Hair Regeneration to Treat Female Pattern Baldness: Video

Hair Transplant and Female Pattern Baldness

Since having given birth to a child three years ago, a 35-year old woman was diagnosed of having a Thyroid disease which causes her to experience Hair Loss because of the Hormonal Imbalance attributed to the disease.

female-hair-restorationAlthough her Hormone Level is now regulated after a year of going through medications, her Hair has not re-grown since.

What she experiences is a Hair Loss condition that is possibly a Female Pattern Baldness as seen on the picture she herself submitted.

Her question basically is: “Am I a Hair Transplant candidate?

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Answering her question in this Video is Dr. Amiya Prasad, a Hair Restoration specialist. Using the information provided by the subject, Dr. Prasad immediately noticed her condition as  Female Pattern Baldness, because of the widening in some parts of the Hair.

Admittedly upfront to state the dilemma attributed to making Hair Transplants to women experiencing Hair Loss, he recommended the subject of not taking a Hair Transplant until fully informed of the going-on with the procedure.

According to Dr. Prasad, there is a degree of difference between Male Hair Loss  and Female Hair Loss which sets hair transplant treatment on Men to be a more probable option but not on Women.

The difference lies on the concentration of Hair Loss in men as seen on those experiencing male pattern baldness with the recession of the hair on the top of the scalp as compared to women’s more diffused hair losses.

Both men and women experience hair loss due to hormonal factor, but genetics also has its role with it.

Through the years of medical practice with fixing the issue of hair loss, Dr. Prasad found out that making hair transplants in Women are more frustrating than in Men because of the tiny spaces available in between hairs where additional Hair will be planted for growth.

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female-hair-regenerationThis is unlike men who have a better workspace given the concentration of Hair Losses on the Scalp.

Women who are suffering from hair loss and undergo hair transplantation will not just gain hair as she go through the process, she also loses some of the existing ones simply because of stress or shock loss (Telogen Effluvium).

Although stress can be easily remedied with and thus subside, the hair loss resulting from stress may not necessarily re-grow.

Dr. Prasad’s method of treating female hair loss – Hair Regeneration, a treatment involving a Platelet-Rich Plasma(PRP) with extracellular matrix originally intended for wound healing.

Applicable to both male and female patients, the Hair Regeneration treatment is more common to female patients numbering to as much as 99%, overall.

When applied to patients who suffer from hair loss, results show a thickening of existing hairs to the client and even grow back hairs but darker in coloration.

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Likely, a wound-healing mechanism of the extracellular matrix which help restore the native stem cell functions beneath the scalp.

However, there is also an exception as to when the Hair Regeneration treatment is applicable or not – those who are suffering from frontal hairline loss are suggested to undergo hair transplant instead. Please watch the Video and let us know your thoughts.


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