Non-Surgical Hair Replacement: 10 things You Should Know first before you Try

What is Non-Surgical Hair Replacement?

Are you losing your hair because of Male Pattern Baldness? Do you want to try Non-Surgical Solution for your hair loss? Everyone else is just like you. They are longing for more natural, great looking and comfortable hair. Almost 95% of men loses their hair due to Androgenetic Baldness.

non-surgical-hair-replacement-02Cheer up! 21st century brought another way to regain the entire hair density we had before hair loss comes due to different reasons such Medically Related Therapies, Alopecia, Female Pattern Baldness, Male Pattern Baldness and many more. Finally, Non-Surgical Hair Replacement has helped to eliminate itchy wigs and other ill-fitting hairpiece both for women and men.

Through its Cutting-Edge Technology, you could now get that natural look you’ve always dream of. While it will be your first time to avail of these Hair Replacement Procedures, you can immediately say that this procedure is worth of your payment.

How is Non-Surgical Hair Replacement Done?

 You don’t like Surgery but still want to bring back a healthy, bouncy hair in your head? Why not do a little legwork regarding Non-Surgical Treatments for your Hair. These could be the rugs you’ve been ignoring before. Right now, Non-Surgical Hair Replacements can bring out a natural and refined looking hair that exceeds your expectation.

Through using 100% of Human Hair, most individual now are just utilizing as part of their fashion statement. However, if you are suffering from medical issues, you really need to know how this Hair Replacement System works for you and your hair loss problem.

When you say ‘Hair System’, it pertains to a certain portion of your hair created to replace your missing hair. , Usually. High-End Hair System is specifically custom-made and created to fit your head with the help of Pure Human Hair. For guys out there, Hairpiece could be located on the crown down to cover-up Male Pattern Baldness. For women, it typically lies on the top of their head right on the receding line or anywhere they are missing their locks.

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In this treatment, a Membrane will be applied to the scalp filled with natural hair. When it is already attached to your scalp, this could be blended along with your Natural Hair which exists already to form a real-like look. With that, the hair on the membrane will be harmonized on that existing hair in terms of thickness and colour. Such attachment needs the involvement of Modern Bonding Materials to secure it and make your more confident while wearing it.

Depending on your preference, budget, and Hair Loss Situation, you should know that there are plethora of options to achieve that natural-looking hair to camouflage your missing hair. Moreover, the price and quality basically depends on your hair type, the way it will be attached, your chosen base as well as the way it will maintained and serviced.

Non-Surgical VS Surgical Hair Replacement

Due to the alarming rate of hair loss problem these days, Hair Replacement isn’t a new thing anymore. Before, it was just a mere idea that Thinning Hairline happened because of aging. So, before proceeding to any specific Hair Treatment, you need to be aware of the difference between surgical and Non-Surgical Hair Replacement.

non-surgical-hair-replacement-01While Non-Surgical procedure can’t regrow your hair, this can greatly help lessen any visible baldness. Most experts use two Non-Surgical procedures today. The first one is hair piece which utilizes either Synthetic Hair or Human Hair to make a natural-looking wig. The other one is using of topical or oral drugs. Though these drugs are not as effective as they are advertised, still they can help you with your baldness.

On the contrary, if you don’t want to settle with simple Hair Strengthening Drugs or Hair Piece, you can opt for surgical options. Though almost everybody is qualified for this, there’s still an exception. Patients must still have some hair on either the back or sides of their head.

10 things You Should Know first before you Try Non-Surgical Hair Replacement

 1. How much does it cost?

 As an ideal solution for people who are afraid of surgery and for those who suffers from Extensive Baldness, its cost differs from one product to another product.

Not only that, location can also affect its cost. Its cost may ranger from £1,250 to £1,500, depending on the density, size and length of the Custom Hair Replacement. In addition to that, there’s also the so-called monthly maintenance for a good haircut.

2. Is there any potential complication or risk from this method?

 Up to date, there are no reports of complications or side effects in wearing these Non-Surgical Hair Replacement Systems.

3. Who could perform Non-Surgical Hair Replacement?

Only expert Hair Replacement Specialist should carry out fitting and designing of your hair replacement. So, choosing the right professional is really important.

To do this, do your homework. Research for individuals or surgery clinic, which already have proven track record. Ask your relatives and friends for any referrals.

After that, avail their free assessment on your hair situation. They should be able to give you couple of options. More importantly, they must keep everything confidential and private.

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4. What are the advantages of this procedure?

What’s great about is that, it’s more affordable than the Surgical Procedure of Hair Replacement. With it, you don’t need to wait for plenty of hours or take series of operation just to complete the whole process.

With Non-Surgical Methods, you could see instantly the result. Likewise, you can also use this for a long period of time

As what its name suggest, you don’t need to experience the pain (and hassle) of undergoing the surgery. Non-Surgical procedures let you avoid any discomfort and pain associated with hair transplant. By that,   no such infection or scarring could prevent you from going back to your normal life.

5. What about the disadvantages?

 It is possible that the membrane will wear out. Thus, this needs a replacement. There are also some people who pick specific hair membrane type might also need to utilized a special kind of product to maintain.

Another disadvantage of this procedure that you should be aware of is that it isn’t a one-time investment. So, individuals who undergo on this method must always keep in mind that the whole expense doesn’t stop at the first stage.

 6. Is it noticeable?

 It will not look obvious if you’ll trust only reliable Hair Replacement Company. Rest assured that you’ll be the only person who will know about your fake tresses.

7. How a certain Hair Replacement will be attached?

Today, there are three famous attachment methods namely glue, tape, and clips. Glue or also known as Bonding Adhesive and at the same time tape are utilized of about 90% of patients.

They strongly believe that using these attachment methods will help in achieving a more natural look.

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8. How long do this hair attachment last?

Normally, Hair System Attachment could last more than four weeks through stronger tape and glues. But most people opt to wear bond every day so they could remove their system after days of wearing it.

9. Does it needs continuous maintenance?

 Yes. This method needs continuous maintenance to maintain its natural effect intact. However, if you need for a haircut, you shouldn’t go to barber shop. Instead, you need to revisit your surgery clinic.

They will remove the membrane and then trim the existing locks. There are also specific situations that demand restructuring of your hair on the membrane.

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 10. Can I still go out on windy day, swim or perform other daily activities?

Physically bonded units into your skin with medical adhesive can be freely worn during blustery day or when you are swimming. Additionally, units that are attached along with weaves, clips or tapes are all fine as long as they are attached correctly.

Above all, be sure that the bonding or tape you are wearing will not become wet.

To give you an idea how non-surgical replacement is done please watch this video:

Video Credit: hair4all


Be careful of scams and fake sites! Considering that you are distressed with your hair loss, you may just try anything sounds acceptable. However, you must not be tempted! Be alert for any suspicious service and products which uses misleading techniques like photos, claims and testimonials that is unverifiable.

Examine your options based on your hair loss type, budget and maintenance needs. In case you’d like a support group aside from your friends and family, you can participate on different hair loss forums in the internet. Reach them out so you could speak with them regarding your concern.

Non-Surgical Hair Replacement is useless without your self-confidence. It’s just an instrument so you can keep believing in yourself.

No matter what you choose (whether it’s surgical or Non-Surgical method), always feel good! Always bear in your mind that you are not the only on this journey. You are just one of millions of people who are looking for the best solution against hair loss. Smile, heads up and walk like no one else is watching you! You are more important than your locks!

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