Hair Transplant: 10 Things to Consider Before You Decide

Hair Transplant or Not?

Hair Transplant or Surgery is the last thing you would like to undergo when experiencing Baldness or Hair Loss. One reason is that the Process of Hair Transplantation is expensive and more often than not, only  a few has the budget to have such procedure and have access to the best Hair Transplant Doctors.

Some forms of Baldness are reversible with the help of Hair Loss Medicines, but if Hair Loss is due to genetics, these Treatments are more likely to be ineffective thus Hair Transplant is the only solution you think can end your Baldness woes.

Medical Science refers to this condition as “Alopecia Areata” and is described simply as a Loss of Hair on the scalp as a result of our body’s auto-immune response to the cells that make up hair follicles. While Alopecia Areata affects both Men (male pattern baldness) and Women (female pattern baldness) respectively, Men are more likely to experience balding than women do and may start of as a hair thinning.

There are already many known Hair Loss Treatment which involves proper lifestyle, nutrition, medications, and even surgery. But when medications and nutrition no longer slows nor reverses the process of balding,  Surgery  has been known to be effective in making hair growth again such as Hair Transplanting.

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But before undergoing Hair Transplants, here are the top 10 things you should consider first:

1. Surgery Procedure

 FUE-Hair-TransplantTwo of the most common hair transplanting procedures involved Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) or Follicular Unit Transplantations (FUT). Deciding which procedure to go thru must be carefully done to prepare yourself on the costs and outcome.

  • FUT, also known as the ‘strip’ method, is a hair transplanting procedure which involves the cutting and removing of a strip of skin and hair whose hair follicles is used to the patient’s balding areas of the scalp. This is the older of two procedures and is preferred because of the shorter operation time as well as for its capability to meet expected outputs.
  • Unlike the FUT procedure, the FUE Hair Transplantation does not involve getting a strip of the scalp’s skin and hair but rather on follicular unit only and are taken at a random fashion where hair is still abundant. Each hair follicle is then transferred to the client’s balding area where it is needed. Also, unlike the output as seen with the FUT procedure, FUE’s output may not be as generous and may only be ideal in small cases. However, this does not limit the practice to such but is applicable to larger cases as well.

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2. Hair and Skin Type, including Ethnicity

 Whether you are Asian, Caucasian, or African in race, know where yourself belongs and consider the differences. For better chances of an optimum output, choose an experienced surgeon who has previous medical procedures with the race of your kind.

 3. Cost of Surgery

cost-of-hair-transplant-surgerySurgeries are often an expensive procedure to go through. This is even truer with a complicated procedure such as Hair Transplant. While cost may be a good factor to consider before undergoing the procedure, do not take cost of the surgery as the sole factor to consider for it.

4. Expertise and Work Experience of the Surgeon

Earlier we have mentioned about seeking a Surgeon deemed experienced with handling patients of your kind. If you are uncertain of the qualifications of the surgeon doing the operations to you, it is okay to just ask the surgeon personally about it.

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 5. Complications and Risks

 hair-transplant-risksSoon as you undergo the surgery involved with the Hair Transplantation, you already placed yourself in a position where you are subject to certain complications and risks. It is wise that you ask about it on your clinic and be clear on it before going through the operation. You can also ask second opinions from online forums as there are a lot of it online where you can find former patients who can share their stories and experiences.

These are just some of the most popular forums you can visit: HairLossTalk and HairLossHelp

6. Word of Mouth on the Internet / Social Media

 People are closer now than ever before all because of  Social Media and the Internet. As it is now easier and more accessible to use a computer or electronic devices connected to the internet nowadays, leaving information regarding reviews on clinic is as easy as well.

Before undergoing an operation involving Hair Transplant in a certain clinic, check the reputation of the clinic and its surgeons first. With the proper keywords for search engines to look for, there is surely anyone who will be posting about it.

 7. Needed Preparations and Medical Care

Depending on your preferred procedure of having a hair transplant, there are precautions and things you may need to avoid before, during, and after the operation. Among the two procedure mentioned, FUT is the one which may require a rigorous after-care regimen due to the complexity of its procedure.

Common practices that are prohibited after going through hair transplants involved drinking alcoholic drinks, smoking, excessive sweating due to an intensive workout and eating spicy foods.

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8. Time to Think

time-to-think-about-hair-loss-transplantGoing through surgery such as a Hair Transplantation is no simple feat and one which may require big thinking. Apart from making a huge cost with the operation as a baldness cure, changes that will take place with the operation may be a factor to consider as well.

Ideally, a good clinic will not be pressuring you to sign up for the surgery, so take your time to think about it first.

 9. Medications

 There are medications developed and intended as a hair loss cure. Although these medications are mostly ideal during the early stages of Alopecia Areata, some medications of the same kind may still be ideal before and after undergoing a hair transplant procedure.

Medication names such as Minoxidil and Finasteride are good examples of these. You can take the time to discuss these medications with your surgeon as needed.

You can buy these Products on Amazon and find reviews of users as well.

 10. The Clinic Where Surgery Will Take Place

 This is in line with the reputation of the surgeon who conducts hair transplantation. While the surgeon which may be working in a certain clinic may have a good reputation with his skills, it is worth noting of the reputation of the clinic which may be employing the said surgeon.

Here is a Video I want to share wherein a Guy documents the result of undergoing Hair Transplant Surgery one year after the Process was done.

Video Credit: Allan Bauman:

Here is another Video worth Watching which exposes the Truth about Hair Transplant. Watch it and decide for yourself.

Video Credit: Spencer Kobren

Robotic Assisted FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction)is also being conducted now in some Hair Loss Treatment Clinics in the USA. Here is one Video that shows you how the Procedure is done.

Video Credit:Dr. Glenn Charles

Hair Transplant or Surgeries may be your last hope to put an end to your Hair Loss or Baldness problem. But remember as well, that it is not the ultimate solution.  Some people had success in it, but some just lost money and had bigger problems to face in the end. This Article is just a reminder for you to think as many times and weight all possible angles before undergoing such treatment.


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