Top 10 Baldness and Hair Loss Cure Products Under 20$

In picking the right product to fight hair loss, there are many factors to consider including the quality, reviews, and most of all, the pricing. If the product is super effective but it’s expensive, people will never buy it.

In this article, we’ll list down several products that are below 20 Dollars which are effective yet super cheap. Never underestimate the power of these ones because they might be the perfect solution to cure your hair loss problems.

First Let me Give You a Gentle Reminder Why We Lose Hair

            Whether Men or Women, hair loss is not a simple problem. Having hair loss should be something that you should give attention to. That is because there are various reasons why a person experiences hair loss. It could be from mild to severe causes like a symptom to a serious health condition. To defeat the enemy, you have to know who he is. It is very important that you know reasons why you are experiencing hair loss. That is because you will be able to track where and what might be the reasons why you are experiencing it.

Listed below are some of the common and surprising reasons why you might be losing your Hair:

1. Stress

 Stress can either be physical or emotional stress. However, physical stress is the most common reason of hair loss. Experiencing physical traumas such as surgery, accident and severe illness can be one of the reasons you are losing your hair.

That is because in these types of physical traumas can hinder your hair’s life cycle causing it to fall out. On the other hand, emotional stress is proved to be more likely to cause hair loss rather than physical stress.

2. Consuming Too much Vitamin A

Taking in too much Vitamin A is one of the commonly unknown reasons why you are experiencing hair loss. Overconsumption of Vitamin A could be from the supplements you are taking.

You may lessen the consumption of this vitamin, however, to some it is unavoidable because it could have been part of their medications.

 3. Lack in Protein

Not having enough protein supply in your body, your hair growth may be sacrificed to fill in the gap. Your body has to deliver minerals to each parts, if there is one that lacks other body parts has to suffer in order to make up with the missing piece.

4.  Heredity 

Hair loss can be hereditary not only for men but also for women. Yes, there is also a female pattern baldness. However, it is not as prevailing as male pattern baldness. The only thing is that thinning of hair is not really as noticeable as to what men usually experience.

 5. Severe Iron Deficiency

Iron is an important mineral for hair growth. Without having enough supply of iron in your body, your hair may not grow into its fullest strength making it easy to break or to fall out. Anemia is one of the most common iron deficiency illness.

6. Thyroid Problem 

Aside from being iron deficient, you might be experiencing hair loss because you also lack with hormones that it needs. Hypothyroidism is an illness that is described as the underactivity of the thyroid gland which is responsible for releasing hormones for growth and development.

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 7. Sudden Weight Loss

Many of us wants to lose weight, however, dramatically losing weight can cause a dramatic hair loss too. Most people eat less when they are on a diet.

Eating less would mean having less vitamins and minerals. Hair loss could also be a symptom for eating disorders like anorexia or bulimia. Also, abrupt weight loss can stress out your body giving you a different form of physical stress.

 8. Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS)

PCOS is one of the most common syndrome for women. It is caused by a hormonal imbalance in a woman’s body. When you have PCOS, your body tend to produce more androgens (male hormones) causing your body to form ovarian cysts and eventually experience hair loss.

 9. Medication

If you are someone who is taking maintenance medication, you might be experiencing hair loss or hair thinning. Some of the drugs that are used for medication that causes hair loss are the following: high-blood medicines, methotrexate (for rheumatic conditions), lithium (bipolar disorder), nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medicines (antidepressants).

 10. Styling

Over styling or vigorous hair styling could also be one of the reasons why you are experiencing hair loss. Furthermore, chemicals that are used to curl or straighten your hair may be one of the suspects of your hair loss. Too much hair coloring can also be one since chemicals may be destroying your hair roots thus, hindrances your hair growth.

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So to Help You Choose The Best 10 Hair Loss Cure Products Below 20 Dollars, here they are:

 If you are experiencing hair loss or hair thinning and your budget is tight, worry no more! That is because you can still save your Hair from going away through these effective products that will surely not hurt your wallet. These are the Top 10 hair loss products that are under $20 but will surely make you flip your hair without worries.

1. Natural Riches Pure Organics Castor Oil

Price: $$$  Rating: 5 of 5

Thick-Hair-Organic-Castor-Oil-Cold-pressed-for-Hair-Loss-&-DandruffCastor Oil is an emollient that is considered to be one of the natural ways to achieve Natural skin. It is rich in Vitamin E, minerals, proteins and Omega 6 and 9.

