Nioxin Hair Loss and Treatment Review

Is Nioxin Effective?

Hair Loss is a normal part of ageing. However, such condition can affect one’s self-esteem and the worse is it may lead to emotional stress and anxiety. You must have landed on this post because you are looking for the best solution for your hair loss. Perhaps, you have tried several gimmicks, both natural and drug-based, to treat it and none of them work for you. Well, the long search is over! Nioxin may be the best solution that you are looking for!

Prior to marketing the product, group of scientists who have a broad understanding about biology behind hair loss conducted numerous researches and tests for its efficacy. With its unbeatable reputation in the market and its decades of continuous research, Nioxin is definitely a product that you can trust.

What is Nioxin?

nioxin-hair-growth-formulaNioxin pertains to the complete set of products that are concerned for the overall health of the hair and scalp for women. Although this system of treatment is only intended for women, there are bunch of men who also courageously tried to use this wonderful product to end their stubborn hair loss. And luckily, some testify it to work.

Nioxin accelerates hair growth and it also promotes healthy scalp resulting to a thicker, shinier and stronger hair. This amazing product efficaciously eliminates itchiness, flaky scalp, and scalp tightness. Nioxin is also known to treat numerous scalp problems like Seborrhoeic Dermatitis.

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Over the decades in the market, Nioxin is known with its effective advanced technology. It has glycol-proteins which makes someone’s hair glowing and thick. Glycol-protein also strengthens the hair by establishing a strong anchorage from inside the cuticle. Aside from this, Nioxin moisturizes the hair giving it natural shine with a proprietary blend of kukui nut oil and silk amino.

This product also boasts its double protection technology which safeguards the scalp from some chemical products like dye, highlights and lowlights, relaxers and permanent waves that cause hair damage and irritation.

Each system of Nioxin contains a bottle of shampoo, conditioner and scalp treatment to guarantee the total abolishment of hair loss. Nioxin’s system gives a menthol feeling on the scalp, keeping the hair volumized for a long time. Aside from its primary indication of treating hair loss, Nioxin also strengthens the hair and maintain its shine. Many users really applaud for Nioxin’s fast and consistent results. Results usually can be seen in as fast as five weeks if the product is used religiously.

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Different Systems of Nioxin

As we all know, types of hair fall vary. Considering these, Nioxin has specialized a series of products that will surely benefit all types of hair fall. Nioxin has different systems for different hair types. As per the published testimony in its website, 9 out of 10 users find this three-part system effective if used as directed.

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For fine and natural (i.e., the hair has no highlights, relaxers, color and/or perms) normal to thin-looking hair, Sytem 1 shall be used. If the hair is fine and natural but is truly thin, the treatment must fall under System 2. Chemical contents of System 1 and System 2 are almost the same. They only differ in terms of their concentration. System 2 has stronger ingredients than System 1. Moreover, Nioxin’s System 2 has SPF to protect one’s hair from the harmful rays of the sun.

On the other hand, system 3 is for those who have normal to thin-looking hair but chemically enhanced (i.e., with highlights, relaxers, color and/or perms). Sytem 4 is for those who have fine and chemically enhanced hair and are experiencing obvious thinning of hair. Just like the trend of the first two systems, Nioxin’s System 4 has stronger ingredients that System 3. System 4 also has SPF in it. Generally, Nioxin’s Systems 1-4 are all for normal or fine hair. If you have moderate to course hair, you might try the next systems.

System 5 has the ability to treat those who have medium/course, natural/thin-looking hair. If the hair is medium/course and there is an apparent thinning of hair, system 6 is the best treatment. System 7 is for medium or course, natural or thin-looking but chemically enhanced. And lastly, system 8 is the best for those who have medium/course chemically enhanced thinning hair.

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Other Nioxin Products as supplements for greater and faster results

nioxin-hair-loss-treatmentAlthough the product confidently guarantees to deliver positive results in just few days, using other Nioxin’s products may optimize and give more satisfying outcome. Intensive Therapy Treatments are considered to be the supplements of your Nioxin Three-Part System. It aims to maximize the results in a shorter period of time. Hair Booster product is designed for the people who have low-density hair lines and for those who are experiencing severe hair loss. Nioxin’s Hair Booster is actually a vitamin enriched hair leave-on that effectively dead skin cells. This supplement is used twice a day.

Treating the scalp with Nioxin is actually great. But with its multivitamin supplement  Recharging Complex, you can now have a super balanced diet to accelerate healthy hair growth. Taking this supplement can also make your skin more radiant and it aide your body to grow healthy and strong nails.

Nioxin also offers Clean Control. Our hair easily absorbs dirt and so our scalp too. This dirt may cause dandruff and other hair damages to some. Nioxin’s Clean Control is used to wash and clean our scalp thoroughly. It removes excess sebum to avoid future scalp dilemmas.

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Nioxin’s Clarifying Cleanser also offers a powerful solution to clean one’s scalp. Clarifying Cleanser is used as usual shampoo; certain hair products like hairspray, hair dye and the like may leave unnecessary contents on our hair, making it damaged. To guarantee your hair’s protection against damages from chemical exposures, you may try using Nioxin’s Hydrating Hair Masque. This hair masque has potent contents that effectively strengthens hair and renew its elasticity.

To surmise it all, the results you are expecting from these systems cannot be achieved if one does not use it religiously and as directed. Otherwise, Nioxin would be just a fail to you like any other promising hair products.

This video is a Comprehensive Review of Nioxin by Dr. Neda. Enjoy.

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