Five Hair Loss Cure Vitamins You May Not be Aware Of

In Search for the Perfect Hair Loss Cure Vitamins

With Man’s known fear of losing hair, people in the sciences and research have tried to move heaven and earth to find the perfect cure for problems of Baldness or Hair Loss, whether this is Hair Loss in Men or in Women.

Many scientists have presented people with chemicals and compounds that claim to be an effective Hair Loss Cure. Moreover, there are also new breakthroughs and procedures that also do the same.

However, what people have always thought about is that hair loss needs too many chemicals for it to be treated.

They have forgotten that nature has all the cures in the form of vitamins. Truly, Certain Vitamins have been proven to be effective Hair Loss Cure methods.


What are these Hair Loss Cure Vitamins?

1. B Vitamins.

As we already know, Hair Loss is closely associated with Stress.

This means that the greater the stress you are exposed to, the higher the likelihood that you will suffer from hair loss.

Since B vitamins aid your body in facing stresses, it follows then that it can help you address hair loss. The logic is that easy.

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2. Vitamin D.

As we also know, Vitamin D has been proven effective in treating skin problems like Psoriasis. However, more than that, this amazing vitamin is also among the Vitamins for Hair.

What it does is that it stimulates the Hair Follicles, including the cells that form the shaft. That means more hair grows on your scalp.

Do take note that you need at least 1000 IU of Vitamin D to sufficiently treat hair loss.

3. Vitamin A.

Vitamin A has been proven good particularly for the skin and now for the hair. That is why when you purchase beauty products, you will know that Vitamin A is a primary ingredient.

Vitamin A aids in the growth and maintenance of your hair and skin and also regulates the Retinoic Acid that is present in your Hair Follicle.

If you wish, you may skip buying beauty products and instead buy Vitamin A supplements directly which you can take internally or massage into your scalp.

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4.Vitamin C.

And you though this vitamin was just for the immune system? Vitamin C is also a Hair Loss Cure!

Iron is needed to make hair grow. And Vitamin C absorbs iron so you need it to let your hair grow more.

You can get it from fruits and vegetables, as well as from vitamin C supplements.

5. Vitamin E.

We know Vitamin E as the vitamin for the skin. However, it also builds capillaries in the body and promotes better blood flow in the scalp.

Such will stimulate hair growth; thus, improving hair loss. Same as Vitamin A, you can either take it internally or massage it into your scalp.

Mother Nature indeed has the best vitamins for your hair and overall health.

Do make sure that you are taking the right dosage so that the optimum effects may be achieved. 

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