fact, it is independent to one’s age, sexuality and even location.

However, losing more than a hundred strands daily may be a different story since it’s a prospective case of hair loss and may consequently result to baldness.

male-pattern-baldness-cure-SM04554-A vast percentage of the population, troubled with male pattern sort of baldness, yearns to bring back their hair volume through finding an efficient remedy.

Out of all the cases of men suffering from hair loss, ninety-five percent are accounted for Androgenetic Alopecia, a form of baldness that is male patterned.

Hair Loss may impact just the scalp or possibly a person’s entire life. From social relationships to altered career paths, it may influence every single feature of life.

Because of such, people experiencing this form of baldness often feel miserable for their status and would trade anything just to have their hair back and healthy.

To address the devastation of men going through this type of baldness, the American Organization for Hair Loss has introduced a range of resources that can respond objectively to the queries related to hair loss.

Despite that, even if these innovations give accurate diagnosis for individuals, no recognized treatment can be provided by dermatologists to medicate most hair loss problems.

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            It’s unfortunate that the examinations on the biology and diseases of hair have been a diminutive field and even more so for the study of Androgenetic Alopecia.

As consequence, only two remedies have been recognized and approved since 2000. However, a new cure may potentially be added to the list according to several scientists.

Samumed, a pharmaceutical company committed to broaden developmental medicine as well as the utilization of oncology through research, has recently introduced a drug called SM04554 that can remedy hair loss for men.

Along with that, they have disclosed their news of the completion and success of drug’s tests for effectiveness.

With approximately thirty-five million cases of men suffering baldness in the United States, the company strives to bring cure to all patients. Thus, they have designed a drug to treat Androgenetic Alopecia which is common for both genders.

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male-pattern-baldness-cure-discovery  A topical mixture of the molecular compound of similar name, the drug stimulates signaling tracts in the body cells.

The said pathways are accountable for the outset and the continuation of the hair cycle’s growth state. On the other hand, Androgenetic Alopecia is considered as the outcome of the reduced paths.

Normal growth of hair follicles, the cell layers and as well as the connective tissue covering the roots of one’s hair are the possible positive outcomes for people suffering from Androgenetic Alopecia who intends to apply the recent treatment.

An American academy proficient on the field of dermatology has been the grounds last month for the presentation of the stage two of the SM04554 clinical test for effectiveness.

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Around three hundred male, with an age range of 18-55, were assembled. Furthermore, in accordance to the classification of Norwood-Hamilton, the scores of the gathered men were 6, 5V, 5A, 5 or 4. They were then distributed into three groups wherein each grouping received a distinct dosage amount of the solution.

As control of the test, a placebo has been given to one group. The two remaining groups received 0.15% and 0.25% of the SM04554 solution separately.

For about three months, the men will take the given drug daily. Moreover, they will undergo a follow-up for post treatment forty-five days after the three months have passed.

After the duration of the whole test, it was discovered that the outcome of the usage of the drug doesn’t increase with the increment on the solution’s concentration.

This is because most hair growth has been seen on men who received lower dosage amount in the undertaken test. In addition, in comparison to the placebo acquiring group, they have observed a ten percent increase and statistically favorable rise in the number and density of the hair.

While men who took either 0.15% or 0.25% of the SM04554  solution has been more confident due to their positive results, the placebo taking patients haven’t shown any significant gain to hair count and density and in fact, continued to lose hair in the trial time period.

Analogous effects were seen when the treatment has been tested with animals as subjects, a result that is uncommon for hair loss medication. Additionally, the team hasn’t observed any serious harmful occurrences in the treatment groups and that the adverse outcomes’ incidences have been similar for both the control and treatment groupings.

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            Further studies on the treatment of Androgenetic Alopecia using this drug may rely on the trial’s findings. That is, SM04554 has been proven by researchers to be possibly effective, harmless, well-tolerated and may therefore become a great remedy since no hints of side effects have been detected.

All stated results were presented during the 74th yearly meeting of a dermatology academy. The findings were also unveiled several days after the end of the trial on the company’s website.

According to Business Insider, Dr. Yusuf Yazici, the chief medical officer of Samumed, believes that the findings of their trials hang together. He also stated that their team has been pleased by the safety status of the treatment and that Samumed aspires for consistent results on the drug’s effectiveness since it would represent an important stepping stone for the whole company.

With the success of SM04554, the company still pursues to further research on the safety of the product through broader tests after this recent trial which is solely focused on hair growth process. The treatment continues to receive positive feedbacks, showing how localized the treatment is.

Cartilage revitalization on a couple of developmental diseases, Osteoarthritis and types of cancer is what the company currently works on by applying similar mechanism of medication. They, however, did not speculate further clinical procedure for SM04554.

Overall, SM04554 is a glimmer of hope for all Baldness sufferers around the world especially Men and could be the future of Hair Loss Cure. With more research being conducted, more updates will be available to us sooner or later and we’ll make sure to inform our readers as soon as the information is available.

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