Top 10 Male Pattern Baldness Treatments of 2017

2017 Best Male Pattern Baldness Treatments

As Men age, many of them are about to suffer Androgenetic Alopecia or also known as Male Pattern Baldness. As soon as men reach the age of twenty, they may experience a noticeable thinning of hair usually around the crown of the head.

You may not be aware that 2015 was a great year for many new promising discoveries that may permanently solve Baldness on Men.

This post will tackle the best available medications for the year 2016 that are clinically proven to slow down the process of Hair Loss and to Promote Hair Regrowth.

Is Male Pattern Baldness Hereditary?

Some people believe that Male Pattern Baldness or Androgenetic Alopecia is hereditary. This is quite correct but a little bit obscure. Male Pattern Baldness itself is not hereditary.

Bernard Arocha, M.D. said that male pattern baldness occurs when a man is genetically sensitive and intolerant to androgenic hormone or scientifically known as dihydrotestosterone (DHT).

Because of this hereditary condition, the androgenic hormones appeal as toxins on one’s hair follicle and this leads to Hair Loss.


Hair Loss that eventually leads to baldness is a normal part of the ageing process and it is not considered as a harmful condition.

Nonetheless, Male Pattern Baldness is often associated with the combination of obesity, diabetes and hypertension (also known as metabolic syndrome).

Male Pattern Baldness indeed affects someone’s self-esteem. That is why some of men with such condition never get tired of finding both medical and natural solutions.

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According to Dr. Philip Ginsberg, the first thing to do to treat this hair condition is to become educated about it and its available remedies.

In this article, we aim to give readers a strong foundation about Male Pattern Baldness as we introduce the Top Ten Remedies for 201&.

Natural Male Pattern Baldness Remedies:

1. Mustard Oil and Henna Leaves

The first thing to do is to get four table spoons henna leaves and a cup of mustard oil then boil them together.

The mixture of the two shall be applied and massaged daily on the balding area.

You can buy high quality Mustard Oil directly from Amazon with free delivery.

2. Perfect Combination

One may also want to try creating a consistent paste from the combination of Beer, Honey and Boiled Wheat.

The application process is also the same with the former.

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 3. Cream of the Crap!

Excrements and urines of farm animals like pigs and cows are clinically proven to be an effective remedy of Male Pattern Baldness!

This may sound gross but one thing is for sure: it would work. The treatment is as usual. Animal feces is applied on the balding spot once a day. Do not forget to rinse your head!

Male Pattern Baldness Medicines:

1. Minoxidil

Minoxidil is one of the mainstream MBH remedies. Minoxidil is a topical treatment, usually in the form of lotion, and is applied twice a day on the affected part.

Most dermatologists advise their patients not to exceed twenty-five drops of minoxidil a day. This medicine actually induces numerous side effects like itchiness and dryness of the skin.

However, many users still find it effective and they see the results within twelve weeks of continuous use. Minoxidil also works in treating other types of alopecia such as alopecia totalis and alopecia universalis.

2. Profollica

Profollica-male-pattern-baldness-treatmentProfollica may also be a safe remedy for MPB. It is a drug recently marketed and unknowns including its safety profiles of this remedy still exist. However, 90% of its users find profollica effective!

3. Finasteride

Proscar and Propecia are some of the leading brands of the drug called Finasteride. This drug was discovered by Merck, a pharmaceutical company, to cure enlarged prostate glands.

Upon observing its efficacy in treating prostate glands, scientists have found out this drug significantly promotes hair growth!

finasteride-androgenic-alopecia-cureSince Finasteride is approved by the Federation of Food and Drugs (FDA), Merck contemplated of marketing this drug as the first pill for male pattern baldness.

And in December 1997, FDA officially approved this drug in treating androgenetic alopecia and it is considered to be the very first drug to promote hair growth.

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Other Methods:

1. Hair Transplant

surgical-hair-transplantIf a person is having an adverse hair loss and neither the natural treatments nor drugs are working anymore, he may consider hair transplantation.

Hair Transplantation is a surgical procedure that moves healthy hair follicles (donor site) from a particular part of the body to the balding part (recipient site).

Hair Transplantation is frequently considered by the people who have MPB. But it can also be used to accelerate hair growth on the chin and the lashes.

Patients who undergo hair transplantation are injected with local anaesthesia that lasts for six hours. Prior to harvesting donor scalp, the scalp is washed with a shampoo followed by antibacterial agent.

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2. Wigs

male-wigs-for-baldnessHair transplantation can definitely be pricey to some and if you do not have enough bucks for it, you may try wearing wigs. Wigs  or Hair Pieces are considered as one of the traditional options to conceal your male pattern baldness.

Synthetic vs. Real Hair

Wigs come into two types: synthetic wigs and human hair. Synthetic wigs are way cheaper than human hair.

Synthetic wigs are also much easier to style and to maintain because its artificial polymers hold their shape better than the real hair does.

Moreover, maintaining human hair wigs is tedious and it requires greater skills to make it look more realistic.

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3.  Prevent Insulin Resistance

Insulin is basically a hormone released by the Islets of Langerhans in the pancreas. This hormone regulates glucose level in the blood. Low insulin may cause diabetes. But as we know, everything in excess is bad.

Excess levels of insulin in the body increases the likelihood of acquiring male pattern baldness. Excess levels of insulin can be remedied with proper diet and regular exercise.

Most Popular Products in the Market Today:

Aside from the Methods and Treatments mentioned, here are the Most Common Hair Growth Products available in the Market today.

Just make it a point to read the User Reviews first before deciding on which one to try.

 Stimulate Hair Growth

Hair fall occurs when our hair follicles become dormant. These hair follicles temporarily stop in growing new strands of hair and eventually, your hair will appear thinner. However, there is an available treatment to awaken your dormant hair follicles.

You may try laser therapy. This treatment principally stimulates hair growth by increasing blood flow to hair follicles. Laser Therapy can be executed by a dermatologist either in his clinic or in your house. But you can also purchase a laser comb or brush of which have the same effect of the former.

Here is a Video by Hair Loss NYC Taken from The Doctors TV Show to help you understand better what Male Pattern Baldness is and the Available Treatments for You.

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