Scalp Micropigmentation: Is it an Effective Hair Loss Cure?

They say if one has beautiful Hair, then they can easily be beautiful as a complete human being both to their own eyes and to the eyes of other people. Aside from this, the Hair is also one of the top body parts that humans are so conscious about. No one would certainly doubt this, right? It is a fact.

On the other hand, despite its label as humans’ “crown of glory” the hair is also a usual top victim of various complications, problems, diseases, and the like. This includes the very famous hair loss. Rings a bell?

Hair Loss is a common dilemma to everyone. It is one of the very well-known hair problems worldwide. Hair loss doesn’t choose its victims, it attacks all human beings on earth. Everyone, at least at one point in their lives, experiences loss of hair.

However, unfortunately, some people experience hair loss at a more serious and severe level.  Serious, severe hair loss problems are said to be affecting around 50% of the world’s population; this is for both men and women.

With this, various Hair Loss Treatments, solutions, or remedies have been evolving and sprouting throughout the years in all parts of the world. Shampoo Treatment, Propecia Intake, Minoxidil application, laser light therapy, and hair replacement surgery, to name a few, are the most popular ones on the list.

On the other hand, one of the most notable breakthroughs these past few years is the rising demand of a treatment called Scalp Micropigmentation.

Unlike other treatments, Scalp Micropigmentation do not promise its patient or client with growth of new, real, permanent hair. It however promotes the existence of artificial hair through a process similar to that of tattooing.

Being artificial, its effectivity as a hair loss treatment is somewhat not reasonable for some.  To further assess, let us have a closer look about what Scalp micropigmentaion really is, its process, its cost, and its effectivity.

What is Scalp Micropigmentation?

scalp-micropigmention-prcedureScalp Micropigmentaion or SMP is a professional non-surgical procedure applied to a person’s scalp. This procedure is generally for people experiencing hair growth problems such as Alopecia Areata, Male Pattern Baldness, etc. This can also be applied, though not very common, to those people who became bald because of diseases such as cancer, lupus, thyroid problems, etc.

Using micro pigments, people who wish to grow hair can have a semi-shaved look through tattooing: patterns of thousands of dots are tattooed and/or imprinted on the dermal layer of a person’s scalp. As end product, these tattooed dots would eventually look like real hair follicles on a semi-shaved scalp. Anyone can have the choice to make their tattooed hair permanent or not nevertheless, the output of SMP procedures is known to be natural-looking or realistic.

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What is the Process?

Scalp Micropigmentation processes are quite similar in nature to that of a tattooing process. The procedure for Scalp micropigmentation may vary depending on the clinic or specialist conducting it.

For the duration, on average, the number of sessions required for a complete procedure may range from two to four, with each session lasting for two to six hours. This may also vary depending on the style and the shade that the client wants, the severity of the client’s hair loss condition, the size of the client’s head, among others.

Before the procedure itself, it is important to note that both client and specialist should have a clear and fully understood agreement on all aspects that are essential for the process: the shade and density of pigments, hairline design, permanence of the tattooed dots, duration of procedure, etc.

Scalp-Micro-Pigmentation-ProcedureSo how does the procedure go? Basically, pigment dots are embedded to the scalp and layered over each other for a few number of “tattooing” sessions. The amount of pigment layering would depend if the desired shade and density of the dots are achieved. The equipment used for the procedure involves the use of a specialist pigment ‘gun’ and needle (professional specialists usually use a triple cluster needle).

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After every session, the client needs to keep their head dry. The client should refrain from washing or shaving their scalp for about five days or more. After a few days, the next session may commence; another layer of pigment dots will be tattooed or imprinted on the scalp. A few days between each session is required to let the pigments of the previous session get settled and dry and to let the affected skin heal.

b procedure is a long-term process so aspiring clients are required to maintain patience both emotionally and physically in order to succeed. But based on feedback from experienced people, they said the process is finely bearable.

What Results to Expect?

So what happens after each scalp micropigmentation session ends? And what happens after a full SMP procedure ends?

After each SMP session ends, the client should expect tiny wounds on the skin due to the tattooing procedure. The tiny wounds might last for a few days. As a result, the client might feel a pinch of pain in these days as well. The pain can actually be felt both during and after the procedure. However, no need to panic; the pain that the client may feel is not really the usual “pain” most people are expecting. It is more of an uncomfortable sensation on the scalp; so there is no need to worry.

After the complete set of sessions, the client should expect the pain to gradually fade and the wounds to eventually heal as well. Moreover, the client should also expect the tattooed dots to look more realistic a few days after the procedure compared when it is still fresh from the procedure. Thus, there is also no need to worry if one thinks their tattooed hair looks weird and awkward right after a session.

How About the Cost?

Scalp-Micropigmentation-head-tattooExpenses for severe hair loss solutions and/or treatments are known to be quite expensive. Scalp Micropigmentation is one legit example for this.

Generally speaking, the cost of a complete scalp micropigmentaion procedure varies from clinic to clinic, from company to company, from country to country. Some clinics charge per session, others per hour, while others offer fixed pricing. Aside from this, the type of procedure requested by the client and the severity of the client’s hair loss condition also cause the variety of prices.

However, on average, a full SMP treatment generally costs around 3,000 US dollars.

It is important to note though that currently, the rising competition in this industry triggers a big chance of price decline; thus, the market could now be more advantageous than ever before to those interested clients. It is therefore expected that in a few years from now, SMP would be much cheaper and more affordable to more number of people.

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Are There Any side Effects?

In any kinds of procedure whether surgical or not, side effects are expected, normal and inevitable. Fortunately, scalp micropigmentaion in general has very limited side effects if not none at all. Fortunately, these minimal side effects are considered very simple and not a big deal. In fact, there are no legit records found online and offline about SMP’s side effects.

One of the very common side effects recorded, however, is the fading of the dots’ color. A few said their tattooed dots seemed to fade away a few months after the complete procedure. Another recorded side effect is the possibility of irritation or allergies. However, these side effects would generally depend on the specialist who did the procedure.

Therefore, interested clients should make sure that the one they are entrusting their hair treatment to is worth that trust; this is to ensure the quality of service and also to avoid further complex unwanted side effects.

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Please watch this Video from ScalpMicro USA showing how SMP looks like from consultation to aftercare.


Throughout the years, various hair loss solutions have been invented and developed. One of which is the procedure called Scalp Micropigmentation.

This procedure has been becoming more popular these days. More and more people have tried, more and more became curious, and more and more want to try it.  On the other hand, although many articles consider this procedure as a hair loss treatment, unfortunately, it would not really treat or cure any hair loss or scalp problems. Obviously, it will not let hair grow, prevent hair from falling, nor make the scalp healthier.

Nevertheless, SMP is an excellent instrument for those people who are contented to have artificial semi-shaved hair follicles that actually look very realistic. For these people, this could be the perfect hair loss remedy for them.

Moreover, unfortunately, it is an obvious given that some hair loss conditions are permanent and could never be treated anymore with any hair regrowth methods. Let us therefore be grateful for the existence of SMP; at the very least, this could be one effective and efficient way for anyone to somehow experience and show off their crown of glory, the hair.

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