Scalp Med, Does it Really Cure Baldness or Hair Loss?

Every human living in this world are predisposed to losing their Hair, albeit at greater or lesser chance than the other. Men or women, regardless of gender, anyone can be affected by hair loss for different reasons.

Oftentimes, age is not much a factor as well on when hair loss may strike at anyone. One thing is sure about hair loss, however – it is not always irreversible; sometimes, it can be prevented from worsening.

Such was the case if the person afflicted with hair loss goes through treatments such as the topical solution that is Scalp Med.

What is Scalp Med?

Scalp Med line is a set of FDA-Approved topical products aimed at addressing the issue of Hair Loss among Men and Women due to hereditary factors that also result in the thinning of hair.

scalp-med-hair-growth-reviewDeveloped to work separately for both sexes Scalp Med is designed with the concept of Hair Growth and Re-Growth in mind but without the side-effects attributed to other Baldness treatment.

Unlike other Hair Growth Treatments that are known to affect the sexual function of the user, using Scalp Med does not exhibit the same side-effects.

Each set of Scalp Med contains Four Topical Solution bottles at 2 oz. each as well as two more other topical solutions at 4 oz. each that complements the effect of the former.

For Men, it specifically contains four Vitadil-5A and two NutriSol-Rm; while Women, on the other hand, should get the following in its set: four Vitadil-2A and two NutriSol-R. Both topical solutions work synergistically to one another thereby enhancing the effect of the hair loss treatment.

Both solutions contain Minoxidil in its content, a proven Hair Regrowth solution that is also seen in other Hair Loss treatment such as Rogaine and Xandrox.

However, the topical solution developed for Men is said to contain in it an agent that facilitates better absorption of the solution by as much as 5% in comparison to its women counterpart which is only formulated to absorb 2%.

scalp-med-hair-loss-cure-reviewThis does not imply, however, that using Scalp Med specifically made for men would work onders on Women.

Not necessarily a part of the set, but Scalp Med also offers a detoxifying cleanser kit which contains a shampoo called Panthenol-DX Scalp Detoxifier.

Specifically formulated to cleanse the scalp off of its clutter but not including the hair’s natural oils and nutrients, it is not meant to stop the progression of hereditary hair loss nor stimulate the scalp into growing hairs on it.

Hence, it is very optional and not part of the actual Scalp Med hair loss treatment set.

For optimum Hair Growth effect, Scalp Med also offers Mega-Multi Vitamin which addresses the issue of Hair Loss due to insufficiency of needed nutrients in the body which promotes Hair Growth.

To whom is Scalp Med for?

Both men and women suffering from hereditary hair loss may find Scalp Med beneficial treating their condition of hair loss but without the known side-effects seen on other hair loss medications.

What are the benefits of using Scalp Med?

  • Effectively grows your hair back only through the application of its solutions
  • Does not require painful surgery
  • Does not cost as much as surgery would
  • Both topical solutions for men and women conditions the scalp for hair growth and re-growth
  • Revitalizes each hair strand at the root level
  • Sophisticatedly developed for either men or women
  • Styling does not affect the benefits of treatment however is not advised


  • Cheaper than surgical options to the treatment of hair loss
  • Does not exhibit the same side-effects seen in other hair loss treatment solutions
  • Works for both men and women albeit at different concentrations
  • Contains Minoxidil, which is proven for its ability to make hairs grow
  • Developed by a person who is also in search for an answer to his hair loss problems
  • FDA-approved and is thus ensured of its safety for consumption
  • Prevents the worsening of hair loss on the first two months of regular use
  • Promotes hair re-growth after 3 to 4 months of use
  • Hair on the scalp appears thicker and fuller after 5 to 6 months of use


  • Costs three times as much as Minoxidil which gives its wonders
  • May not work for everyone
  • Can be too expensive for some
  • Possible discrepancy between its “infomercials” and actual result
  • Can be costly if measured for long-term use
  • The business model on how Scalp Med operates may not appeal for everyone

scalp-med-hair-loss-review-02When deciding on whether to purchase Scalp med or Not, it should be proven to have an advantage over other existing products already in the market like Rogaine and Minoxidil.

Amazon is a perfect place to read reviews of this Product from customers who have really tried using this. These first had accounts will help you gauge if this will work for you or not.

Please watch the following Videos to help you better understand How Scalp Med Works. Another Video shows a testimonial that it indeed works. See for your self and you may let us know what you think.




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