Hair Loss Prevention: 7 Ways to Solve Your Hair Thinning Problems Without Treatment

Thinning Hair has become a common problem of many people today:

Aside from being caused by Genetic conditions, it is also a result of the individual Lifestyles of people.

Not many are aware that the food we eat, the activities we engage in and our exposure to stress are leading causes of hair thinning.

Thus, a lot of people are thinking about using hair loss cure methods to address this problem because if left untreated, it may lead to hair loss.

Here are Some Suggestions to Address Hair Thinning Problems:

Bald_head_hair_loss_cure-041. Use a Wide-Toothed Comb.

Compared to narrow-toothed combs, this one does not need much force to go through tangles.

That means hair strands just pass through the teeth and smooth and tangle-free hair is revealed. Besides that, hair breakage is minimized.

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2. Choose a Hair Style that adds Volume to your Hair.

Instead of going for the ordinary long straight hair cut, you would better go for the layered or shaggy style. The layers will fall upon each other, creating more volume for your hair.

3.When Taking a Shower, do not put the Shampoo on the top part of the skull as it can cause Thinning.

If you put the shampoo on the same spot everyday for a long time, it will cause thinning in that area.

In addition to that, choose a shampoo product that is not too strong for your hair.

But if thinning is the problem, you can use Minoxidil to add volume to your hair. You can also go for a Volumizing Shampoo.

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4. Do not go for Hair Straightening as it will leave your hair looking Limp and Lifeless.

It is recommended that you instead get a permanent wave which the salon can happily do for you. The waves will surely add volume to your hair and will even give it more body and figure.

5. Do not Shampoo too Often.

Shampoo is made of chemicals. Though it primarily cleans hair and leaves it smelling good, it still contains certain chemicals and compounds that may be too overwhelming for your scalp.

If possible, do not shampoo everyday. You can limit that to twice a week but you can apply conditioner on everyday.

6. Blow dry your Hair in the Morning.

After shower, you should not stop at just combing your hair. It is more helpful if you have it blow dried because it gives it more body.

To prevent it from drying up and becoming brittle, you can apply some leave on condition or serum to lock in moisture.

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7. Eat Food that is Rich in Iron.

Iron plays a huge role in keeping your hair healthy, strong and manageable. So eat food that is rich in it such as Eggs, Wheat Germ, Pumpkin Seeds, as well as Shellfish.

Otherwise, you may take health supplements that are rich in Iron and Zinc. You can find a lot of these in the market today.

Never leave your problem on thinning hair for granted as it may lead to serious hair loss problems.

It is always better to prevent it rather than resorting to hair loss cure methods. Remember that hair thinning can lead to both hair loss in men and hair loss in women.

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