8 Secrets to Reverse or Cure Hair Loss Naturally

How do you Reverse or Cure Hair Loss Naturally?

Not all issues of Hair Loss are permanent and irreversible, some are actually as a result of various factors where we can do something about and are thereby reversible.

reverse-hair-loss-naturallyFactors such as Lifestyle, Diet, and Nutrition are known to contribute to the case of Alopecia. Yet these can be controlled and reversed Naturally although the change must really have to start from you.

If natural means though are not enough, do not lose hope as technology and medicine is also coming up with better discoveries to cure baldness.

However, while conditions that cause baldness such Androgenic Alopecia (Male Pattern Baldness / Female Pattern Baldness) is not something that can be reversed (although there are claims that says otherwise), it is certain to be a condition that can be prevented from worsening with proper health practice.

The following are Eight Natural Ways you can apply to yourself as a means of Hair Loss Cure should you encounter sudden issues of Hair Loss even though when you think your likelihood of getting bald (based on family history, et cetera) is low:

1. Maintain Good Nutrition

Nutrition is an important aspect of living life to its optimum wellness. Our body is always on the process of wear and tear as we go through our activities in the day and is a process necessary for growth.

eat-health-diet-natural-way-to-treat-baldnessHowever, getting the optimum nutrition required for our health requires a balanced sense of diet which some, if not most, of us are unable to accomplish in a day.

Ultimately, we end up undernourished which significantly affects ourselves overall, including the health of our scalp.

Nutrients that are known commonly to be the cause of Hair Loss among individuals involved Iron, Protein, and B Vitamins. Other nutrients such as Vitamin C, Copper, Zine, and Sulfur are also said to be essential in maintaining a healthy scalp and hair.

If you are a person clinically diagnosed to be Anemic, suffering from conditions resulting to protein deficiency in the body, as well as lack of needed B vitamins in the body, then you are more than likely to suffer hair losses in life.

Among the common Vitamins Biotin is said to be the most important in the process of Hair Growth. Ideally a good supplement of Biotin is needed if you are to prevent or reverse the effects of Losing Hair

But experiencing Hair Loss simply as a result of the mentioned nutrients, it can be remedied by making adjustments to one’s diet rich in any of the mentioned nutrients.

The following Video by How to Stop Hair Loss Naturally is very informative in making you understand more the value of Good Nutrition to help fight Hair Loss. Please Watch This:

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2. Minimize Stress

It is already common knowledge that Stress in general is bad for our health. It is a condition as a result of a bad stimuli that cause our body’s system to go haywire and imbalanced by releasing essential yet harmful chemicals in it that give us bad sensations and feelings.

avoid-stress-to-avoid-hair-lossWhile getting stressed is but a day-to-day experience for most of us, often attributed to family responsibilities and work, at too much levels it can be harmful that it also affects us on the outside, often seen on our Skin, Scalp, and Hair.

As such, stress promotes Hair Loss but tends to wane on it as it gets into balance. Maintain a healthy scalp and hair by knowing how to handle stress such as by relaxing and meditation.

This Video shows you how an ordinary lady got rid of Hair Loss caused by stress by changing her lifestyle. We have our own way of dealing with stress and here she will tell how she turned her life around that eventually helped her reverse the effects of stress which is Losing Hair. Credits to the video owner oneLadyTee

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3. Maintain a Healthy Scalp

Our Hair Follicles are planted in our scalp where it is nourished. But when there is something wrong with our scalp which holds these Hair Follicles, our Hair dies down and fall off which is also the direct example of what an actual Hair Loss does.

Scalp issues such as having a dandruff and infections promote Hair Loss by disrupting the scalp’s natural health that is ideal for the hair to grow in.

Luckily, these scalp issues are now addressable that if fixed can also prevent further Hair Loss or Baldness by using the right Hair Growth Shampoos paired with the best quality Hair Growth Conditioners.

In this Video by My HairStyle Magazine, you will learn how to do Scalp Massage to achieve a Healthy Scalp which Promotes faster Hair Growth.

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4. Treat Hypothyroidism

treat-hypothyroidism-baldbess-cureAn underactive Thyroid is a condition called “Hypothyroidism” and is one that causes imbalance on metabolism and hormones in a person’s body, be it male or female.

Such an imbalance of chemicals in the body is relatable to how stress works which promotes Hair Fall.

However, Hypothyroidism is a condition that can be maintained by medication as prescribed by a doctor.

Treating the condition will likely also treat the chemical imbalance in the body resulting from the disease and is likely also to prevent further Hair Loss.

To help you better understand how low Thyroid function causes Hair Loss, please watch this Video by Dr. Richard Hagmeyer

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5. Treat Hyperglycemia

Hyperglycemia, or an elevated level of blood glucose level in the bloodstream is a symptom of diabetes likely resulting from our body’s resistance to insulin.

Depending on the blood sugar reading, some may still be on the pre-diabetic stage. However, such a rise in blood sugar level is considered not normal and can cause hormonal imbalance to the person.

People who are either pre-diabetic or diabetic tend to have Hair Thinning at the top of the head made worst by inflammation resulting by the hormonal shift in the body.

While the condition overall cannot be reversed, it can only be maintained by keeping a good level of glucose in the bloodstream such as living a healthy and active lifestyle thereby setting the balance in the body which prevents Baldness.

6. Avoid Some Medications

natural-hair-loss-cure-void-medicationsWhile we may take all medications as “safe” for consumption and even “beneficial” to our health, some are so but not without complications or side-effects.

Strictly in the context of Hair Loss, medications such as Amphetamines, Hypolipidemic Drugs, Blood Thinners, Antidepressants, among other medications are said to promote it.

To prevent Hair Loss resulting from the side-effect of these medications, not taking them is the most logical step to addressing the issue.

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7. Refrain from Using Hairstyles

avoid-hair-styles-hair-lossSometimes, how we style our Hair has a direct implication to losing some of it. While losing a few hair strands here and there can be normal and is a part of Hair Follicles’ life cycle, losing hair as a result of the strain put into the hair and the scalp can be worrying.

In fact, there is a medical term to such a Hair Loss: Traction Alopecia. If you are experiencing Baldness or Hair Fall resulting from the overuse of hair styling, then refraining from using hairstyles is likely to fix the issue.

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8. Do Not Use Unneeded Chemicals on your Scalp and Hair

In line with hair styling which puts pressure onto the Scalp and Hair is the use of spray chemicals that maintains the hair with its style. As not all chemicals can be healthful to our hair, some damage our hair that it cause some of our hair strands to fall off.

natural-hair-loss-cure-avoid-chemicalsBut then again, refraining from the use of such chemicals also gives the scalp and hair to repair itself of the damage.

Unless it is genetics already speaking, most cases of Hair Loss we experience are likely  a result of our own doing that if refrained reverses the damage done to our scalp and hair.

Doing so, in fact, promotes a condition that in itself can be referred to as a Hair Loss Treatment, if not a Baldness Cure.

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