Our Hair complements us and expresses our personalities in a very unique and distinct way that no other piece of clothing or shoes can. Hair Loss, otherwise known as baldness, which is the loss of hair from the head (more generally, from anywhere in the body, but the most cases involve loss of hair from head) therefore is an unfortunate problem that alas beset a lot of people today—both men and women alike.

The increase in the incidence of hair loss has given birth to an entire market of products formulated to specifically address the problem. With this came a concomitant rise in the number of websites dedicated to educating people and helping them with their hair loss problems.

In this post, we’re exploring Ten Websites that focus on Hair Loss, its Treatment, Diagnoses, Preventive Measures and other things one suffering from Hair Loss should know about their condition:


The American Hair Loss Association is an organization committed to educating people of the facts about hair loss. Its main mission is to create public awareness and to legitimize hair loss as a disorder deserving medical attention.

This organization ultimately is also some kind of community where people suffering from hair loss can get together and support each other.

The site has three main “tabs”, each focusing on a particular aspect of the hair and hair loss. The Hair Science tab describes the anatomy of the human hair (the hair follicles and hair shafts), its structure, the hair growth cycle, and basically other interesting facts that might interest people about the hair.

It explains in this section the scientific reason why and how hair loss happens (because of a shortened anagen phase in the hair growth cycle, according to the website).

The second tab lists the many diverse cases of Hair Loss. Apparently, there is more than one form of hair loss; some are more likely to triggered in men, women, and children. The third tab is describes in amazing detail the many possible permanent/semi-permanent/temporary treatments available. A fourth tab enumerates other hair loss organizations that might be useful to some.


Hair Loss Talk is another website containing valuable information about hair loss, especially about two specific cases of hair loss: Alopecia areata and androgenetic alopecia.

This site is pretty much like the American Hair Loss Association, except it is more interactive and is somewhat similar to social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram in that it has chat rooms and discussion forums where people suffering from hair loss, an extremely emotionally distressing ailment, can connect real-time. Members can also upload their photos and testimonials in the site.


Revivogen is a product specifically formulated to target the root cause of hair loss. This website focuses mostly on Revivogen, how it works, the science behind it, how to use the product, and what to expect.

The site has separate tabs for photos and testimonials and FAQ (frequently asked questions). Although we feature this website here, we do not claim to know exactly how effectively Revivogen works. Visit their site for more details.


Rogaine is another Hair Loss product available to people suffering from severe cases of hair loss. Just like the Revivogen website from earlier website focuses mostly on Rogaine, how it works, the science behind it, how to use the product, and what to expect.

There is a testimonial tab where users attest to the effectiveness of Rogaine in improving hair loss conditions. Prospective customers can also purchase Rogaine directly through the website.

We use the same disclaimer we used in the Revivogen bit of this post: Although we Rogaine’s website here, we do not claim to know exactly how effectively it works.


At least according to its website, Regrowth is the most trusted hair loss resource center and support community for over fifteen years. It has articles on hair loss and nine community discussion forums containing over thirteen thousand topics related to hair loss, hair loss treatments, or hair loss products.

There is also a tab/link in their website where people can consult hair loss experts on any issue they would like to talk about.

The website also features different hair loss products and gives reviews/testimonials on them. However, because Regrowth doesn’t manufacture any of the products it features, its products reviews are evidently disinterested and less biased compared to websites trying to sell their products.


The NAAF, acronym for the National Alopecia Areata Foundation, is an American organization based on San Rafael, California. The NAAF’s website is essentially an online community of sorts where stories and photos of members are shared.

There are lots of links for programs and events, too, focusing on a particular case of hair loss: Alopecia Areata, or general hair loss with non-androgenetic causes.


Hair Loss Help is a very informative website containing an entire gamut of hair loss facts and treatments. Just like the websites featured earlier, Hair Loss Help also has links for hair loss products and other hair loss treatments available to people.


The Bald Truth is arguably the most entertaining way to study hair loss, it’s literally just like watching a TV show. The Bald Truth website features interviews made with various people suffering or who have already recovered from hair loss. Experts are also interviewed. FAQs on the topic are also addressed by use of videos.


What’s unique about Baldness.com is unlike other hair loss websites, it doesn’t have as much information about hair loss per se. But it compensates by focusing almost exclusively on available treatments of alopecia in both men and women.

It, however, only very rarely features short-term hair loss solutions (such as lotions or shampoos) and instead focuses on more permanent treatments such as laser hair therapy, hair restoration/replacement for men/women, and hair transplantation.


Her-Alopecia, as is probably obvious from its name, is a Hair Loss website specifically created for women. Her-alopecia gives women an avenue where they could meet and talk about hair loss and how it affects them individually.

This website is unique because most hair fall/alopecia websites feature only men, which is not at all surprising as most victims of this unfortunate disorder are males.

Another website worth visiting is Hairlossexperiences.com. It is a Hair Loss-Patient run community that was created to help people with Alopecia (hair loss).

Many clinics have joined the site showcasing their hair transplant results, helping educate patients with questions and answers. There are real life patient testimonials explaining everything they went through with their fight against hair loss.

Its a free site for members to join, share your story and get involved.


A lot of websites on Hair Loss have already appeared on the Internet and so it’s almost impossible to be ignorant of the causes and possible treatments of Hair Loss.

As we have likewise seen above, there are organizations that can help you with your hair loss condition; you may reach them through their websites and emails, which are linked above.

Combating hair loss today is as easy as can be. All it takes is a little know-how on the matter and probably a few hours on the Internet.

We hope that this post has helped you take the first step in solving any Hair Loss problems you or someone you know are having. Best of luck!