Is Coffee the Future of Baldness and Hair Loss Treatment?

Baldness Cure on Your Favourite Cup of Coffee?

Coffee is a popular drink for much of the US and elsewhere in the world for its stimulating effect which keeps anyone mentally sharp and awake to start a good day, a known contribution of Coffee’s psychoactive content, Caffeine.

coffee-hair-loss-treatmentBut more than just a drink to boost energy levels in the morning to start on the day, an afternoon drink to pass some time while relaxing, or a drink at night in order to go through the night shift, Caffeine found in Coffee is also said to be an effective treatment to Baldness or Hair Loss, according to studies.

However, if it meant for treating Baldness, drinking your Caffeinated Drink may not be the proper way of doing it – you have to rub on it directly on your Scalp.

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How can Coffee Treat Baldness?

The suspicion and later discovery of Coffee being an effective Baldness Treatment arose when Coffee, an innocent recreational choice of drink for many, was added to the anti-doping list in Australia by its own Sports Doping Agency until it was lifted in 2004.

coffee-baldness-cure-01According to Dr. Adolf  Klenk of Dr. Wolff Company, they knew the potentials of Caffeine as seen through its capability to penetrate each Hair’s Roots, even hinted by its being a part of the anti-doping list.

However, such an effect is not without its great requirement – much, much energy in the body.

Apparently, as mentioned by Dr. Klenk, Hair Growth requires much energy while in its phase of growth, a requirement of which Caffeine delivers and is partly a reason why it was added on the anti-doping list.

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Adding more to the credibility of this breakthrough discovery against the issue of Baldness, a British journal already published a research which cites that Caffeine is proven to be a treatment for severe Baldness.

In a certain means of experiment using an Extracted Hair Organ which was treated with a combination of testosterone, a Male Hormone, and Caffeine, the trial showed a promising result by displaying a hair growing faster.

In fact, the same experiment even implied of Caffeine’s ability to negate Testosterone’s Hair Loss-potentiality.

Drinking Coffee: Not as Effective as a Topical Solution

coffee-male-pattern-baldness-cureIf you have been wondering why drinking Coffee does not have the same impact as having to directly apply a concentrated Caffeine solution to the scalp, Dr. Klenk has the answer.

According to Dr. Klenk, drinking Coffee may have similar effect as its topical counterpart but that also means having to drink 40 to 50 cups of Coffee per day, a habit which can be very harmful to man.

It is for this reason that there are Coffee-Based Shampoos out there that are specially formulated with Concentrated Caffeine.

As proof, Dr. Klenk mentioned that the washing of Hair with this carefully formulated Shampoos is meant to reduce Hair Fall for its users by as much as 20%.

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Its Known Limitations of Coffee

While it may be considered by some as a breakthrough research in finding an alternative treatment to Baldness or Hair Loss, a Caffeine Shampoo is not a miracle solution and is known for its limitations – it does not work on people who have totally lost their hair from the root.



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