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Hair Loss is not A simple Problem. It is not easy to Reverse, therefore you must first understand that it takes a lot of effort and sacrifice on your part if you have to get rid of Hair Loss.
You must have purchased several Guide Books and Self-Help PDF’s before and yet you are not satisfied with the results you have achieved. You’ll just be wasting your Money and Time on Hair Loss Products only to realise they just don’t work for you.
We have gathered here the Most sought after E-Books and PDF Guides written by Experts from various fields of Medical Hair Research. So Enjoy Downloading them and hope that in the Process you will find the solutions to your Hair Loss Problems.

#1. Hair Loss Answers (PDF Files)


– Written by Dr. Peter Panagotacos to help People Suffering From Hair Thinning and Baldness to find the perfect Solution to their Problems. He is the First to Publish the most accurate Information on Hair Loss in the Internet more than 10 Years ago. It is the most Complete E-Book you can find around, discussing Causes, Treatments, Drugs, Case Studies, Future Treatments Available and What to Avoid doing to be Successful in your Treatment. You can Download the files in each of the Links Below:

Chapter 1 – Why Treat Hair Loss?
Chapter 2 – Normal Hair Growth
Chapter 3 – The Cause of Most Hair Loss
Chapter 4 – Other Hair Loss Causes
Chapter 5 – Hair Loss Treatment History
Chatper 6 – Bogus Treatments
Chapter 7 – Cosmetic Treatments
Chapter 8 – Drugs That Can Cause Hair Loss
Chapter 9 – Drugs That Grow Hair
Chatper 10 – Surgical Hair Restoration Principles
Chapter 11 – History of Surgical Hair Restoration
Chapter 12 – Follicular Unit Micrografting
Chapter 13 – Before, During, and After Surgery
Chatper 14 – Marco’s Story
Chapter 15 – Ask the Expert
Chapter 16 – Which Treatment is Right for Me?
Chapter 17 – Choosing a Physician
Chapter 18 – Future Hair Loss Treatments
Appendix – Sources for More Information

#2. How To Beat Hair Loss (E-Book)


-“How to Beat Hair Loss” is a detailed description of the latest treatments of Hair Loss both Medical and Natural. Written by renowned Physician Dr. Antonio Armani, who has released several Books and Guides before this one. This book will help you fully understand your Hair Thinning Dilemma by presenting different Options and Procedures comparing Before and After Situations on Various Treatments complete with Photos and Illustrations. Natural or Hollistic ways of treatment are also discussed in detail defining the facts of each possible treatment and future methods of Hair Loss Treatment.

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#3. Guide to Beautiful, Healthy Hair Growth (PDF)


– This Guide to Hair Regrowth is made possible thru Hair Max, one of the most Popular Hair Care Companies in the USA.

With over 80 Million Americans Men and Women that are affected by Hair Thinning, a need for a more detailed guide is needed. This Guide can help you Identify your Problem Early and Pin Point the most Suitable Method to solve your Hair Thinning Problem.

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