Pure Organics Castor Oil promotes and offers you innumerable hair and skin benefits. Natural Riches Pure Organics Castor Oil helps your hair be smoother, stronger, and thicker. With prolonged use, you can notice the speeding up of your hair growth.

Furthermore, castor oils moisturizing properties can help you treat skin problems like scars, stretch marks, acne, sunburns and more. With castor oil, you can also achieve younger looking skin and unload your eyes from those eye bags.

There is nothing to worry about using this product because it’s ingredients are all natural. With so much benefits to offer, Natural Riches Pure Organics Castor Oil can be purchased below 20 Dollars.

2. 5 in 1 Biotin Hair Growth Capsules

Price: $$$  Rating: 4 of 5

5-in-1---Biotin-10,000-Mcg--Hair-Growth,-Skin-Care,-Weight-Loss,-Cellular-Energy-and-Nail-Strengthening-Not a miracle believer? 5-in-1 Biotin 10,000 Mcg could prove your wrong. Biotin best stimulates and gives you healthier hair roots, strengthens hair follicles and speeds up the rate of your hair growth. If you are looking for a product that will not only solve your hair loss problem but other concerns like weight loss, Biotin is the best way to use.

It also promotes strengthening of your nails, gives you younger looking skin through increasing Cellular Energy and most of all Biotin lets you achieve your bodygoals through speeding up your metabolism that gives you best results when you accompanied it with proper exercise.

These are just some of the benefits that you can get when you take Biotin 10,000 Mcg. For only a price less than 20 dollars you can finally believe that there can be miracle.

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3. Saw Palmetto Extract Berry Hair Loss Treatment For men and Women

Price: $$$  Rating: 4 of 5

Saw-Palmetto-Extract-Berry---Hair-Loss-Treatment-For-Hair-Growth-For-Women-And-MenSaw Palmetto Extract makes you strong, improve your immune system and most of all, lets you maintain to have healthier prostate. You will surely feel healthier by taking in these pills.

Saw Palmetto is herbal cure for illness that affects not only men but also women. The good thing about this is that, all of the benefits can be obtained in one pill!

Through its ability to cure various ailments and protect your body from illnesses, Saw Palmetto Extract is commonly used to reduce hair loss and help thicken hair follicles. Furthermore, aside from hair growth, it also makes your hair regrow.

Truly, Saw Palmetto Extract cures you not only internally, but also externally. You can buy this product for less than 20 Dollars.

4. Aviano Botanicals’ Biotin Multivitamin Complex for Hair Growth

Price: $$$  Rating: 4.5 of 5

Biotin-Multivitamin-Complex--Vitamins-for-Hair-GrowthBiotin Multivitamin Complex offers you 30 powerful ingredients that will help support your hair to grow healthier and regrow stronger for both men and women.

This product contains meticulously handpicked ingredients that will help you have softer and glowing skin, stronger and longer nails, and a full blooming hair.

It is 100% pure all natural ingredients that is made and assures in a GMP and FDA Certified Laboratories in US. That is to give you the best type of supplements that your body needs. Making it 100% risk free!

You can purchase this product online and be stunned by its price. At less than 20 Dollars you can finally achieve a healthy looking skin, hair and nails.

5. Procerin Male Hair Loss Shampoo

Price: $$$  Rating: 3.2 of 5

procerin-male-hair-loss-shampooAs statistics say, men are more likely to experience hair loss, now, Procerin Hair Loss Shampoo could be the answer to men’s hair problem.

Procerin Shampoo has natural ingredients that help remove and block formation of DHT (dihydrotestoterone) while giving you healthier scalp, and thicken and strengthen hair follicles.

Through its ingredients such as panthenol and olive leaf extracts this will surely reduce your hair loss plus, this is side-effect free!

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6. Bloom Krans Full Bloom Hair Rejuvenating

Price: $$$  Rating: 3.6 of 5

Anti-Hair-Loss-Shampoo---Promotes-Hair-Growth---Organic-&-NaturalBloom Krans Full Bloom Rejuvenating Hair offers you clinically testes ingredients that are exclusively made for women. It is a combination of biotin, saw palmetto and Procynadin B2 that will surely help you and your hair revitalize in the most natural way.

