Top 20 Home Remedies for Baldness,Hair Loss, or Alopecia

Treat Hair Loss and Baldness with Home-Made Remedies

There is something about Hair that people take care of. For one, it is something natural yet adds a sense of beauty to our looks. Others see it as an extension of themselves which also is a reflection of their health. However one views his/her hair, one thing is certain about it: we all look good with a healthy, well-managed hair.

But no matter how much we would like to care for our Hair, Genetics, among other factors, play a role in its decline, especially more common for Men (male pattern baldness) yet also affecting Women (female pattern baldness). However, there are also means we can apply to prevent the condition of Hair Loss from ever worsening. And sometimes the best means can be found right inside our own homes.

As such, the following are the top 20 Home Remedies you can apply as Hair Loss Treatment:

1. Coconut Milk

coconut-fight-hair-fall Said to be one of the richest sources of substances that nourishes the tissues as derived from plants, coconut milk, when applied to the scalp can be used as a Hair Loss Cure by reducing the chances of hair fall.

Here is a Video Tutorial on how to make your own Home-Made Shampoo using Coconut Milk and Castille Soap.

Video Credit: TheSustainableMama

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2. Aloe Vera

aloe-vera--for-baldness People who experience Hair Loss have a dry and irritated scalp. Applying Aloe Vera juice or pure aloe gel to the scalp gives it a sense of balanced pH. The application of pure aloe gel involves massaging of it on the scalp, leaving it for a few hours to dry, and then washing with lukewarm water. For best results, the same practice must be applied twice a week. Some aloe Vera Products are available on Amazon. Their user reviews is a must-read as these are from real buyers of the product.

Thinking of Making you own Aloe Vera Gel at Home? This ordinary Mom will take you thru the process she does to come up with an Aloe Vera extract that can be used as your Home-Made Hair Fall Remedy. Ir she can do it, why can’t you?

Video Credit: IAmMamaDaye

 3. Oil Massage

 Regular massaging of the scalp with lukewarm coconut oil stimulates the blood flow on the scalp. Among other oils applicable to the scalp, it is coconut oil that is known to be effective in preventing hair loss.

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4. Neem

neem-leaves-fight-hair-lossAlso known by the name of Indian Lilac, Neem is a plant that is attributed to many healthful and cosmetic benefits. When a neem’s leaves are soaked and boiled in a water and then cooled down to be used for washing the head to be done once a week, the chances of one’s hair falling is said to be reduced.

Products derived from Neem can also be purchased from Amazon. You might want to check it out.

5. Amla

If using coconut oil is not enough to reduce Hair Fall to yourself, then boiling Dried Amla with the Coconut Oil may fix it. Used in the same way as you would a coconut oil alone, boiled coconut oil with Amla is also used to massage the scalp.

amla-fruit-for-hair-lossUsing Amla to treat Hair Loss is easy. You can combine it with other extracts of oils to increase or maximise its potency.

You can also check out some really good Amla Based Products on Amazon. Make sure to read user reviews before buying them.

This video by Asa Kawano will show you how.

 6. Onion or Garlic

 Onions-Garlic-hair-loss-baldnessSulphur at proper levels is significant to Hair Growth. Both Onion and Garlic contains a good amount of sulphur which can be used to promote Hair Growth or Baldness Cure.

While eating both will give a substantial amount of sulphur to the body, applying the essence of the onion directly onto the scalp promotes better hair growth.

If you are to use garlic with the same purpose, you would need to boil it down first with the coconut oil before applying to the scalp topically.

Watch this Video by ItsaGiraziThang which demonstrates how to Mix Garlic and Onion to produce an Extract to fight Hair Loss

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 7. Hibiscus

hibiscusHibiscus contains properties that both revitalizes and nourishes the Hair. Not just preventing the premature growth of grey hairs as well as the occurrence of dandruff, Hibiscus is an altogether helpful in preventing Hair loss.

You need to collect the Leaves and Flowers of the Hibiscus plant, and then you have to crush it to extract the juice. You can either use a mortar and pestle to crush or a  food processor you are using at home. After extracting the Hibiscus Juice, you can easily mix it with your favourite shampoo or conditioner to be applied to your hair.

