Procerin Hair Loss Treatment Review

Is Procerin Effective?

No matter how we seem to take care of our Hair, genetics still play a factor whether we would go through the process of excessive Hair Loss that results to balding or not.

Yet, majority of Males really do go through such experience. Nowadays, it is referred to specifically as Androgenic Alopecia which affects not just Men, but also Women.

Hair Loss due to genetic influences is nothing new and may have been with man since the beginning of time. But genetics being a relatively new knowledge itself, knowing its relation to balding is both a pretty surprising research and one that paved the way to understanding on how to treat Hair Loss as a result of genetics.

One such breakthrough product coming from its study is the hair loss treatment called Procerin.

What is Procerin?

procerin-hair-treatment-review-01Made and formulated by Speedwinds Nutrition, Inc., Procerin is a natural solution that addresses the issue of Hair Loss diagnosed as a possible result of Genetics.

Basically comes in two in one package – a supplement to be taken orally and a topical solution to be applied on the scalp – Procerin works from within the body by blocking the production of Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) which is known to be the primary cause of Hair Loss in Male as well as on the superficial level, which is the scalp.

The Oral Supplement of Procerin acts as the body’s DHT-inhibitor thereby preventing its release in the body. With the absence of Dihydrotestosterone in the bloodstream, further Hair Losses are prevented thereby giving chances for the Hair to grow back again and prevent further Hair Loss.

On the other hand, the Procerin Topical Foam is designed to stimulate the scalp, which is basically each hair strand’s place of growth, with a mixture of different herbs all proven to work with the scalp therefore reinvigorating on Dormant Hair Follicles which promotes Hair Growth.

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How Does Procerin Work?

With Testosterone present in the body specifically for Males, and some for Females, DHT produced as 5-alpha reductase transforms it into Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) which causes Men’s Hair to thin and recede Hair Lines.

procerin-hair-treatment-review-02Procerin’s proper blend of minerals and herbs can alter 5-alpha reductase’s power to transform testosterone into DHT. Unlike other known Hair Loss medications such as Propecia (Finasteride), Procerin does not affect a person’s sexual functions possibly as a result of a reaction to Testosterone.

With DHT level in the body reduced, the chances of further Hair Loss are also significantly reduced. However, without DHT flowing in the body, the primary cause of Hair Thinning and receding Hair Lines is removed from the equation.

As a result, the hair remains thick and the issue of the hairline receding is non-existent. Procerin can lower the level of DHT in the body, even prevent its overall production altogether.

Men of ages around 18 to 40 will find the effects of Procerin to be very beneficial as far as self-esteem is concerned. However, Women who suffer Hair Loss not as a result of DHT may find Procerin to be of no effect since its treatment is directed towards DHT alone, which men have more than women ever do because of testosterone.

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What is Procerin Made Of?

Procerin is referred to as an all-natural medication because of its active ingredients made out of a combination of herb extracts (Nettles, Gotu Kola, Saw Palmetto, etc.), vitamins, and minerals all of which work to inhibit the production of DHT.

In addition, Procerin does not make use of fillers, binders, or artificial preservatives which affects the overall “naturalness” of Procerin thereby fitting the title as an “all-natural” medication.

What are the Potential Side-Effects of Procerin?

In comparison to other medications and supplements of its kind in the market, Procerin does not show the same side-effects as them. However, this does not imply that Procerin does not have any.

A very few percentage of Men who take Procerin as a treatment of Hair Loss report having mild gastrointestinal discomfort on the first few days of taking the medication, but can be alleviated by taking Procerin with meals.

On a more serious note, people who are sensitive to Saw Palmetto, a plant whose extracts acts as an active ingredient in Procerin, may experience any of the following symptoms: vomiting, mild dizziness, diarrhea, and constipation.

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• Works great for Men who suffer from Hair Loss as a result of DHT in the body
• Can be used with other Hair Loss medications such as Propecia (Finasteride)
• Simple and easy to use
• Not as expensive as Surgical Treatments that address Hair Loss (Hair Transplantations)
• Available worldwide
• Can work with Women who suffer Hair Loss as Men because of DHT
• Has less documented side-effects as other medications of its kind (i.e. Propecia)
• It is all-natural – no artificial preservatives, binders, or fillers used – and is thereby relatively safer for consumption
• Hair Loss does not resume after it’s some time of continued use (varies from person to person)

• May not work on Women suffering from Hair Loss that is not as a result of DHT
• May show serious side-effect symptoms to individuals who are sensitive to any of its active ingredients (see through the labels first before taking Procerin)
• May not work on conditions of Hair Loss apart from a DHT cause

For more information on Procerin and how it can help you reverse the effects of Hair Loss please watch the following Video:

Read Verified Reviews of Procerin on Amazon. This is one of the best places to obtain  best user opinions about this product. This way it is easier for you to decide whether this treatment is worth buying or not.

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