One Woman’s Inspiring Alopecia Areata Story:Video

In our society where Women are often portrayed as an image of beauty partly influenced by their Hair, bald Women are not commonly taken as normal and are often under the prejudice that they have cancer and are going through chemotherapy or simply suffering from conditions that make them bald.

In the end, bald women as a result of health-related conditions, are often a subject of bullying, if not just the attention of every people they encounter. Short-haired women are more acceptable, after all, than those who were totally hairless on the head.

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alopecia-areata-story-videoSuch was the case of Jasmine who happen to have the condition referred to medically as the “Alopecia Areata,” an auto-immune disease that causes Hair Loss in patches on the person’s scalp, which, unfortunately still has no cure to date.

As seen on this video, Jasmine is literally bald on the head after having gone through bouts of Hair Loss which started simply as a patch somewhere at the back of her head since she was an 8th grader, roughly 13 or 14 years of age.

A year later since having experienced the first patch at the back of her head, her condition worsened which led her to just lose them overall.

However, more than just losing her hair (which is basically every person’s crowning glory), it is the ridicule of being different from most other women, and people in general, that has been the more pressing issue for her as being both a woman and a hairless individual, basically a contrary on how women are normally seen as and portrayed.

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To cover her shame, Jasmine wears a wig whenever she goes to school and has been her secret known only by a few in her school.

Yet, not all secrets are always kept in the dark. Jasmine’s life as a bald woman has been a focus of scrutiny and ridicule by some people in her school which has been a cause of pain and insult for her thereby forcing her to leave school altogether. This was Jasmine a year after experiencing the early signs of Alopecia Areata.

Not having gone back to school because of the same reason for her 9th grade education, she has been schooling herself at home by going through online school made possible with today’s computers.

Temporarily, this has been her means of sanctuary and a means of learning without the unnecessary ridicule she might experience with other people her age.

Despite her worsened hair condition, Jasmine is a person of courage who faced her problem initially by wearing a wig to cover her baldness as a result of an incurable autoimmune disease she did not knew she had, nor anyone from her family initially.

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Ultimately, it is her own courage that set her free from the troubles attributed to being bald – she embraced her being hairless by going through the midst of people without a wig and only a scarf on her head.

She still encounters the same problem she had initially as she lose her hair, but the cause of her emotionally recovery has always been in her step to acceptance of her condition.

Please watch this inspiring Video by Jasmine. You can visit her You Tube Channel for more Videos that may inspire you not to give up on Hair Loss or Female Pattern Baldness.


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