Understanding Hair Loss in Women and How to Prevent It

Why do Women Experience Hair Loss?

Hair Loss is a typical illness for almost all Women today.

Not only Women but also on Men. Baldness or what we call Hair Loss can be caused by different factors.

I Genetic Hair Loss or Female Pattern Baldness

This factor is common and popular among women in the middle age or the women in the young adult stage.

Genetic Hair Loss is caused by a component on our body called Dihydrotestosterone or for short DHT.

women-hair-loss-preventionThis component is not only common on women but also on men. Almost all the people around the world have this type of component in their body including you and me.

DHT attacks Hair Follicles causing them to shrink until the hair become thin.

It doesn’t just shrink the hair follicles but also damage the strand until it falls out.

The pattern of this hair loss starts at the top of the head or scalp. This is a common pattern of baldness for women but if you notice that the hair is losing from the sides of your head/scalp, there are some reasons behind that except from DHT.

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Telogen Effluvium

Like Genetic Hair Loss that is discussed above, Telogen Effluvium is also very common among Women today.

Telogen Effluvium is a temporary hair loss caused by accident, injuries, illnesses, and stress.

women-hair-loss-prevention-02This factor of Hair Loss is also common on women because they (women) are the most stressed human being in the world. Why? Because first of all, being a mother who always stresses herself to do the cooking, house cleaning, laundry washing, dishwashing and taking a good care of the whole family is super hard.

Single Women too experience this type of Hair Loss because stressing out and giving all their best on something is a normal task for them.

I’m not saying that Men are not doing their best on their work but Women are the ones who always stay on their households (except for those great stay-at-home-dads). And this factors cause them to lose their Hair without even noticing it.

Diffuse Hair Loss

This is a type of Hair Loss that is caused by lack of nutrients in your body.

This occurs in your body if you’re lacking of nutrients that your body needs.

This is similar to Genetic Hair Loss but they are different when it comes to the part where the hair loses.

While the Genetic Hair Loss starts at the top of our head, the Diffuse Hair Loss spreads across our head/scalp.

Treatments for Womens Hair Loss

Before knowing the treatments for Hair Loss, you should know first if what are the agencies or department in U.S.A. and U.K. that ensure that the products on curing hair loss are safe to use:

  • MHRA– United Kingdom
  • FDA-United States of America

In U.K., there is only 1 product that is proven and tested by the professionals that works on preventing Hair Loss.

It’s called Minoxidil. There are no food supplements yet that can prevent nor cure hair loss.

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Hair Growth Boosters

There are Hair Growth Boosters that are designed to boost the effectiveness of the overall treatment.


  • Hair Max Comb Lazer– this is an FDA- cleared device that is proven by the professionals that you can use to boost your Hair to Grow Faster.
  • Hair Vitalics– this can maintain and improve your Hair. Even though there isn’t a a proven way to Cure Hair Loss through food supplements. Hair Vitalics can boost your hair to grow,
  • Belgravia Centre– this is Hair Loss treatment center in U.K. that is proven and tested by people who undergone Hair Loss. There are plenty of positive feedbacks about the treatment being made in the said center.

To explain all these, please watch this video below by Belgravia Centre on Women Hair Loss and how prevent it from happening to you.

Did you experience Hair Loss or Baldness? Or are you losing your hair this past few days?

Feel free to comment down below and tell us how you fought it!


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