Top 10 Leading Causes of Hair Loss in Women You May Not Know

What Causes Hair Loss in Women?

leasing-hair-loss-causes-womenWomen around the world are asking the reasons behind their sudden hair loss.

Hair Loss is most common on Men because it is just normal for them to lose their hair as they age but on women only a percentage of them lose hair.

Here are the leading reasons behind Women losing their hair:


One of the reasons why people get bald is their hormones.

hormones-women-hair-lossThere is a type of hair loss (androgenetic alopecia) commonly called as male or female pattern of baldness.

It is the pattern where the hair is losing quickly.

Women’s pattern of hair loss is far more different from men’s because the only pattern for the baldness of women is thinning process.

The common pattern of hair loss on women is what we call the thinning process.

Your hair will simultaneously become thin on all parts of your head but there are also cases where spots of hair loss occur in the scalp.

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2. Aging

aging-causes-of-hair-loss-womenDid you see your grandfather or grandmother losing their hair one at a time or worse, 5-10 strands at a time?

It will also be you in the near future. As you grow old, the hair follicles holding your hair will lose its strength because the root of your hair will shrink from its original size causing the hair follicles to let go of the shrank hair.

Our hair as we grow old is getting thinner and smaller, an effect of not taking care of it from our teenage days.

By the age of 30 most men/women lose their hair, it is a part of our life so this reason is inevitable.

3. Telogen Effluvium

Telogen Effluvium is a factor of hair loss which occurs after some physical damage that happened on your body. F

or example: pregnancy, drastic weight loss, major surgery, illnesses and many other diseases.

4. Diseases/Illness

One of the causes why humans lose their hair is diseases.

People suffering from diseases and illnesses lose more hair because they tend to stress their hair for it to lose more hair and also they tend to lessen the supply of blood delivered to the basement of their hair strands.

An epitome of a disease-causing people to lose their hair is cancer, every cell on your body are being infected by the cancer cells including you’re the cells at the top of your head.

There are other types of illnesses that affect hair causing it to lose more than to grow more like Cancer (the radiation being received from the medication called chemotherapy) Fungal Infections, Burns and many more.

Also, people are losing their hair because they have an underlying medical condition where hair loss is one of the symptoms.

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5. Stress

stress-women-hair-lossThinking too much, a traumatic event and many other things can make you stressful. And as an effect it can cost you some of your hair or even worse, all of your hair.

Stress is part of our life but too much stress can lead to many diseases, mental disorders and illnesses especially hair loss.

But being so stressed for just few days can cause your hair to fall out, there’s a deeper reason behind that certain baldness.

The stress that you’re experiencing right now affects the way you eat, sleep etc.

It prevents you to take the right nutrient for your body and be healthy but counterattacking this cause is easy, just reversing the things that stress you out and your hair will normally grow back again.

6. Washing and Drying Hair Aggressively

women-hair-loss-We are so proud of the products we use, we’re so in love with the shampoos and conditioners we use yet we do not know that our hair is being hurt by these types of old routines.

Washing your hair with shampoo is good but if you’re shampooing your hair 2-4 times a day can cause your hair to fall out.

The chemicals in the shampoo is so strong that your hair only need it once a day for the natural oil on our hair will automatically give our hair the moisture that we want.

Also, in drying our hair, we should first use a blow dryer or a fan to dry our hair first before combing it because our hair is more breakable when it’s wet.

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7. Too Much Vitamin A

As the quotation says “Too much, even in a good thing is bad” Too much Vitamin A in your body is also bad for your health. Taking supplements or medications with too much Vitamin A is a bad thing for our body.

There are medications that have Vitamin A such as Accutane that cures acne but has a side effect which is hair loss. Vomiting, dry skin, blurred vision and irritability are the most complained effects of taking too much Vitamin A aside from hair loss.

Vitamin is a fat-soluble vitamin that can build up in our body and can lead to overdose when continuously taken.

8. Environment

Our Environment can also damage our scalp especially when you are living on a place where car smoke, air pollution and free radicals are all over the place.

The free radicals and dirt are smothered and are floating in the air ready to attack your scalp.

These pollutants can cause your hair to age and make your hair follicles to lose their grip on your hair strands.

9. Life Changes

Changes in Women’s Hormones can cause them to lose their hair.

Giving birth and having children is one of the best feelings in the world especially for mothers.

But the afterbirth will be a big pain for them because it can lead to hair loss that can last for a long time.

Reaching menopause can also lead to Hair Loss.

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10. Excessive Styling

Women are known for their hair styles and make-ups. But too much hair styling can lead to hair loss. Too much heat, pressure and other substances that you always put on your hair can lead you to hair loss.


As a Woman, you might think that the possibility of you having Hair Loss is very low, but the truth is Women are also bound to lose Hair in so many different ways and reasons like Men do.

The above mentioned causes are just a few.

Some of these causes are natural and some can be avoided by maintaining a Healthy and Balanced way of life.

Nothing can replace prevention as they say it is always better than any cure.

Lastly here is a very Informative Video by Dr. Mejia talking about Hair Loss in Women and why it Happens.


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