Male Pattern Baldness(Androgenic Alopecia) Treatment Options-Video

What Treatment Options are Available to Treat Male Pattern Baldness?

Ever wonder why some men who have been losing their Hairs for years only do so on the top of the head yet the sides are very much healthy still? Do Men’s body hormones got to do with the said Hair Loss or Baldness? If so, why?

male-pattern-baldness-causes-treatmentsWhether simply out of curiosity or someone who is actually going through Baldness in life, these are questions that may have been in people’s minds, especially the unawares who may not have known the actual chemistry in play with Male Pattern Baldness or Androgenic Alopecia.

Specifically to answer these questions in this video, Dr. Greg Castello gives definite explanations pertaining to what’s going on in a person’s body that promotes Lale Pattern Baldness at the chemical level.

In his explanations, you will hear about the hormone testosterone and its role in male pattern baldness, what Dihydrotestosterone “DHT” is and what does it do to a person’s body before birth while still in mother’s womb and as an adult.

The role of the 5 alpha-reductace between testosterone and DHT, including topics on medications that may already be familiar to those who needs them – medications such as Proscar, Propecia, Avodart, Minoxidil, and Rogaine, etc.

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In chronological order, what you will see in the video are information regarding the following:

1. Why do men lose hair at only certain parts of the head and not the overall head altogether? Specifically, why men with male pattern baldness lose hair at around the top of the head but still maintains a healthy hair on the sides.

2. What is “DHT” and how it promotes hair loss on the upper portion of the head but not on the sides?

3. Testosterone as a hormone in a person’s body (both male and female) and its relationship to “DHT” in addition to 5 alpha-reductace.

4. Other health implications of “DHT” in the body apart from causing hair loss.

5. What are some known medications used to address the common issue of “DHT” or its formation in the body.

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6. The pathways critical for these medications.

7. What the medications, Proscar, Propecia, and Avodart are and the proper dosage and prices for each.

8. What are the alternatives, Minoxidil (oral medication) and Rogaine (topical solution) are and how they are applied to be effective in the body.

9. Why Proscar, Propecia, and Avodart do not work for female experiencing female pattern baldness while Minoxidil and Rogaine may do.

10. How Female Pattern Baldness is different from Male Pattern Baldness is.

11. What is Aldactone and why is it not suggested for male, but may be good for female.

12. What is Flutimide and why its usages is not suggested overall.

13. What is Ketoconazole and how it can help with hair growth.

14. How Caffeine helps in promoting hair growth.

15. Why Hair Transplant is the most effective method in treating male pattern baldness, what it does, and how much its operation costs.

16. Re-summary of all the topics as a conclusion to the video.

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Here is the Video courtesy of Dr. Greg Castello. You can visit his YouTube Chanel to obtain more information on Hair Loss and Several Treatment Options.






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