Hairomega DHT Blocker Hair Loss Supplement

How Hairomega Prevents Hair Loss

Here is a Hair Loss Supplement that addresses directly the root cause of Hair Loss. In all cases, the problem starts in the Hair Follicle. Hairomega DHT Blocker as the name suggests prevents the secretion of DHT, which makes the Hair Follicle, shrink causing the hair to thin, delaying its growing pace and worse, may cause the Follicle to be dormant and completely stop Hair Growth.

hairomega-DHT-blocker-hair-growth-supplementWhat is DHT anyway?

DHT or Dihydrotestosterone,  is an Androgenic Hormon that is responsible for Hair Loss especially on Men.

When both Men and Women age, hormonal imbalances occurs. A disruption of androgen in the body’s metabolism may increase DHT level. And the problem arises to DHT sensitive follicles.

To avoid these hair situations Hairomega DHT Hair Loss Supplement hinders the increase of DHT in the follicle thru the product’s DHT blockers.

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The Saw Palmetto and Beta-Sitosterol that it contains are recommended for a good DHT blocker, which all good brand of Hair Loss Supplement has.

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This Hair loss supplement balances the production of DHT in the body and blocks its over secretion in the root to avoid the shrinking or “follicular miniaturization” of the hair follicle.

It also contains a line of special nutrients to nourish hair and the roots to assure hair growth and hair nourishment. The product is good to use with Hairomega 3-in-1 DHT Blocker for added DHT blocking power and more nutrient absorption of its gingko biloba and grape extracts that promotes proper circulation to the Hair Follicle.

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Warning is given to those who have allergies because the product is processed with milk, eggs and other possible allergens. Bottled with 90 capsules for two times a day intake good for 45 days consumption. A money back is guaranteed for the assurance of good result.

User Reviews:

Tested with good results from customers with fine and thin hair, after patiently taking the supplement in almost a year. The product is also effective when taken at the same time using Black Currant Oil. Hair became thicker and looked great according to some users after some time of regular use.

Although this product is not introduced as medication to certain ailment some users thought that it meets the required dosage of saw palmetto for cure to some medical problems. This product shows that the sole use of it requires a lot patience for the desirable results to come.

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But could be more effective in just a few times use with another Hair product that addresses the same problem of hair loss. This supplement’s strength in blocking DHT and nourishing the hair is maximized with the help of other products.

Here is a Video from Dr. Axe explaining how DHT can affect Hair Loss and the various solutions available today to combat the effects of Loosing Hair due to Hormonal Imbalance.



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