Hair Transplant Surgery: Do You Need It?

Hair Transplant

With Robbie Williams admitting that he had hair transplant surgery done, it has become a focus for so many balding individuals to consider the procedure. But what does it really entail and what benefits will you derive from it, if any, should you decide to undergo such treatment?


When you think about it, Hair Loss, unless caused by some illness or treatment to cure a particular disease, doesn’t really do anybody any physical harm.  One may realize though, that the psychological stress that a person goes through when he see his hair slowly fading into nothingness is not as easy to dismiss and perhaps this is where the procedure can help the balding individual.

Many individuals with this problem often revert to various Baldness Cure Medications, Creams, Shampoos and the likes  in order to combat their growing baldness and while some products are indeed effective, they can be quite expensive, and they require a long period of time before any evident result can be seen. You may also recognized that continued therapy may be more expensive than undergoing the surgery in the long run.

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The Basics

Here are a few things you need to do about the procedure to make an informed decision. Hair transplant involves two procedures, the Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT) and the Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). During the procedure, a portion of your own hair is extracted, usually at the back of the head, if the hair at the location is ample enough, the hair from there is then transplanted to the bald site.

The good thing about extracting hair from your own scalp is that the look and feel of the hair is very natural and complications and side effects are kept to a minimum with only a minute amount of pain and some bruising.

The surgery can also be quite expensive, so you do need to prepare a good amount if you are planning on undergoing the procedure. You need to take into consideration the professional fee of the physician who will do the surgery as well as any hospitalization charge and other fees.  There will also be the expense for medications and other products that you will need after surgery.


If you are planning on undergoing the surgery, make sure that you consult with a reputable clinic or doctor to ensure that you will have a successful transplant with zero to nil complications. Keep in mind that your undergo this type of procedure to enhance your physical appearance, and not aggravate the situation, so you need to ensure that the physician doing the procedure is capable and qualified.

In The End

When you think about it, undergoing the surgery is a surefire way to resolve the problem of baldness quickly and effectively but it can be quite costly but if you can afford it, perhaps your best attempt to cover that bald spot is to indeed undergo Hair Transplant surgery.  You can save yourself all the trouble of those costly treatments that sometimes doesn’t even work.

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