This is certainly a hair growth supplement that will remove your worries while you take a bath seeing those hairs on the bathroom floor.

Bloom Krans will give your hair a full bloom without using too much chemicals on it. This product will not only help you restore the beauty of your hair but also, it will help you restore your confidence. That is through the high quality of ingredients incorporated to the product.

Each ingredient is essential to help you have a naturally smooth and strong hair. Do not forget to include Bloom Krans to you cart in your next purchase because for less than 20 USD you can final get your pride back!

7. RX 4 Hair Loss Shampoo

Price: $$$  Rating: 3.6 of 5

Rx-4-Hair-Loss-Unisex-Organic-Anti-hair-Loss-Shampoo-with-GuideRX 4 Hair Loss Shampoo is made for both men and women use. Made with purely organic ingredients, this shampoo will help you stop your hair though its power to block DHT. Thus, promotes a healthier looking hair, inside and out. There are no harsh chemicals like sulphates, parabens and toxins are added in this making it side-effect free.

This product works in miracle with RX 4 Conditioner and RX 4 Restoration Scalp Cream. Noticeable change and best results can be notice in one month of frequent use!

It is safe to use for daily basis that will nourish your hair in every way. Also, safe for any hair types and you could still be as stylish as you want with the next hair color you plan to have. This product is available online for only less than 20 USD.

8. RX 4 Organic Hair Loss Restoration Shampoo with Cream

Price: $$$  Rating: 3.6 of 5

Rx4-hair-loss-creamWith the combined powers of RX 4 Hair Loss Shampoo and RX 4 Hair Loss Restoration Cream, miracles do come true! This product also helps you achieve a stronger and healthier hair through removing and blocking growth of DHT.

Same as RX 4 Hair Loss Shampoo, RX 4 Hair Loss Restoration Cream also provides an all organic and pure ingredients that are safe to use your sensitive scalps.

With that, there are also no harsh chemicals included. This product will help you not only restore your beautiful hair but also, makes your scalp healthier. It treats dandruff, eczema, psoriasis and dry hair.


9. Bloom Krans Hair Loss Shampoo

Price: $$$  Rating:4 of 5

Hair-Growth-Vitamins-for-Women-Support-l-Natural-Hair-Loss-Vitamins-l-Alopecia-Hair-Loss-Treatment-Bloom Krans also offers a shampoo that will help you cure your hair loss problem. This shampoo is safe for your color treated hair and is designed exclusively for women. You can truly experience the difference in your first try!

Also, this product prevents further hair loss with it’s safe for color hair formula that is considered as one-of-a-kind.

Bloom Krans Hair Loss Shampoo contains an all-natural extracts and premium essential oils that will nourish your hair up to its roots making it paraben free.

It contains ingredients such as Apple Fruit Stem Cells, Keratin, Biotin, Jojoba Oils and Coconut Oil, that nourishes your hair and hair follicles. Bloom Krans guarantees a 90-day trial to see desired positive effects.

You can buy this product for less than 20 USD.

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10. The Ultimate Hair Treatment Garlic Shampoo

Price: $$$  Rating: 3.5  of 5

The-Ultimate-Hair-Treatment-Garlic-Shampoo-Oily-HairUltimate Hair Treatment Garlic Shampoo has been the traditional odor-less hair treatment made of garlic for more than 25 years. This is an organic garlic yet, fragrance-free oil and extract of rosemary, citric extracts, sesame oil, panthenol and other sebaceous neutralizing agents.

In this long-term of existence, it is approved by U.S FDA (Food and Drug Administration).

What Ultimate Hair Treatment Garlic Shampoo is that it eliminates oils and discharged sebaceous from your scalp and hair. It also cleans the pores where bacteria dwell thus gives way to your hair to grow healthier.

This product will give you a normal yet full looking hair. At $18.95 you can experience the original way of treating your hair loss.

The Bottom Line

With these various hair loss treatment and cure, you don’t have to worry no more in losing your crowning glory without hurting your pockets. These products will royally make you a king and a queen giving you more hair to hold your crown. You do not need to be as rich as a king or a queen to afford regal treatment. For less than $20 you can finally cure your problem. Now, do not let those hair fall let you down.




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