What Causes Traction Alopecia and 7 Surprising Ways to Stop it

What is Traction Alopecia?

What does it mean when you say Traction Alopecia?

hair-clipping-traction-alopeciaWell, the word traction says it all. Traction Alopecia means over pulling of hair from its hair-line.

This is so typical among Women today especially the young adults and teenagers.

It may be associated with the word “Alopecia” which means uncontrollable but this type of hair loss is super controllable. Confusing right? But the truth is this type of hair loss is an easy get, easy remove/prevent one.

What Causes Traction Alopecia?

traction-alopecia-on-womenTraction Alopecia is a type of Hair Loss that happens overtime which means that it is not instant like other type of Hair Loss. Putting too much tension on the hair can cause you to have this kind of Hair Loss.

The following are pretty much the examples of habits that you do that over pull your hair from its hair-line:

  • Tight braids
  • Dreadlocks
  • Hair Weaves
  • Very tight ponytails/pigtails
  • Trichotillomania (an emotional condition of repeated pulling of hair with hands)
  • Repeated use of Hair rollers
  • Tight Hair pieces
  • Headbands (even the fabric ones)
  • Certain hair clips that are placed repeatedly on a certain part of your head

These are just some of the habits of Women today that cause them to suffer Traction Hair Loss.

Luckily, if there are causes of Traction Alopecia there are ways on how you can prevent and cure it:

 1. Loosely Braid Your Hair

loose-braid-stop-traction-alopeciaThis is the number one thing that you should do to prevent Traction Alopecia. Nowadays, Women tend to braid their Hair too tight especially the sporty and the workaholic ones.

They are the ones who always do things without distractions or they just don’t want their hair flailing around and distract them from doing their job.

When you are braiding your hair, your finger should be able to go inside the hair braid for it not to cause you Hair Alopecia.

And another thing, when you are done braiding your hair try to turn your head slowly (left to right and right to left) do you feel uncomfortable when you turn your head?

If yes, then loosen the braid a little bit and try it again until you reach the comfort your hair needs.

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2. Always Change the Location of Your Ponytail

ponytail-traction-alopeciaWhen you are wearing ponytail, it should be in different locations every single day. You should put it on high today, too low tomorrow and on the middle the next day.

It should be your routine to change its location so that the pressure will be scattered and not only in a single place.

Not just because you found this location of ponytail on your head pretty, you will be placing your ponytail there always.

That is a big NO. Consistency is great but when it comes to hair ponytail it’s bad. It can beautify or damage your hair causing it to fall like and never grow again.

3. Clipped-in Ponytails are Bad

First of all, it’s too heavy for your hair to handle. If a fabric ponytail band can cause you to suffer Traction Alopecia, what more if it is a metal/alloy one? It could be a disaster… It WILL be a disaster.

Clipped-in ponytails are cute because of its color and design but for Pete’s sake, people nowadays don’t like super cute stuff anymore.

These clipped-in ponytails can tear your hair apart so why purchase them? Anyway, if you really want this type of ponytails you can buy them but don’t use them always. Maybe you can wear it once a week, for only 3-5 hours per day? You can do this.

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4. Use a Wide Fabric Hair Band to Hold Back Your Hair

When you are not a fan of hair ponytails and/or braids but you still want to hold back your hair because it is too hot in your area, you can use some fabric hair bands.

When purchasing this kind of hair band you should pick the most elastic but soft one so it will not damage your hair.

Try it first and feel it in your head, check it out if it pulls your hair too tight or not.

Obviously, you should pick the softest band you can buy so that your hair and head will not be irritated by the hair band.

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5. Before Brushing a Hair-Sprayed Hair, Wash it First

This an important reminder for all the models, students and all the women out there who always use hair spray and gel on their hair.

When you got home after work or school, rest a little bit before washing your hair to remove the chemicals that make your hair stiff.

Then, you can start combing your hair gently with a wide spaced-teeth comb so hair will not fall out.

Blow-dry your hair before combing it because wet hair strands are more fragile than dry ones. Then you can brush and brush your hair but not too much.

6. Always Hydrate Your Hair

hydrate-hair-stop-traction-alopeciaDry Hair is so popular among Women and Men living in a tropical countries. Also it is typical for women who live in an air-conditioned house to have a dry and dehydrated hair.

When you experience drying of hair, you should definitely invest some money to worth it products that can give moisture and products that can hydrate your hair causing it to be strong and healthy.

Go to your dermatologist or if you don’t have a budget, ask your friend with a healthy and hydrated hair if what products she uses to make her hair like that.

7. Brushing your Hair Vigorously is Not an Answer

excessive-hair-brushing-traction-alopeciaThere’s an old wives’ tale that when you brush the affected area vigorously, it can make your hair grow back more. IT’S NOT TRUE!

It will not nourish your hair my friend, it will just damage it more and you can lose all of your hair by doing it every single day. Brushing your hair gently with a wide-spaced teeth comb several times is enough to make your hair organized.

To help you better understand about Traction Alopecia and the things that cause it like over-styling, here is a video by AlopeciaFreeWithJazz talking about the Various Culprits on why women experience it.

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Let’s all remember that Traction Alopecia can be easily prevented, start the move now. Stop braiding your hair too tight and make your hair comfortable and treat it like a true crown of glory.

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