Demystifying Male Pattern Baldness

Male Pattern Baldness

One of the most common problems for a lot of men is hair loss.  A variety of concoctions as been invented in order to combat this condition with no lasting solution on hand. Even hair growing treatments fail to effectively treat male pattern baldness and as such the problem of hair loss persist for a lot of the male population.

Impact on Men

male-pattern-baldness-02While baldness doesn’t inhibit a person physically, the psycho-social impact it may have on some men can indeed be debilitating.  Depression, anxiety and social withdrawal has been known to affect a lot of these balding men, especially if the baldness  occurs in the early years of their maturity.  The condition is actually the most prevalent condition among a lot men suffering from thinning hair. It is usually associated with genetics as well as the hormone ‘testosterone’, the condition is diagnosed through the assessment of the individuals hairline.  The condition usually begins with an M-shape receding hairline, with the loss of hair usually beginning on both sides of the forehead near the top, this is usually the first sign that you will go bald in the future with the pattern usually completed when it reach the U-shape form where hair on top of the head is completely absent.

What Causes The Condition?

Keep in mind though thatMale Pattern Baldness is not always the cause of thinning hair, a variety of factors can indeed influence why an individual loses his hair.  Factors may include stress, vitamin and mineral deficiency especially iron. There are also some infections that can initiate hair loss, aside from the known hereditary and hormonal factors.

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 Experts while concocting medications to help ease baldness, are still actively involved in learning about the hereditary factors that affect hair loss since this factor is believed to cause around 80 percent of the cases.  Recent study shows that males actually hold genes that when paired together  triggers hair thinning, and identification of these genes can help males identify if they are prone to loose hair and can take steps to control the thinning even before it occurs or at the very least retard its progression.


There are a variety of treatments available to treat male pattern baldness, some may be more effective that others. Some individuals opt for hair weaves, wigs or changing their hairstyle (like growing their hair long)  to cover up their receding hair lines.

Some more radical individuals makes use of various medical treatments in order to solve their dilemma, some even go for hair transplant in order to make their hair problem go away, while still others, perhaps because of the difficulty in finding a solution that works, men who develop the condition during the early usually just opt to shave all the hair off and just go totally bald instead of constantly figuring out ways to cover the bald spot and fighting the condition.

Regardless of the way you choose, you might find yourself with a full head of hair, totally bald or left with the same old receding hairline.



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