Hair Loss Treatment and Baldness Cure with Bees

Bees are the Answer to Your Baldness or Hair Loss Woes

 Just as when we think we have exhausted all possible solutions to treating Hair Loss, here comes another solution that has been under our noses all this time now yet was not discovered until recently which grew abuzz among the Hair Loss Circles in the University of Hokkaido in Japan.

The discovery through their experiments – a substance naturally made by Bees called Propolis promotes Hair Growth on mice, study shows.

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According to Ken Kobayashi, the lead researcher of the study, it is with expectation that Propolis could lessen the impact of Hair Loss as far as its anti-inflammatory effect is concerned in addition to its ability to proliferate the process of Keratinocyte.


The Healing Power of Propolis

History has told us that Propolis has long been discovered – as long as many centuries now — which has been in use for its ability to counter inflammation from within the body and its wound-healing capability.

Other recorded use of Propolis include being used as a treatment to tumors, burns, and acne, as well as a disinfectant to wounds.

Propolis are aplenty in beehives where it is used as a coating by the honeybees to their nest.

Common sense may point out to Propolis’ anti-inflammatory effects that promotes Hair Growth among people suffering from Hair Loss, specifically Alopecia Areata, however, it turns out that there is more to the substance which it can offer as far as the combat against Loss of Hair goes – Propolis help develop Keratinocytes, cells that makes hair shaft in the scalp including the production of its follicle.

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Common Existence of


Getting yourself a Propolis product is more accessible and easier nowadays than it seems. Pharmacies and Health Food Stores have in them in various forms – creams, ointments, lotions, powders, tablets, balms, extracts, and capsules – and can be easily bought over-the-counter without the need for prescription.

Although these products may be easily bought and be used directly on the scalp against Hair Loss, these products are not necessarily designed as a treatment to it.

Groundbreaking but Not Miraculous

hair-loss-and-baldness-cure-with-beesDespite its breakthrough discovery, Propolis however is already known for its limitations — it is not a miracle cure and may not treat serious causes of Hair Loss or Balding such as the Male Pattern Baldness, an irreversible cause of Hair Loss at severe level and a major cause of Hair Loss among Males.

According to a person renowned in dermatology, Dr. Zoe Diana Draelos, people who are suffering from Male Pattern Baldness, or Androgenic Alopecia, will find the anti-inflammatory properties found in Propolis will be of little benefit to the person.

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This, however, does not rule out the possibility of the substance reversing Balding among Hair Loss Sufferers which only needed further more laboratory testing.

Propolis may be a groundbreaking discovery in a search for a potent treatment against Hair Loss, but as there is not as of yet a product making use of Propolis as an active ingredient solely for the purpose of growing hair back, how effective this bee-produced substance to Hair Loss is still remains to be seen.

Please watch this video that may help you understand better how Propolis from Bees help promote Hair Regrowth and how its discovery may forever change the way we Treat Baldness or Hair Loss




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