How Does Caffeine Promote Hair Growth in Men And Women?

Hair Problems are not a simple thing to deal with. Since Hair is a very visible part of the human body, anything that goes wrong with it can be bothersome.

This is especially true when the problem is hair thinning or hair loss.

And with the lifestyle of the people of today—bouts with tons of stress, exposure to chemicals and technological trends, and practice of unhealthy eating, hair loss and hair thinning are not an impossible thing to happen.

And it is also because of these that science and hair experts are exhausting every means to find that cure for such a problem. Sadly, for many decades, the only ingredient or cure that they have found to be most effective is primarily chemical.

With all the advertisements of hair loss shampoos and conditioners today, it has become challenging to choose the right product that could actually deliver to their promise and not pose any adverse effects on the user.

A lot of hair products claim to contain ingredients that have been proven by research to work and restore your hair’s health.

Still, many individuals have been disappointed and are now exhausted in the search for the solution.

However, in the midst of all these, science has found that a certain popular product that we are all familiar with has promising characteristics that may actually address the problem of hair loss by promoting hair growth in both men and women.

Believe it or not but that product is Coffee, and the Caffeine it contains

Why Use Caffeine to Reverse Hair Loss?

caffeine-baldness-cureCouldn’t believe your eyes? Yes, Coffee has been found to have elements that can cure thinning hair.

Turns out, this wake-upper drink is not just something that caffeine-holics can enjoy but it can also be helpful for those who fear they are losing their mane.

But before we delve into why you should use caffeine to reverse Hair Loss, it is important to first explain and understand why Hair Loss happens and why it happens to some and not everyone but most Men.

To begin with, each person has hair follicles that allow hair to grow. However, the male species have the hormone Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) that affects hair follicles, causing the hair follicles to shrink and eventually disappear, disabling the growth of hairs.

This process known as the ‘miniaturization of the hair follicles’ is what leads to hair thinning and even baldness.

Now, let us go back to the main question of why you should use Caffeine to reverse hair loss.

If coffee in the morning kick starts your day, imagine it doing the same thing to your hair by stimulating the roots.

In a more figurative way of saying it, your hair follicles will be energized to grow into new hairs.

This was proven by an experiment by scientists who used a caffeine solution to treat the weak hair follicles in a laboratory. The hair follicles were exposed to both testosterone and caffeine.

And the results were truly amazing.

While the growth of those that were exposed to testosterone was greatly reduced, the growth of those that were exposed to the caffeine solution showed the growth of hair.

And not only that, it was quite evident that the caffeine solution prevented the testosterone from negatively impacting the hair follicles

. This means that caffeine works in two ways—stimulating hair growth, as well as protecting the hair follicles from the adverse effects of testosterone.

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What makes Caffeine effective against Alopecia

Hair Loss can range from being a simple and natural phenomenon known as common baldness attributed to genetics to being the result of a dermatological problem known as Androgenic Alopecia or AGA.

AGA affects both men and women and it commonly begins at age 20. The sad thing about it aside from the fact that it is hereditary is that about 50 percent of men will develop the disorder by age 50.

Anyone who has had AGA would really say that it can negatively impact one’s self-esteem, self-image and social skills and demand a quick and sure cure.

Scientists and hair experts are continuing all their efforts into finding the right treatment to this disorder without causing any adverse effects on the individual. At the moment, the only ingredient that is being used to treat it is Minoxidil, a known ingredient that treats hair loss.

The sad thing is that Minoxidil can only do so much and since it is a chemical by nature, negative effects may be seen if used for a prolonged period.

caffeine-for-baldnessEven certain studies claim that when you stop using minoxidil after quite a while, it may trigger hair loss again.

However, recently, a new research has opened up new doors of hope for those suffering from AGA with caffeine being named as a good alternative medicine to treating AGA.

As mentioned above, a group of scientists have conducted an experiment wherein they cultured hair follicle samples from men who suffered from hair loss in a lab and exposed a group of these to testosterone and to caffeine.

Specifically, caffeine concentrations of 0.005 percent and 0.001 percent were added into the samples and revealed that the negative effects of testosterone on hair growth were counteracted.

As a result, hair shaft elongation increased just 120 hours after the caffeine solution was administered.

The question now is how to administer this caffeine solution in order to address Androgenic Alopecia or even a simple case of hair loss.

Will coffee drinkers enjoy drinking more coffee to treat hair loss? Or will they have to find another way?

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How to use Caffeine to Grow back Hair?

As Caffeine has already been found to be a cure for hair loss and AGA, the question to answer now is how it will be administered on someone who needs it?

couple-drinking-coffeeAs much as I want to say you just simply need to drink more coffee and wait for the results in a few days, I am afraid I am not going to say that.

The results when just drinking coffee or latte (if you love latte) and actually applying it the right way are not the same.

It turns out that according to the experiment, the fastest way to seeing results is through follicular penetration.

In colloquial terms, the easiest way for the caffeine solution to be absorbed is through the hair follicles.

This was proven by a separate experiment where the hair follicles served as the fastest route for the solution to be absorbed into the individual’s system.

So there is good news in this! Caffeine, when created in the right mixture and included as an ingredient in a particular shampoo, may actually address and cure hair thinning and even AGA.

This means that though you won’t have any more good reason to increase your daily dose of caffeine, you can actually still see results when you use a shampoo that is formulated with caffeine.

Right now, there are certain brands of shampoo that actually have caffeine in them available in the market.


Please watch this video by News24 on how Caffeine can help prevent or reverse Hair Loss.

The Bottomline

Hair Loss, whether just a simple case of common baldness or AGA, is a problem that needs immediate solutions.

Otherwise, it may be too late to be reversed. And yes, the effects of such a condition can negatively impact the individual’s perception of himself which may also eventually affect his psychological skills.

The truth is that even if hair loss is becoming a more common phenomenon today, the feeling of embarrassment of those who have it remain the same.

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With the discovery that a common natural ingredient known as Caffeine could be a key to reversing hair loss and AGA, a new ray of hope shines among those who are affected by Hair Loss Problems.

It is just important to note that drinking caffeine and administering it through follicular penetration are not going to yield similar results for the user.

Since it was proven by a separate research that the hair follicles are the quickest avenue for drug delivery, using a shampoo that contains caffeine can better address hair loss and AGA. As long as the shampoo is left on the hair for at least 2 minutes, desirable results will be obtained.

Since everyone is unique, reactions to the use of caffeine in treating hair loss and AGA might also differ for every person. Some people may respond more quickly while some others may take a little longer.

But just like in any other case, consistent use of the product containing caffeine is important in order to obtain results.

Also, it is important to note that you cannot also just administer or apply caffeine straight onto your scalp and leave it there for a while since there is a specific amount to be followed and a process in the lab that has to be conducted.

With this news, there is hope for those suffering from AGA and hair loss.

It is hoped as well that many shampoo brands will take the time to develop this breakthrough and come up with a truly effective product.

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