This Video by DuchessGabrielle will show how to make Hibiscus Hair Loss Treatment at Home:

Some ingredients used here Like the Hibiscus Leaves and Flowers can be bought straight from Amazon and delivered to your homes. Be sure to check it out Here!

8. Egg

eggs-against-hair-loss-baldnessWhether used topically or as food, an Egg contains enough nutrients and amino acids to promote Hair Growth and lessen Hair Thinning. When paired with either Olive Oil or Honey, it works better.

Eggs are an inexpensive solution to hair loss and breakage and can be taken internally or applied directly to your hair.

I would like to share this Video by SecretofNaturalBeauty on how to use Eggs, Lemon and Olive Oil to make a Home-Made Baldness and Hair Fall solution.

9. Avoiding Junk Foods

Junk foods are nothing but empty calories and very little traces of nutrients. Heavily processed in preparation, Junk foods add toxins in the body when eaten which promotes Hair Loss. Instead of junk foods, eat healthy foods that are less processed and more natural.

10. Gentleness When Hair is Wet

Our hair is more fragile when wet. To prevent the chances of your hair from ever breaking, refrain from rubbing the hair dry with a towel and do not comb when hair is wet.

 11. Frequent Scalp Massage

Massage helps maintain a good blood flow to the scalp and is synonymous to providing nourishment to it which promotes a healthy hair. For optimum effect, always massage the scalp with oil.

12. Minimal Pressure

While men are less likely to tie up their hair, women most likely do. Tying up on one’s hair may not be a big deal for most people, but it is not the case for women who are experiencing some balding.

 13. Refrain Excessive Heat Styling

Dry scalp is an enemy of a healthy hair as it sets a condition for Hair Loss. If that alone is bad, consider what an excessive heat styling can do to promote its condition.

 14. Don’t Use Hot Water When Rinsing Hair

There is something about heat, especially when excessive, that is bad for our hair even when bathing. To prevent your hair from being fizzy and dry, either use cold or warm water when taking a bath.

 15. Healthy Diet

 healthy-diet-alopecia-areataThis is the direct opposite of eating junk foods. Having a healthy diet provides the needed nutrients into our body that is then spread to the rest of it, including the scalp. Hair needs essential Vitamins/Nutrients like the rest of our body to grow and stay healthy.

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16. Exercise

Exercise improves our body’s metabolism, which, in turn, promotes better absorption of nutrients in the body. In addition, exercise also helps fights stress by releasing endorphins in the body. Both endorphin and improved nutrient absorption promotes hair growth.

 17. Lowered Caffeine Intake

low caffeineCaffeine affects our body’s natural sources of nutrients, including those needed for the hair. If you are experiencing alopecia, it is wise to refrain from taking too much caffeine as part of your diet. But on the contrary, applying caffeine directly to your scalp has shown promising effects in fighting Hair Loss.  You can check out this Caffeine Based Product and try reading what users are saying on its effects.

18. Proper Hydration

The dryness of our skin affects the water levels in our body. When we’re dehydrated, we tend to feel dry from the outside. Our scalp is a part of our skin that is also affected by this. Stay well-hydrated to prevent the drying up of skin. 10 or more glasses of water is recommended for a normal person to stay well-hydrated for a day.

 19. Use of Herbal Products

Herbal Products  are those that are made using real and natural ingredients unlike commercial products that have artificial chemicals in them. This makes herbal products ideal to use by people who are experiencing balding.

 20. Prevent Residue Build-up

Everything that we apply on our hair leave residue on them. Prevent issues of developing dandruff and head lice that may affect the health of your scalp.

Balding may be a condition that has its natural causes, but its remedies, too, are equally natural themselves. The things you use for cooking or the oil you apply to sooth your body may be the answers to your quest of the ultimate Hair Loss or Baldness cure.

For better chances of beating the issue of balding, it is wise that a combination of the listed here be applied instead of sticking to just one method.



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