Wild Growth Hair Oil 4 Oz

Wild Growth Hair Oil

Commercialized Hair Growth Products are quite common nowadays, however, it’s difficult to find ones that are free of harmful chemicals. One product that you can try out is Wild Growth Hair Oil. It is an all-natural product that conditions dull hair, making it smooth and manageable.

Just a few dabs will protect hair from everyday damage, especially from the heat of the sun. It’s a leave-on conditioner that’s best to use every night. Simply wash it out the following day in order to enjoy its effects.


Both Men and Momen swear by the product’s effectiveness. Wild Growth Hair Oil is praised for its affordable price and great results. Some users have even experienced rapid hair growth within a month. If bald spots and thinning are problems that you face every day, this product just may be the solution.

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Also, it’s a nice addition to your daily hair regimen. This is even more appropriate to use when your hair is exposed to heat from ironing or other treatments. Some people have claimed that the oil works quite well with damaged hair. It can be difficult to deal with dry and brittle hair, but this can be solved with the moisturizing effects of Wild Growth. It also helps with treating dandruff problems.

However, it should also be no noted that not every product works on every person. While some users have nothing but positive things to say, there are also those who felt the opposite. One notable complaint is that the product has a strong smell that takes some getting used to. If you are sensitive to foul odors, Wild Growth might not work for you.

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Prospective buyers should also take note on the proper amount of oil that’s needed. The trick is to apply just enough, depending on your hair length and thickness. Some users had problems on this end because too much of the product would make the hair too oily.

After applying the right amount of the hair oil, make sure to evenly distribute it. If possible, wrap a towel around the hair or use a shower cap. This way, the hair oil won’t cause a mess, especially if you tend to toss and turn in your sleep. Wash your hair very well the next morning. To mask the strong odor, previous users have recommended using sweet-smelling natural oils that can be applied afterwards.

Here is a Video which talks about how to use Wild Growth Hair Oil and how effective it is. Credits to the owner of the video Yanni Torres

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