Top 5 Promising Hair Loss Cures You Probably Haven’t Heard Of

What is the Future of Hair Loss Cure?

It is said that it is common to lose up to 100 strands of hair a day, but if this progresses then you should seriously think of some proven ways to stop hair from thinning too much. Though there is a number of treatment strategies proposed to treat Hair Loss, none of them is proven to offer 100% cure so far.

science-hair-loss-treatment-researchBut recently Scientists have been proposing a series of techniques under empirical stage to help people maintain a scalp full of hair. We have summarized top 5 of these researches to blow an insight on the latest methodologies in Hair Loss Cure.

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Top Promising Hair Loss Cures under the limelight:

  1. New Hair Follicles to grow Human Hair:  hair-follicle-hir-loss-cureResearchers at the New York based Columbia University Medical Center has discovered a new technology of harvesting hair cells from the base of the Hair Follicle in humans termed as a Dermal Papillae to stimulate hair growth.

These cells are cloned in the lab and later implanted on the human scalp. Currently the method has been tested on a mice.

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2. Baldness Cure in the shelves of people shortly: Dermatologists based in the United States have announced that an Enzyme, Prostaglandin D2, (PGD2) inhibited growth of Hair Follicles. Researchers are in the move of producing a drug that inhibits PGD2 in men, and it has to be noted that such drugs are already been in use to treat Asthma.

3. Banish baldness in 2014: bald-man-baldness-cureThere are many misleading reports been published in the media as miracle cure for baldness, but in reality the most promising treatment for baldness such as hair cloning are still in the empirical stage. This throws light on medical management of Hair Loss using drugs, Platelet Proteins, Laser assisted Hair Transplants etc.

4. Hair loss treatment with Dkk1 stumbled upon: The latest hair loss cure treatment has been revealed by the University of Pennsylvania, where when researchers investigate stem cells to treat tumors they found accidentally that Dkk1 could be a possible hair loss treatment as well.

5. Stem Cell treatment to cure Baldness: stem-cell-hair-loss-treatmentScientists have found that mice implanted with stem cells could regenerate different types of skin cells and proves that hair follicles could be stimulated to grow Hair again.

Thus there is a number of emerging treatment techniques to cure hair loss, and each one looks more and more promising. It is sure that people would benefit from a lot of hairless treatment strategies by the year 2014 and beyond.

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Here is a Video to give you a glimpse of Stem Cell Hair Loss Treatment procedure: Credits to owner of this video Alan Bauman

Shown in this Video is the Process where Scientists in Berlin have used human adult stem cells to develop hair follicles which could be the hope of many. Credits to the owner DWEnglish






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